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New gunpla boxarts
July 8, 2010, 11:12 am
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MG V Dash Gundam Ver. Ka

MG V Core Booster Ver. Ka


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idk what exacly means “ver. Ka.”
But each time i see gundam name with it its like damn better xD more aggressive looks and such 😀

Comment by Ardexus

Ver. Ka means it’s designed by Katoki Hajime.

Comment by Shiro

Very very plain!

Nu Gundam much more cooler and stronger.

Comment by Amuro

@Amuro : well, can’t exactly compare this with RX-93.. V Gundam’s timeline is like 30 years after Nu Gundam, differences in designs are to be expected. besides, V’s concept is “combining airplanes”, where aerodynamic is a must, thus the “plain” look.

Comment by Sei

From what I know is Ver.Ka mean that Katoki is involved in the kit development (such as in 3D CG probably), also the manual, not just conceptual design like he did in HGUC/AW/FC series.

Comment by futami

beautiful kantot

Comment by Deputa

Waste of money to do Core Booster.

Comment by Aldotsk

the most FAIL of katoki’s work is in Victory Gundam, Plain…fail to be plane like..

valkrye VF 25 and 27 are far,far better and more fighter like (the design is more realistic!!)
gundam just like too toys

Comment by flyng D-man

I’m sure realism is really important when talking about giant robots.

Comment by Amon

@flyng D-man:
I agree that design of V Gundam isn’t really good, but comparing it with VF-25 and VF-27 are a bit…
Then again, could you mention where and what direction their cockpit goes in battroid mode?

Comment by pled

“ver Ka” means Katoki ruins a design of his choice by slapping crappy decals over every inch of its body.

Comment by Anon

since somebody got normal Victory Ver Ka already, So to saving the mony just buy core booster to equip normal Victory into V-dash

@flyng D-man:
i prefer Wave Rider than VF-25. For more obvious unrelated comparison, i prefer Super Sylph.

Comment by epsilon_013

Eh, why would someone complaining? V Gundam is indefinitely plain to begin with and it is not going to change and that’s where V2 and its equipment came.

Comment by LM

as far as i knew… all the Gundams in V Gundam were designed by Katoki Hajime. the other mechas were designed by Kunio Okawara. so, V’s condition is somewhat similar to Endless Waltz. even without the Ver. Ka., it’s still Katoki Hajime’s design…

Comment by Sei

Ver. Ka = Version Katoki

Comment by lick da poo poo

The version Katoki designation doesn’t just apply to the technical design, but to the paint scheme and decal markings. Think of it like the 00 Gundam Designer color release. In the case of V Gundam, Katoki did do the original concept design, so not much will change except for the markings. However, Wing Gundam was designed by Okawara, but redesigned by Katoki…so the ver Ka of Wing Gundam is similar to Wing Zero Custom’s concept design.

I hope I didn’t make things more confusing 🙂

As a mass produced Gundam, the V-Dash Gundam concept is pretty cool. It is modular, so core corefighters, top and bottom fighter (components) can be easily replaced in battle. Not to mention, the Mega Beam Rifle is awesome. One thing I like about the V-Dash vs the standard V-Gundam is the overhang thrusters. The silouette is reminiscent of the Super Valkyrie in Battroid Mode equipped with FAST Packs.

Also, comparing Gundam to Macross is like Apples to Oranges. They’re both cool, so don’t bother.

Comment by BlueAleseides

and…the box art for these are great! Especially the water mark images in the background. Very smooth CGI artwork.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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