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Another Century’s Episode : R new screens
June 25, 2010, 11:14 pm
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to mr superrobotwars,

I also sent an e-mail regarding this topic few minutes ago. I hope you get it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Some notes about the story

You pick a series (No original and no CCA) and play their storyline for a few stages before the actual crossover surronding Planet Aria begins.

SEED Destiny’s story takes place after Final Plus, where Messiah has fallen and Shinn is fighting an unknown enemy which has access to the Destroy Gundam.

Comment by Rayearth

I’m already starting to like how they tweak the series’ ending to tie-in to the original plot 🙂

Comment by Tsukushi

if this has online, insta-get
if it doesnt then they’ll have to impress me with really great gameplay

Comment by HeatPhoenix

SEED Destiny’s story takes place after Final Plus, where Messiah has fallen and Shinn is fighting an unknown enemy which has access to the Destroy Gundam.

you mean the destiny will repair and he can complete his storyline

I hope he can revenge from his Stubborn enemy

the seed destiny anime end is very bad for destiny fan and i hate this Scenario too much

Comment by mohd

I didn’t watch the rest of seed destiny because of comments about that, I don’t even want to hear kira’s nickname by his fans

Comment by MaxHD2490


End is bad? More like the whole fucking series. No sense of direction to who is the enemy, who is the main character, and what the fuck the fights were for = failure.

Comment by shady123

You guys do know that Kira actually died in Destiny right? After when Shinn stabbed Freedom Gundam. Where is this Strike Freedom Gundam and Destiny Gundam joke?
Shinn is the true hero of this story.

Comment by Aldotsk

no Kira is alive thoughout Destiny, thats as far I know, other then some backlash about that mostly Seed fans who watch Destiny.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Whatever Destiny story would be in this game, I hope Shinn will be much better character. Like become mentor to Camille (since his story was finished) and taking revenge to Kira Yamamoto-san.

Comment by amuro0093


I think he meant that he SHOULD’VE died. It’s impossible to survive a HEAD ON explosion but Kira miraculously survives with not one scar or burn marks or even scratches for that matter. Apparently Kira is a living GOD in Destiny which is fucking stupid.

Comment by shady123

hi guys

I am sorry for my opinion that make this more comment is about it

I just loving the Design of destiny gundam and his Amazing weapons and skills

that make me cry when I wached the end of anime

the end of anime for destiny no damaged no Maneuver no Impact no Trust of the pilot and no victory that make the destiny very Weak and fragile

thanks and sorry 🙂

Comment by mohd


Thanks for taking the joke seriously. You need to learn how to read sarcasms.

Comment by Aldotsk

I’m sure he understands sarcasm, it’s just the joke wasn’t funny.

Comment by Colonel Derpkins

As a note, Kira didn’t survive a ‘head-on explosion’ anymore then anyone else did there – his unit just got torn in two by the shockwave of the Lohengrin reacting with the water.

Comment by Nerem

Actually, Kira survived two explosions. The Strike and freedom both blew up around him.
As for this shockwave argument, that’s bull. The Freedom did explode. Its reactor didn’t, causing a far smaller blast, but the fact that the Freedom was in pieces after the fight proves it. They wouldn’t have bothered to build an entirely new one if it wasn’t completely torn to pieces.
More Seed plot tumours.

Comment by Amon

Shinn Mentor of Camille? You want Camille to turn out worse than he was on the very original Z-Gundam? what’s wrong with you man? if Anything, Kira, Shinn, Camille and Athrun should be mentored by CCA Amuro with assistance of Quattro, since those 4 REALLY need some real mentor. And no, no Revenge, if anything, Shinn, Kira, Athrun and all those other retardo goons of Destiny should get a LOOOOOOOOOOONG session of Bright Smacks so they can stop being such a bunch of whiny emoragefag lamers.

And the whole thing of Kira surviving the blast, etc. It’s funny how people go and claim Kira is a godmodder, he is no doubt here, but nobody mention the fact that Shinn survived the same blast shockwave from minerva’s cannon leaving the Impulse only a bit charred and only with the damage of the fight against Freedom, of course, Kira is the only godmodder in Destiny, bah, bunch of hypocrites, whoever claims that Shinn didn’t had his own godmod that just was over godmodded by Kira and co, and claims he’s a good and well rounded character, they probably had never watched Destiny at all.

