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MG Full Armor Gundam boxart
June 2, 2010, 9:39 pm
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Is that…Ridden’s Zaku in the lower right? 😮

Comment by AirMaster

yes it is.. :/ luckily johhny didnt die, because later took his gelgoog.. 🙂
also there is a second fa gundam in the background.

Comment by tsi rou ri

wow there are two FA Gundam in Gundam MSV
in Gundam MSV so much RX-78

Comment by timesyndicate

but there is only 1 amuro.

Comment by oohater

Men After One Year War, the rest Gundam survive E.F.F but them into Trash 😦 and make new Gundam

Comment by timesyndicate

The color is so dull and its just an RX-78 so what. I’d rather spend my money on somthing better.

Comment by TheSpoiler

it still RX 78 with some Equiment + the color that all

Comment by timesyndicate

gotta buy it!

Comment by schantsoe

Has anyone else here seen the B&W artwork in the back section of Gundam Weapons 5? The one with Perfect Zeong and the upgraded FA-RX-28-2 Gundams? It’s the same as this one, except larger dual arm cannons (like on Perfect Gundam) and dual funnel racks. This would make a great kitbash!

Although, I would have preferred the GFF version of this release (w/the spare cannon barrels on the arm shield.)

Comment by BlueAleseides

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