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Upcoming new gunpla (September)
June 1, 2010, 11:50 pm
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MG 1/100 XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe (Endless Waltz)  – September, 3,990 yen

HGUC 1/144 RB-79 Ball Twin Set – September, 1,365 yen

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Finally, an MG Deathscythe Hell Custom. Fingers crossed for MG Heavyarms Custom and Epyon.


* MG Gundam D-Hell Custom (Endless Waltz Ver.)
– New type of XXX-G Frame derived from Wing Gundam to be used, which will eventually be shared by the 4 non-transformable Gundam Wing MSs – Gundam Deathscythe, Shenlong Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.
– Snap mechanism incorporated for the hand unit to hold the weapon firmly.
– Beam effect part included for the claw deployment of the Buster Shield.
– Beam scythe can be mounted onto the backpack.
– Weapons and accessories: beam scythe, Buster Shield, beam part for Buster Shield.
– 15 runners in total. Comes with marking seal and Gundam Decal (designed by Hajime Katoki-sensei).
– September release, 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Comment by Hanzkaz

ball set?! who need that, waste of plasti and good ideas…( balls ideed

Comment by refined77

O_O About time!!!

Comment by JustPassingThru

hoho rest of Wing era has come for MG line up

Comment by epsilon_013

Ooohhh. A Deathscythe. Nice.

Didn’t the EW version have no Buster Shield? A new equipment by Katoki?

Comment by GlemtVapen

Despite the “EW” tag, the model number, name, and item description perfectly fit the original TV series Deathscythe rather than the movie’s Deathscythe Hell Custom.

Comment by Anon

It’s hard to tell if this Deathscythe is based on Katoki’s designs (maybe even his ‘retro’ TV version) or Okawara’s original ones.

The previous MG Wing Gundam was based on Okawara’s design which had 13 runners, two less than this new MG Deathscythe. Could that give a clue as to what version we’re going to get?

Personally, I would prefer to have the new Wing (the series) MGs to be based on Katoki’s designs.

Comment by Hankaz

Sandrock kai also lose its shield in EW ver. but the action figure kits still give you a shield and even a beam rifle.

Comment by LM

It better be the Tv. Ver, or I will be one unhappy gunpla-er.

Comment by Gene Starwind

EW deathscythe didn’t have a buster shield that was the VER.ka TV edition

Comment by buff

@Gene Starwind it’s already stated that it would be from EW

Comment by buff

Hold on a sec. No other site has confirmed that its the endless waltz version. The EW can stand for something else.
One hint is the mention of a beam part for the buster shield. The Endless Waltz version has arm gauntlets where a shield would go, just like Wing Zero Custom.

Deathscythe hell with the option of removing the hell parts would be a good 2 in 1 kit or maybe its the Ver Ka. I’m hoping for the T.V version to go with the new MG Wing.

Comment by ZR0

Hopefully it’ll be the EW version since the Okawara version is ugly as fuck.

Comment by Amon


Comment by Sei

oh, btw, the post said Gundam Deathscythe, also it’s said that : New type of XXX-G Frame derived from Wing Gundam to be used, which will eventually be shared by the 4 non-transformable Gundam Wing MSs – Gundam Deathscythe, Shenlong Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.

so… is it the Ver. Ka Early Type ? or the Custom Endless Waltz’s ? both are EXTREMELY cool btw.. BUY, BUY, BUUYYY !!!

Comment by Sei

About the damn time for a DeathScythe! Gimme my D-Hell Custom!!!

Comment by Elozt

hi guys,

i thk is this design

Comment by Giap

No, the EW moniker could, COULD, be a mistake. I’ve seen the EW moniker slapped around everywhere on tons of modeling sites, but when I look farther into it it’s just the TV ver, mistakenly labeled as the EW version.

It BETTER be the TV. Ver, though, non of that Ver. Ka crap.

Comment by Gene Starwind


like buff said earlier and whats posted on the GUNPLA, It’s already stated that it will be from EW (Endless Waltz).

I don’t think it can be any clearer then that.

Comment by OtakuKaiser


Just wait and see, don’t start assuming its from endless waltz. EW could stand for something else like everyone says.

Comment by Nameless

Judging from the description, I believe it is from the TV version which I think is nice for a MG. If you guys noticed the recent MG release Bandai seems to opt for a clean, streamlined, simplified details for the kit as to match the unit as it appeared in the animes.

Another fact that it is mentioned the new (sort of) XXXG type frame will be used for the rest of the Wing units for MG release. In the anime, all 5 Gundams were technically similar because they were based on the same blueprint (Wing Zero). So I think it makes sense for Bandai to release the Wing series MG with the same frame design.

If it were to be based on Katoki’s designs, it should have note the Ver.Ka in the name.

Again, EW could meant something else. I hope it is the TV version.

