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(Updated) Animedia and Newtype Magazines August
July 7, 2010, 2:28 am
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Awesome! Nice Gundam 00 stuff! And Star Driver is looking good! I can’t wait to watch it! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

cool~~~ what are the people underneath?

Comment by isaac

The character below is from the new “STAR DRIVER” anime :

It will be made by BONES which also made Eureka 7; looks very interesting…

Comment by SRW_FAN

what happened to Famitsu magazine Bankrupt ؟

Comment by musha

The 00 scans are showing five people who should not appear nor have anything to do in the 00 movie anymore =.=

Except maybe to provide some anti-war commentary?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Well, I guess someone here is a seer. Pray tell, how exactly do you know how any character is relevant or not?

Comment by Amon

Perhaps 25~50 episodes being ample evidence of past history concerning the relevance of the referenced characters?

00 has always been terrible about balancing its cast, and a roughly two hour feilm is probably going to be even worse at it.

Comment by MeisterMeistering

While waiting for the Gundam 00 movie, I also hope that the new anime will also be as good as Eureka 7

Comment by SRW_FAN

Cool! We need more main female mecha like this!

Comment by LM

that Star Driver mecha pretty much reminds me of those from Brain Powerd (yes, that’s how they spelled it…)

Comment by CVPhased

No, it’s never been terrible at balancing anything. It’s that viewers would like to think this way when they don’t get cookies.

Comment by Ash

True enough,everyone is sad and dissapointed without some yummie cookies.

Comment by Itamaki

And I’m looking forward to this Star Driver anime,could be the next promising mech anime after eureka seven and xam’d.The character art looks familiar,but don’t know,do someone know where this art style is from?

Comment by Itamaki

here is a mirror

Comment by yoshinori

kantutan all right i like this OO is getting better kantot pressure

Comment by Deputa

@ Amon:

Marina has scarred me for life.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

OMG, thanks for the info and mirros ^^

Comment by videojuegos

At first I tough Ohba Takeshi (mangaka of Bakuman & Deathnote) was behind the character design, but when I read the staff list turn out it’s not him.

Comment by akp47

Marina is a fail Relena anyway,
just wonder if there is any information about Gothicmade?

Comment by Yami

akp47> i assumed it was Obata as well because the characters have that ‘look’ reminiscent of his style.

Comment by Tsukushi

wha…speechless when saw that gundam meister

now our gundam meister become gundam meistriss

Comment by body commentator

I’m sure the five, 00 characters will have a small part in the plot. Marina was still alive so i’m sure that’s why she’s here and if this is what ends the 00 saga she is one character that should be here.

Comment by Raymk

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