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Scans Gundam Ace Magazine (July)
June 13, 2010, 3:30 pm
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First comment!!

Lahlah looks like an idiot….

Comment by KururugiSuzaku

Yeah… she just looks like an idiot… oh wait…

Comment by Craig Hale

cool! there will be volume 2 of gundam high bred 4koma volume 1 was amazing ,but wait there are nothing about chars counter attack ?

Comment by John

Finally another gundam ace scan after all this time. Thank you very much!

Comment by ryanvamp

Megaupload mirror

Comment by acidburn

@ KururugiSuzaku

She is an Idiot and i am glad char killed her in the anime.

Comment by TheSpoiler

Char doesn’t kill Lalah, Amuro does.

i think lalah is one great char in UC history, she does died in earlier series but the effect of her pressence is continued until CCA

Comment by schantsoe

Est-ce qu’il y a les sections 7 à 10 sur Greedland.

Comment by grey

Are there sections 7-10 on Greedland.

Comment by grey

lalah idiot?……NO!
the idiots is amuro and char, that crazy about ugly woman like lalah

Comment by meru2

Beauty is Beauty of the Spirit 😉

Comment by kidoga

Are there sections 7-10 of novel Gundam Unicorn on Greedland.

Comment by grey

She was a lot cuter in the ’79 Anime

Comment by HeatPhoenix

lalah? really ugly…

Comment by Amuro

Grey, you should try looking on Greedland instead of asking the same question three times. If no one answered you the first two, then obviously it isn’t. Just buy the novels, they are dirt cheap.

Comment by Deacon Blues

lalah don’t kill people, nuh-uh.

I kill people, with lalah.

Comment by Char Aznable

lalah is good in the series. its not killing her. Kantot Pressure

Comment by Deputa

@ schantsoe
Now you spoiled it for people you fool.

Comment by The Spoiler

Very late this time but here the mirrors links..


Comment by kain the supreme

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