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Mazinkaizer SKL PV
June 25, 2010, 10:39 pm
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New OVA Mazinkaiser SKL coming in 2010.

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Looking forward to it.

Comment by SantaBla


Comment by KAISER

Freaking Excellent

Comment by daizengar

New Mazinkaiser looks awesome,nice design and details,but I’m a bit skeptic about the new character cast,well lets wait.

Comment by Itamaki

Damn the action looks badass
(fail that no Kabuto Koji he is Mazinger!!!)

Ahhh well it not gonna bother me much i just need to hear

Comment by Ereos

Company told Go nagai to make any anime about Mazinkaizer even if it is empty words he arrested his hand vigorously and said: Cheer up! Bankruptcy 😉

Comment by Migamora

looked awesome, although the “We are hell!” in the end kinda made me cringed since it almost sounded like “I am Gundam!”

Comment by hiroy_raind


Comment by Ereos


Comment by orwah

What are you talking about Go nagai excelled in mzinkaizer slk

Comment by Migamora

“Excuse me, there seems to be a Getter in my Mazinger.”
“And I ordered mine Great, not Kaiser.”

Just kidding! But I don’t really understand why they decided to do a new Mazinkaiser, of all things. The original still holds up well today and it isn’t that old…

Comment by Eelnest

Talk to yourself go nagai Work for this since years without any intervention of anyone。

Comment by zatos

Not bad, look forward to it, though still Disappointed about still no sequel to Shin Mazinger

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

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