That series is trash, from beginning to end, Shinn is no less fail tier than Kira and the others, with his antics and how he gets away with being a douche by only being slapped for the wrong reasons? but when he really screws up badly? PROMOTION! Of course all this was part of Gil’s manipulation but it sure was pathetic.

Anyway, Shinn can’t be mentor of his own shadow even if his life depended of it, so no, Camille has already issues, let’s not give them more.

What Destiny storyline truly needs is an outsider telling them “dudes both of you suck balls, seriously, you’re wrong and you should be ashamed of yourselves!” no Shinn over Kira or Kira over Shinn crap, both are FAIL.

Comment by Za-Dude

I love the part about them needing Bright smacking session. How about Chidori smaking them all with her paper fan?

Comment by 00unicorn

“Chidori smaking them all with her paper fan?” Smacking is what I meant.

Comment by 00unicorn

You guys are seriously retarded. Seed and Seed Destiny isn’t something to be taken seriously. Kira is the worst pilot. He gets beaten down all the time.

I dont even know why you guys believe that explosion wasn’t a bullshit. I consider a serious bullshit. Turning off a Nuclear fusion right before blowing up. I am glad Fukuda’s wife got a cancer right there so she couldn’t write another story.

Comment by Aldotsk

And Kamille is a fail tier as a personality. He’s a whiner too. “YOU KISAMA YATSU”

Comment by Aldotsk

Except Kamille had a reason to whine. Kid got to watch both his parents die in front of him and actually basically killed one of them. At least he actually did something useful and joined the good guys, Shinn was just retarded. We get it Shinn, poor parents and little sister, we don’t need to hear your cellphone for the 100th time again.

Comment by Amon

Amon is right,Camille at least did something useful.Shinn on the other hand was simply the single worst mecha pilot I ever saw together with Kira “assfuck” Yamato.They get both shot down by every single shit,are the biggest hypocrites I saw and the biggest shit is they don’t even know that they are fags like hell..

Comment by Itamaki

All I can say is, if Shinn’s story starts at the end of GSD in ACE R, then it just proves how hard Banpresto’s storywriters had to work on SRW Z.

Basically, they don’t want to have to go through the nightmare of having to fit Destiny’s phailplot in with anything else ever again…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


Nope. Watch the scene. Actually watch it. The Lohengrin fires and hits the water, and then it cuts to a massive explosion… And then it shows the shockwave HITTING THE FREEDOM AND IMPULSE and the Impulse flying away. Then it cuts to a sunken Freedom, with Kira on his “Reactor Shutdown” button.

The Freedom did not explode.

Comment by Nerem


Double post, but I like how Camille’s parents being killed is reason for him to whine, but Shinn’s entire family being killed right in front of him (and partially because he decided to run back real quick for that phone) and he’s “he’s just retarded”.

So, joining the side that fights against the people who killed you parents (either way Shinn was fighting the right people) is retarded?

I’m no fan of GSD, but come on, pick something more reasonable to take it to task over.

>>Sgt. NoOb
I wager they did it like this so as to limit the sides they’d need to deal with – Since it’s post series, Kira and Shinn are friendly, so that limits the amount of GSD sides to deal with. Same with setting it Avalon for Code Geass R2 – only two sides left at that time.

Comment by Nerem

>> Aldotsk
God damn triple post because fuck. You are one fucked up person. “I’M GLAD SHE GOT CANCER!!” What the hell.

Comment by Nerem

Even better, Chidori delivers Common Sense and Bright delivers Discipline.
Don’t forget to mention that neither the Impulse was tore appart on it’s battle damaged state and clearly looking that such a powerful shockwave would had, at least, make it fall to the watter.

Also consider this about Shinn’s problems, he’s shown angsting and raging about that fact all the time, only “that” fact, yeah he may say “that’s evil and stuff” but in the end it’s like his only motivation is DEATH PARENTS HUR DUR, meanwhile Camille starts with family issues, then dead parents issues and then goes “i have to work for the sake of others, newtypes and non newtypes”, basically Camille got a better development with Four inspiring him a bit, meanwhile Shinn didn’t get any better with Stellar.

