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Media Create software sales ranking
June 3, 2010, 1:52 am
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Weekly Ranking, 05.24.2010 to 05.30.2010

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Cool, LoE is second.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I guess LoE made pretty good sales.

Comment by MaxHD2490

The LoL remake isn’t that good. Did they even bother balancing the game? It was just a lazy port with an ok graphic. They should do something about the battle system.
An awesome remake would be something like OGs on PS2

Comment by amuro0093

but I thought SRW Z is supposed be the last SRW for the PS2?

Comment by MaxHD2490

Your post makes no sense.

Comment by Amon

I was refering to SRW ps2 games before ACE R for ps3 came by.

Comment by MaxHD2490

No, I’m just saying that SRW OGs on PS2 was awesome remake from the GBA version. LoE remake should do something like that. Revamp battle system too so it could have more modern SRW feel. Like maybe Support Attack or Combination Attack. They not even bother to remix the BGMs

And don’t even say “Terada wants us to experience classic feel just like the SNES version!!” For me that’s just an excuse to be lazy lol

Well at least we still have ACE R for PS3. Other than the limited number of playable unit, I think they’re doing great job!

Comment by amuro0093

Some people cannot appreciate nostalgia. And you shouldn’t be playing RPGs for the graphics in the first place!

Comment by Duran


What a stupid comment. If you want nostalgia play the original version. This offers no better gameplay, no different music, nothing BUT improved graphics.

Comment by GengarZombolt

If you want nostalgia, play the fucking original product. It’s not like there aren’t emulators for damn near everything on the net.
If I want nostalgia, I’ll play the original thing, end of story. If something is advertised as a remake it should be a remake, not a half-assed port.
The game doesn’t even have decent graphics. It’s not even trying to partially to invoke nostalgia, it’s just a cash in on nostalgia itself. Banpresto should learn from Atlus. Look at Shin Megami Tensei II for the SNES and Strange Journey for the DS. Damn near same interface and map navigation and yet it’s a totally different game that manages to invoke the same feel, right down to the story and setting. Banpresto just can’t do that.

Comment by Amon

Shin Megami Tensei<

Amon = bad critique, since MegaTen and SRW/LoE are completely different genre.

Comment by Aldotsk

Amon are you idiot?

Comment by Amuro

I agree with the reference about Atlus and Shin Megami Tensei but I also appreciate the remake of LOE, the animation is nice and the gameplay is what SRPG usually be.

Comment by LM

Aldotsk : That’s not the point. The point is that you can have some nostalgia without simply making a shabby port. Minor things like I mentioned, like the interface, go a long way to making you feel like you’re playing a game you used to play a long time ago without necessarily being a simply copy or cash in. Atlus makes a living off it and so does Banpresto but this remake in general is basically a port.
It’s too abdt hat some people aren’t getting this.

Comment by Amon

Well guys i say go for the Super Mario Galaxy 2
it got 10/10 on gamespot so i am sure you will all have fun playing it rather than wasting your time on this lord of whatever thing.

Comment by TheSpoiler

I agree with Amon. So what if Shin Megami Tensei and SRW are different genre? The fact still remain.
BANPRESTO did a half ass job with the remake, while Atlus did a great job.

Comment by amuro0093

You guys really should know that Banpresto doesn’t really gain much funding grant from Namco Bandai since they are small branch of teams that are being hired by the big company. But also remember that NBGI is currently onto their third bankruptcy phase since they made severe mistakes. Which is why they were able to pull ACE:R only and they were able to fund for only Nintendo DS games.

Comment by Aldotsk

And if you want to play the game in SNES, go ahead. No one stopped you from playing it. Not a lot of people have the legit copy of the game, and playing on emulator and playing on console are completely different things. It’s not “nostalgic” as you say.

Comment by Aldotsk

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