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June 16, 2010, 9:46 am
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Another Century’s Episode : R (PS3)

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who is she?? Never saw her before…

Comment by Dude

Character’s name is Ortam/Autam (it’s Autam probably since Banpresto loves German stuff)

And robot’s name is Arc Alpha for flight mode – and robot mode is Alfaut. (…honestly other name would be Alfart.)

Comment by Aldotsk

the ACE R mecha I can’t describe with words alone.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Once the transforming Star Destroyer is mass-produced!

Comment by Captain Sol

oh I get the joke XD (that was I thinking about with ship there)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Mecha Star Destroyer is awesome. Original Character is hot. SP approves of this design choice.

Comment by SP

From what i see in the picture and the description, i think the Alfart and the Arc Alfa are two different units. The Alfart being the combat unit and the letter, the mother ship.

Comment by Kmmo

hope that’s not the only playable original mecha, i still prefer Exbrau than the new original mecha for ACE

Comment by Yami

I also thought that was an Unit and the Mothership.
I prefer call the unit ‘Alphard’ though I don’t think that’s correct…

Comment by pled

A thought.
Autam = Autumn?

Comment by SP

I’m still hoping they add Cybuster as another original character.

Comment by daizengar

Comment by Virgo

and yes, Autam is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki

Comment by hiroy_raind

Whomever did the OC and OM designs deserve some applause. Good job.

Though initially, I mistook it for some Macross character. 😡

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

What does the R in ACE:R stand for ?

Comment by The Spoiler

Not sure. The Theme song is Re:Birth. IIRC, Terada mentioned something like that, too. Of course, we all remember ACE3: The Final, which was really “ACE3: This is the last time we’ll use numbers, I promise!”, and SRWs, in which the letter is only a reference to the name of the player forces, and is only important to the story half the time, so any plot significance cannot be determined.

Comment by SP

Great article.

I like this website.


Comment by

The new original looks like it could be from ZOE, its just a bulkier Orbital Frame.

not that im complaining though, ZOE is awesome.

Comment by GaleRenegade

Highly approved of the design is, triangular favorite shape.

Comment by Eelnest

Thing resembles the Brainpowered mechas.I’m not fond of it, but I dig the Armored Core inspired gun.

Comment by GlemtVapen

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