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E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS game lineup
June 16, 2010, 1:48 am
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SRW franchies will be coming to 3DS.

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this console will release on 2011 at least give us srw for this year 😕

Comment by franchios

Really wish that they’d stop releasing all those crappy halfassed Metal Gear games and just get on with ZOE3….

So will 3DS basically just bring up the graphics level to that of a psp?

Comment by ed

Disappointed in Capcom lineup.. No MegaMan?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

so now nintendo stands for hardcore gaming…..?

Comment by katsumotto

Where’s my console HD SRW?

Comment by GlemtVapen

Regarding SRW Franchise, if they release on 3DS, will they also release it on NDS Lite? I’m still wondering if they will release on 3DS only.

Comment by judo0054

The Nintendo 3DS is more of a successor to the any DS varient with enhance 3d graphics and no glasses require. It also features a analog controllor (the circle looking pad) and can still play older ds games including dsi ones

Comment by MaxHD2490

your going have to wait while playing ACE R for that one GlemVapen.

Comment by MaxHD2490

to MaxHD2490,

I understand that. However, I’m just wondering if they also develop games on any NDS console. I just do not want to buy another nds console if the games cannot play on any nds console except N3DS.

Comment by judo0054

It’s announced in E3 for SRW? so I guess that’s a possible localization.

Comment by Aldotsk

as far I know judo0054, the 3DS can still play regular ds games besides own 3DS games, by looks of the up coming games for it super robot wars and gundam series are in the 3DS games.

Comment by MaxHD2490

to MaxHD2490,

Hahahaha. I read your comment. Let’s just see on the software games later for SRW series and Gundam series for which NDS console they will relase. I do not want to debate as usual because this is comment parts. How’s that sound? ^–^

Comment by judo0054

XO. First heard of at E3, never got localised. The only way it could is if it’s OG.

Comment by SP

if they showed XO in E3, then it’s Banpresto and NBGI’s mistake that they thought it’ll draw fans’ attention. it should have been Z or OG for PS2.

Comment by Aldotsk

It’s Beyond a PSP, since a PSP is more like a PS1.5, while this is trying to do SSF4.

Comment by Duran

“It’s Beyond a PSP, since a PSP is more like a PS1.5, while this is trying to do SSF4.”

Well that’s a stupid statement. Just because 3DS get SSF4 it automatically makes it better lol?

I suppose then iphone is the best right now for portable gaming since its got SF4 right? RIGHT?

Comment by shady123

Actually, those would also be bad ideas, as Z and OGs never got localised, so they’d only be important to importers and the Japanese.

Comment by SP

OGs is possible awhile others like Z its impossible with any anime with it. I wonder why some people keep asking for SRW game for PS3? Guess thats what happens if your not patient for any news related to that topic.

Comment by MaxHD2490

You’re all eager now, but wait till they announce that it’s a “3D” 3DS title!

Comment by Eelnest

Actually, it’s already been hinted to be in that direction. Hopefully better than Neo’s 3D models, though.

Comment by SP

@SP June
Are you serious? How is OG not able to be localized? The NBGI and Banpresto didn’t localize OG PS2 because they had many script lines, and game translations they had to cover. They already said this like at least 4-5 years ago when people asked about the OG for PS2. The team said the reason SRW went to Bandai Visual for Divine Wars, was because they could not support all voice actor casts that SRW OG had. Also, by the time OG for PS2 came out – Bandai Visual was gone. And Atlus refused to license OG for PS2 because they said they will credit themselves fully instead of Banpresto and NBGI. and yes Atlus made full contract with SRW OG franchise – but they only confirmed that they made contract for SRW OG with handheld consoles. They didn’t even work on dubs for Endless Frontier because they had various voice casts. They cost lot of money.

With NBGI going bankrupt at least three times this 2 years, I doubt they’ll even have money support for localization. (ie. Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces). Atlus is too busy making their own games like MegaTen, and new Persona, as well as Trauma Team.

Comment by Aldotsk

I don’t care what system it’s on, Terada, just make OG3… The references to EX in Masoukishin are just too cruel otherwise.

Comment by n


That’s assuming if you use the voice cast for japanese seiyus. Yeah localization isn’t a problem, but paying them is going to cost like a bitch.

However, if they were to use complete english cast, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. I mean OGs had a lot of characters, but what games these days doesn’t have voices for majority of games? But anyway, yeah it will still require a hell of a lot of voice actors unless they make some voice actors play two or three characters (for example like Valkyrie Profile).

Comment by shady123

No Megaman that is going to bite bad.

Comment by My Art Fix

Nintendo 3DS es el manda mas, RULEZ!

Comment by videojuegos

they are also making a remake of ocarina of time

Comment by kyle

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