Comment by pulge

This should answer your questions at once, just look carefully:

Comment by Virgo

thats a 1/400 scale not the MG 1/100 that their talking about.:\

Comment by Carlolow

Don’t forget Happinet could just be utterly wrong in regards to the “EW”.

Let’s not forget they said 1.5 Gundam would be coming with a “GH Sword”, which is not at all the case.

Comment by Anon

Guess I can learn to like the design, I guess.

Better not fuck around with the design of the MG Tv. Ver Wing Zero, though…

Comment by Gene Starwind

The gundam collection EW makes sense! Btw
I got the GundamX gx + gw pieces -real nice!
In other words, buy, bUY, buUUUYYYY!!

Comment by gill at srw

More like a katoki ver. to me than EW ver. 😦

Comment by LM

that is not Deathscythe Hell!!

katoki too much redesign other designer work…man, every one can redesign other work..

his work not have soul like RX 78 + zaku + SF (okawa), Zeta (fujita + okawa), Nu + sazabi (izibuchi)

Comment by momo_Rider67

Am I the only happy about getting two Balls for the price of one? I really need some Balls to go with my HGUC collection. In fact, I might order a bunch of Balls. You can’t have too many Balls. I’ll have so many Balls that I’ll be chin deep in Balls. People will have to call me “Balls Deep.” I think I’ll hide my Balls all around the apartment. My Balls will be everywhere. My wife will find one in the snack cabinet and say, “What is this?” And I’ll say, “Why, it’s one of my Balls!”

Comment by foo136

It’s look like
DeathScythe ver.ka more than DeathScythe Hell Custom

Comment by Ixion

Guys, go look in the MG Wing Ka. ver….
Instruction booklet shows that Deathscythe exactly >A>;;

Comment by ed

that’s Ver. Ka… FINALLY !!!
i hope the rest of the GW Ver.Ka will follow shortly… so the 5 will be completed..

Comment by Sei

Oh wow. Ver. Ka Wing series is awesome news.

Comment by guarayakha

for info:
there is 2 Deathscythe in TV series original design by KUNIO OKAWA
1. Deathscythe
2. Deathscythe Hell

that new gunpla above, is Deathscythe that reDESIGN by katoki….

in Endless Wallz : Deathscythe HELL reDESIGN by katoki

Comment by orojackson

Finally Bandai listen to the infinite request for the MG Deathscythe. However that’s not enough we need them all and the Epion with them.
I don’t understand Bandai’s obsession with the Ball thing, I mean seriously what looser would buy such an ugly thing?

Comment by The Spoiler

Hmph! Call a Ver Ka design an endless waltz, what a joke.

Comment by codename:v

Wow more gunplas i like the ball set. OMG cant wait… Kantot Deputa

Comment by Deputa

WOOT!! Finally! some EW MGs!! Can’t wiat for an eventual Gundam Sandrock release!!!! ^o^

Comment by TimberWolf87

Err, i mean Ver. Ka MGs xD

Comment by TimberWolf87

You know, this also mean Bandai is already planning to release the actual EW designs in the near future, seeing that most of them are retooled Ver. Kas.

Comment by guarayakha

It’s about time for the Balls to appear in HGUC line. I shall welcome them wholeheartily~

Comment by Q

now if they’ll release HGUC Twin Set Oggo…

I hope they include two mini stands for the Ball

Comment by hiroy_raind

Yippie.. we got balls.. not just ball!! hahaha..
I hope Bandai give them a good detail.. Balls need more detail and function..

Comment by MaftyNavue

I see we’re getting the MG Deathscythe Ver. Ka. Hopefully it’ll be the same for Shenlong, Sandrock and Heavyarms.

I’m also hoping for a Deathscythe ‘Batman’ Hell Custom and a Heavyarms Custom some time down the line. (The latter’s just a recolour and an extra double gatling, anyway.)

And maybe we’ll even get Epyon, one day.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Don’t forget the TV. VEr of Wing Zero.

That, and Tallgeese.

Comment by Gene Starwind

Ball Look kindna funny 🙂

Comment by timesyndicate

“Hopefully it’ll be the EW version since the Okawara version is ugly as fuck.”

You are an idiot for saying that.

Comment by Aldotsk

@guarayakha & The Spoiler & Hanzkaz : can’t agree more, brothers…

let’s just hope that THE REST of Gundam Wing’s Ver. Kas n EWs will be released as MGs… i’m so gonna buy them all…

Comment by Sei

it a long way to get DeathScythe hope fully it much better than the Wing Zero Custom

Comment by timesyndicate

I have two balls already why I need to buy moar of this ?

Comment by Alanter

sheesh look here and stop whining >_>

Katoki design

TV version

the TV version is fat, has weird claws on the chest area etc, ugly

only the tv version wing zero rocks

Comment by code

wait a minute it don’t have the wing of death 😦

Comment by timesyndicate

Dont be getting confused with the EW at the end. Its not the custom. The Custom is the EW version of the DS Hell from the second half of the series.
The Ver.Ka is the EW version of the original DS from the first half of the series.

