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Virtual-On 4 FORCE PV
June 3, 2010, 10:09 pm
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doesnt look very nice for a x360 game…, but im happy with ACE R 🙂

Comment by katsumotto

Does look like a direct arcade port from years ago, but it does have something that would be great for ACE R: PvP multiplayer. Co-op would be better.

Comment by Bob

Not really what I would call current gen graphics. Like an arcade came from the early 2000s. But it looks fun I guess.

Comment by Bolinoak

Oh hell yeah, I would definitely get this. I prefer V-ON not to have high time graphics. This is good enough.

Though it sucks to have it only for 360.

Comment by Aldotsk

Virtual-On on high graphics (like ACE R or Gundam vs Extreme or even RvZ2+) removes the “virtual” feel to it… XD

So, I’m pretty much happy with how they presented this… not that I’ll get it anyway… XD

Compared to the Gundam vs series, aiming and attacking here is harder, as far as I remember… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

at least we got new mechs in this game by looks of it

Comment by MaxHD2490

Well if you folks played VO Marz, you’d recongize some of these units, mainly due to Marz being based off of Force.

Comment by Duran

Finally. Kagekiyo and Guarayakha for player use! Though the graphics and gameplay movement look a bit more chop-block than usual…

Funny though. I don’t remember Guarayakha being able to transform to Jag at will.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Guarayakha was able to do that in the arcades. Marz stripped that off.

“Like an arcade came from the early 2000s”-Bolinoak
That’s because it is.

Comment by guarayakha

the only thing that bugs me is the cheap gfx quality of the terrain
gameplay looks awesome but the sound effect of them running the kinda gears moving kinda sound effect is frekkin annoying

Comment by Ereos

Bleh, N64 graphics, I’m sorry but that’s substandard

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Do you have sections 7-10 of the Gundam Unicorn novel ?

Comment by grey

This is great!
BTW: compare the original game-play to this version.
The graphics have been highly amped up.
I just hope that you can ustomize them like you could on OT.

Comment by Gabriel

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