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New kit reviews: MG Full Armor Gundam
June 23, 2010, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Gundam, Hobby

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This should have been made like couple of years ago >_>;; – Geesh about time.

Comment by Aldotsk

wish FA in 1.5 ver or OYW ver

Comment by epsilon_013

Base on Ver. 2.0

Comment by superrobotwar

I would prefer to buy the RG RX-78 over this ugly spinoff variation.

Comment by TheSpoiler

spinoff variation?

Is G3 a spinoff variation according to you?
Is alex or prototype?

They’re all gundams in their own right

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Too bad it’s using sticky tapes to attach those armors… :/

Comment by guarayakha

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