Comment by ZR0

that master grade above is Deathscythe ver.ka…

why not similar from EW???
because that appear in EW is only Deathscythe Hell ver.ka

that master grade above (Deathscythe ver.ka) not appear in TV series nor is just a concept design for sale (gunpla)

Comment by orojackson

“the TV version is fat, has weird claws on the chest area etc, ugly

only the tv version wing zero rocks”

Gundam Wing series itself was ugly. Endless Waltz units were just horribad of it’s design contents – except Heavy Arms Custom. Otherwsie, other units had lesser weapon armaments. Deathscythe Hell Okawara ver had a Beam Coating with invisible cloak, but Hell Custom didn’t.

And not only that Ka. versions are always bulky and they look like they can’t make good poses at all. I never really liked that. Okawara may be not as a good designer as Katoki is, but he’s the true original designer of Gundam – and he did GaoGaiGar design too.

(And yes, we did have Unicorn that was able to pose, but that was modified a bit)

Comment by Aldotsk

Where are the wings of Deathscythe Hell ????

Comment by guest

There seems to be some confusion.

There are three types of Wing series Gundam designs.

Type 1. The TV Versions – The Gundams shown in the Wing TV series, designed by Kunio Okawara.

Type 2. The EW Versions – The re-imagined and perhaps upgraded versions of the above Gundams designed by Hajime Katoki for the Endless Waltz OVA. These usually have ‘Custom’ added to end of their name. Deathscythe Hell CUSTOM (Batman Gundam) and Wing Zero Custom (Angel Gundam) are among them.

Type 3 – TV Ver. Ka. Types. Katoki went back and drew some concept designs of the original TV Gundams in his own style. Only the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka became a model. albeit an MG. A lot people have been clamoring for the rest of Katoki’s concept TV designs to become gunpla.
The Deathsythe that is now going to be released is based on Katoki’s take on the TV version (hence no wings), and thus the second to become an actual model.

Most people probably know all this, but I thought I’d try to clarify things for those who were getting confused.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Good explanation there Hanzkaz. 🙂

Still, I hope the TV version would be released as MG as well to go along with MG Wing Gundam.

This one could be tagged as Ver.Ka

Comment by pulge

i want MG wing zero that okawa design, or maybe okawa clean up again about his wing zero…
MG wing zero EW?????i dont need that weird!!

katoki design weird as usual, katoki trade mark..simple, just put a lot of stuf on that mecha …walah we have new gundam, just like crowded unicorn

ebikawa and yanase design more fresh and eyecatching than katoki design

Comment by merumeru

I just want my Tallgeese, Epyon, and the TV Ver. of Wing Zero.

Though, LATER ON, I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2.0 of the Wing Zero Custom…

TV Wing Zero first, though.

Comment by Theron

First off, the HGUC Ball twin set is a great idea. Now I can make a GM Juggler and use the ball manipulators for a kit bashe.

Second, re: EW ver ka. designs. Several years ago, B-Club released conversion kits for Katoki’s re-take on the EW designs. Basically, he took the EW gundam designs as a base, recolored them in TV colors of the 1st wave/season 1 Gundams, and gave them weapons that mirror the those Gundams.

Deathscythe H and Heavy Arms Custom ver. ka

Wing Gundam Custom ver. ka

Sandrock ver. ka

Shenlong Gundam ver. ka

Comment by BlueAleseides

Here are more pics of the ver. ka designs:

Heavy Arms Custom ver. ka
Shenlong ver. ka

Sandrock ver. ka

Comment by BlueAleseides

why don’t they called it gundam deathscythe Ver. Ka rather than EW version like wing gundam Ver.Ka does?

Comment by setsuna15

It could be they’re trying sell the Deathscythe more as a Wing/EW model rather than a Katoki model.

I guess they thought it impolite to tag a ‘Ver. Ka.’ at the end of the MG Deathscythe’s name when they hadn’t added a ‘Ver. Ok(awara)’ at the end of the previously released MG Wing’s.

Comment by Hanzkaz


I agree that they could be trying to sell the Deathscythe under an Wing/EW line rather than the Katoki line, especially if they plan on releasing the other 3. I think it’s similar to how Crossbone, initially was part of the ver. ka line and the Skull Hearts Full Cloth Crossbone was released under the ‘normal’ MG label. The ver. ka line seems to have standalone Gundams, similar to the GFF line. I don’t think impoliteness had much to do with it, more of just marketing.

They are probably testing the fanbase out, given they just released the MG Wing too. If it doesn’t go well, they could just axe the EW/ver ka. line like the MG ‘Fighting Frame’ line for G-Gundam.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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