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HG 1/144 Gundam Astraea boxart
July 1, 2010, 10:27 pm
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Nice art. That actually looks really awesome, with the enemy slashed in the background. A really cool way to display Gundam Astraea

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

The boxart is more impressive than the kit itself. The thing looks like a watered down Exia but even less visually impressive. C’est la vie.

Comment by Amon

“The thing looks like a watered down Exia”

It was the prototype for Exia. That’s the POINT. It essentially the same as Exia, before additional features were incorporated.

Comment by anon

Cool Box Art I like it đŸ™‚
It better than Non-Grade 1/100 Gundam Astrea

Comment by timesyndicate

Yes yes, anon, I know. I’ve got two volumes of 00F in my shelf. The point is that it’s mechanically inferior and less detailed. Considering the F2 is already out, has more personality and comes with a truckload of weapons, there’s no real reason to objectively want this. The F2 also comes with the parts needed to make this. You need the paintjob, yeah, but quite frankly any self-respecting modelist should dabble in that. It’s a little too late for this kit at this point. Where was this when the 1/100 came out? Taking a dump in the woods?

Comment by Amon

Yea, great coverart!…

but, …bandai, SELL upgrade PacKs instead!!!

Comment by gill at srw

just wondering. is that f-22 raptor looking plane in the background the abulhool gundam (the protype for kyrios)?hmmm, seems to me that adding that one in the box art implies that bandai’s gonna release it in the future too. with arms maybe.

Comment by flamerounin

@flamerounin: It’s quite likely to be the Abulhool, considering that it seems to be spewing GN particles, and it’s not asploding unlike that poor Hellion.

Then again I can think of very few reasons to buy the Abulhool… :/

@Amon: This is more of a release for diehard collectors of Astrea than anything else so they can display both the F2 and this. Don’t take it too seriously.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

but what about the HG 1/144 gundam astraea conversion kit? oh well, thats a long time ago, and thats why bandai decides to release astraea!

Comment by setsuna15

i would rather buy the 1/100 scale rather than the 1/144, nevertheless the boxart is nice indeed. Wonder if Bandai will release the prototype of Dynames Gundam9forgot the name)

Comment by Yami

@Yami It’s called the Sadalsuud, later becomes the Sadalsuud F.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I doubt Bandai will release the previous prototypes but I certainly wouldn’t mind a Plutone or Sadalsuud. Who knows, they did release the 1.5 and 7S. Let’s hope the suits agree with the fans.

Comment by Amon

it is because 1.5 and 7s can reuse old parts by just changing the color. of course, nothing is impossible, we can only hope.

Comment by oohater

Neither the Sadalsuud or Plutone would be hard to produce. The Plutone is basically a Nadleeh with a core fighter and male features and the Sadalsuud is basically Dynames. The basic frames are there. The Plutone would require more armour but it’s really a matter of adding an extra sprue and modifying a few parts for adding the new armour.

Comment by Amon

Uh, Plutone would be a completely new model. It is Nadleeh’s prototype, yes, but unlike the Astraea and Sadalsuud there is no parts-sharing.

Comment by Anon

The basic frame is the exact same. It looks completely different because of the chest and extra armour but beyond the armour it’s clearly a Nadleeh. It’s not an issue of part sharing. I said the armour would need to be added, didn’t I? Most 00 Gundams pretty much share the same bsic frame anyway.

Comment by Amon

If we’re talking older 00 MSVs, I wouldn’t mind a Nadleeh Akwos kit.

Comment by Rayearth

well, i probably buy this one since it’s much cheaper than the type.

@amo. would love to see a plutone kit finally released.

Comment by flamerounin

Sadalsuud is so worth making, compared to a flying antique piece of crap.

Comment by Gunstray

@ flamerounin

its not abulhool gundam.

Its same shit like 00 Raiser for Astraea use only.
wich reminds me the fact – it was used by gundam rasiel (second release after Astraea).

abulhool – its too far to call it F22 Raptor …
” ||||| Gundam Abulhool is the predecessor to GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and part of second generation Gundams in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P and 00F. The unit is piloted by Marlene Vlady.

Abulhool is Arabic in origin from abu elhool literally meaning “father of fear” used to refer to the Great Sphinx. ||||| ” ~ Wiki

Comment by Ardexus

Uh…no. That is not GN Sefer, which only fits on the Gundam Rasiel despite how whorish the model can be due to the universalness of polycaps. The big white jet Gundam on the box cover is indeed the Abulhool.

Comment by MeisterMeistering

well i have to agree that gerwalk gundam is a bit awkward to have its kit to be released

Comment by Yami

no news this days

Comment by Maichel

Wouldnt mind abulhool gundam 1/144. Its could make a great mobile armour kit rather than mobile suit.

Comment by Raisha

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