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HG Gundam Avalanche Exia boxart
June 11, 2010, 5:18 pm
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Nice boxart!

Comment by Leandro

as usual sexy!

Comment by Jynx

Why does it have to be in a space setting,
like 7 swords!?
Too much blue and green, man~

Comment by gill at srw

if it’s too much red, it means it’s trans-am time.

can’t wait to assembly it

Comment by epsilon_013

It’s pretty obvious why the boxart for these are set in space. Because being a worldwide wanted criminal is a lot easier when you’re not making a target of yourself by taunting a country inside its borders.

Comment by Amon

I hate how they just took the shoulders and put them on the knees.

… but I’m probably getting one because Avalanche Exia is my favorite.

Comment by Psybuster

฾umm..after HG 00 R2 HG Gunpla is Goodlooking..More Old HG Style…exsample
HG Unicongundam is cool..X and God amazing..I love HG more than
MG..MG is big scale..but The movement
Action Post is not good..i have Mg 5-6
unit.. Strike Freedom it Have Easy damage..if u want to Post Any Action..
maybe Dragoon in easy broken..What the….umm..i love HG so much

Comment by neosis

Hmm Most of my MG are fine, not easily crumble. i got MG wing a week ago and still in process (
It has good and strong inner frame (since my last MG Zeta ver.2.0 and skip next line-up until Wing)
Only old Mk.II got loose leg joint, can’t hold on g-defenser on its back for long time, but it has been upgrade with ver.2.0 with stronger joint

Comment by epsilon_013

@Amon-haha that’s nice, what our future space coloney will endure..
MG SF will easily break? But the dragoon bits are expected..

Comment by gill at srw

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