And not, Shinn wasn’t on the right side either, at the beginning maybe, but as soon as we got hints of Dullindal’s shady activities the “rightness” of his side started to vanish, in the end, trying to impose a genetical determinismn plan to the world when the guy is only leader of 1 single country and trying to vaporize anybody that “dare” to say no, yeah ORB said no and way before they got a fleet sent towards Requiem, Gillbert already was considering blasting them.

There weren’t good guys in Destiny at the end, their actions and lame attempts of justifying their ideas only lead to a “Lesser of various Evils” scenario, being Kira and co, sadly, the lesser one at the end (compared to racist EAF and semi-racist and now global plan enforcing with country orbital blasting gun ZAFT)

Destiny failed pretty much, Seed may had it flaws but it was an acceptable story, and the plot devicing was lower and the bullshit justification for the main characters to do what they do was no existant there, they actually had good reasons to what they did.

Honestly, the best Banpresto should do, is either use a Seed scenario adding Destiny aspects with their own modifications to avoid the bullshit, or plainly not use it.

Way too much failure in 1 single series and no single likeable or acceptable cast member.

Even Code Geass with it’s issues wasn’t that bad, and man it sure had some epic fails too.

Comment by Za-Dude


The difference between the two is that Impulse was still operational while Freedom had just been impaled through its reactor and it emergency shut-down. The Impulse still had it’s version of PSA up, so that’s why it took a lot less damage.

I can’t tell if you’re disagreeing with me about it, so I thought I’d clarify.

On a note, I didn’t really care about Shinn’s overfocus on his family either – I just thought it was funny because they both had the exact same initial problem and response, but only one was considered ‘retarded’ for it.

If you noticed, GSD basically repeated Zeta pretty liberally, right down to Sting’s suddenly ressurected in a much more powerful MS that gets shrugged off by Shinn. (The same exact thing happened to Jerid, complete with Insane!Jerid) so a lot of GSD’s stupid stuff was because they were parodying Zeta. Which made them both stupid, sigh.

Comment by Nerem

The quote on that, is more over exaggeration. But I only said that because after the stunt she pulled on her fans and people who were hoping the series would turn out to be great – it was a great impact drop right there.

Zeta and Seed Destiny? They are basically same to me. Both had same character synopsis. I find the F91 and Crossbone to have the best story in my opinion – and if people keep talking about Kira vs Shinn and Kamille vs Shinn, the matter of fact is: Shinn’s parents got blown up by Kira, and Kamille’s mom was floating in space, with his retarded dad was blown up by his own people. God I fucking hate UC fans vs CE fans bullshit comparison. Bunch of retards trying to bring it upon fanboyism.

You know who’s the best character in the Gundam fanchise?

Fon Spark is.

Comment by Aldotsk

@ mohd
I agree with you, the destiny ending was a joke and has been altered.
The true ending should have been like this:
kira tries to protect laucs but looses his guard then shin comes with the destiny and blast the shit out of the strike freedom, so kira dies then athuran charges with the infinite justices towards the destiny, since the destiny was damaged allot from the battle against the strike freedom so it was Impossible to avoid the infinite justices attack and unfortunately the destiny is destroyed but shin still lives.

Comment by TheSpoiler

I think this whole Seed and Destiny suck argument is a bit waste of time. We’ll just see what kind of story they’ll give us when August comes. I just hope they’ll keep the humors they had in ACE3.


Anyone remember the B route mission where they have to beat an overman that could read minds or something along the line. Everyone could hear each other’s throughts. Gainer then declared his love to Sara. Then Garrod to Tifa, then Renton to Eureka. I had a good laugh even now as I play ACE3. This is the kinda stuff I want to see in ACE R. Since Destiny, and Code Geass, Zeta, and Crossbone mostly have series fights I’m assuming their missions won’t be funny. But I can see lots of humor in Macross Frontier, FMP, King Gainer, and Aquarion. Especially Aquarion. I can so see Gen Fudou making all the characters work together with some life philosophy.

Comment by 00unicorn

for the anti destiny

meh an envy oldtype fag..
sory destiny too hard for u..just see SD gundam!!or other gundam that story only bad guy coming!!..wahh our hero will beat them…

dont blame the anime if you brain can’t reach it

Comment by thread25

woh destiny again??
all u guys.. dont forget our newest TV series gundam double “what?”

Comment by nekomimi modo

Banpresto really likes CE apparently(and it sells like crazy), not that i’m complaining. I just wish we could have gotten Saviour Gundam too, so awesome.

Comment by Rayearth

@Rayearth: Because Lunamaria wears a miniskirt, and Everyone Loves Kira. ^^|||

But I hope that Banpresto is not going to skimp us out on mechs when it comes to the other series. Especially the Shinkirou, which is the CG equivalent of the Strike Freedom…

… but with only one cannon, for a proportionate amount of destruction. 😀

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Shinkiro, (pink) Akatsuki Commander, Lancelot and Guren are our confirmed CG mecha. (though others have been shown in screenshots as enemies) And Shinkiro actually has 3 weapons: 2 wrist-mounted Hadron Cannons, and one cannon… that can hit *everything*.

Comment by SP

“Because Lunamaria wears a miniskirt”
Yes,that is point enough for me! 😀

Comment by Itamaki

UC forever!

Comment by Greg

yeah UC forever !?
i mean the girls in UC forever ugly..
sorry my standard is high, my eye is health AND i absolutely dont like ugly girls

Comment by meru2

Anti-Destiny doesn’t necessarily make you Anti-AU, in fact it’s normal to be Anti-Destiny considering how shit tier it is.

There are many way better AU series than Destiny, Gundam X, Gundam 00, G-Gundam, hell even the original Seed and Wing were way better than the lame ass official fanfiction than Destiny was.

So no, it isn’t UCfags complaining about anything new and using Destiny as the present target, but people that can tell appart averagely good series from a shit tier one, aka, Destiny.
Your eyes musn’t be “that healthy” as you say because there are many attractive females in UC, Sayla, Lalah, Haman, Emma, Four and Fa aside of some others.

Comment by Za-Dude

for me definitely Sayla, Lalah, Haman, Emma, Four and Fa are UGLY…
for me with healty eye the attractive girls like ;senjogahara cs, sheryl, ranka, lacus, cagali, luna and meirin, CC, sherly, yui cs, mikoto cs, felt, sumeragi, liu mei (only 00 1st session)

OMG now i know u like ugly girls…but ok, every man have diferent taste and fetist

Comment by meru2

only idiot say anti destiny make u anti au..can u read more carefull?please go back to elementary school..

dont compare that small fish (X, 00, G) with seed and Destiny that phenomenal
for u that small fish of course better bcouse it simple..our hero with his crunchy slogan “i have to work for the sake of others” of course will win and world will be peace, die u bad guys

for the anti destiny, wake up man, u re just minority in front of SEED and DESTINY success or are u envy?

Comment by thread25

i agree with you, there is imposible for me to call lalah and friends are beauty or attractive

because the chara design of 21th century anime, more of them very attractive and i like them…kawaiiii

Comment by infire

Thats,damn stupid.As far as I know,there were a lot of attractive girls in UC,the Victory girls were almost all attractive,Fa is sweet,Haman has character,Sayla too is sweet,if I remember correctly the Crossbone storyline takes place in UC too and there were sexy girls too.And than there is Unicorn which too has attractive and good looking girls and women.So no,better drawing style is NOT better character or in this case girl…

Comment by Itamaki

dont push your self too hard..

ok my bad, yes their are attractive…but only in UC..of course

my taste is high, if i dream, i definetly chose dreaming about senjogahara, makinami, sheryl or luna or ayanami or CC fantastic, if you healty and have good taste you will agree with me…come on this is about girls face and sexiness

dreaming about lalah? that is nightmare..
who didn’t know what happen about amuro that every night dreaming about lalah..

when i saw zeta, look at that dirty yellow pants that fa used…disgusted…kimochi warui!!!

Comment by meru2

[…] immagini potete trovarle qui. Another Century Episode: R Inserito in Varie su Gundam, Videogiochi; ha nessun commento Ancora […]

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Sorry,my english is extremely limited,that’s why I can’t say what I want in the right way,but I never said,that the only attractive girls are from the UC animes,I just wanted to point out that not all UC girls are as ugly as Lalah is,yes I find her ugly too.And yes C.C,Makinami,Luna an Co. are all goodlooking,I don’t disagree with you on this,I mean I too dream of girls as sexy as Yoko or whatever 😛

Comment by Itamaki

Incredible quality of the images, I thank you!

Comment by videojuegos

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