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HGUC Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper’s Custom boxart
July 13, 2010, 6:19 pm
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and Geara Zulu Royal Guard ver. is on the background.

Comment by hiroy_raind

Gera Zuku + High Energy Pack + Mega Beam Rifle + Pink Color
maybe the Pilot is Gay :))

Comment by timesyndicate

It’s purple, not pink.

Comment by Amon

It’s pink, not purple

Comment by Amuro

It’s light red

Comment by Donut

The pilot IS gay. It’s magenta

Comment by da_guy

Regardless of what color is is *supposed* to be, we’ve already seen that out of box its pinkish. The white needs to be done entirely by hand, too. Terrible release.

Comment by Anon

Its not going to be a terrible release. The normal Geara Zulu is a great kit, this will be better with the new weapons and extra emblem detail.
And of course the white must be done by hand, would you prefer super thin white plastic that will break the second you touch it?

Comment by ZR0


Yes, and all the black MS are piloted by black people and The O, Methuss and ZSSA by Asians. Not offensive at all 🙂

Agreed, the Geara Zula is an awesome kit–especially given the articulation and arsenal that comes with the mass production type. 1/144 scale kits, even HG kits, have been known to need painting in some of the worst places.

Another option is to cut out the white areas of the foil decals and discard the black sections of the sticker. Then use a toothpick to crease over the indentations on molding. This is a technique used for applying gold decals on the MG Sinanju as featured in DG Hobby Feb 2009 Issue.

Comment by BlueAleseides

I think some people are forgetting that kits in general are made for people who tipically paint their works. Gunpla is not an exception. If you want a perfect copy of the design, you need to paint it. Master Grades are just as subject to this as High Grades are.
The people complaining about about the white lines need to realize that for the kit to come with them as on the box would require them to be painted on the sprues, like Koto occasionally does. But Bandai mass produces their kits on a massive scale, they can’t afford to do this like Koto does. Koto makes smaller batches of niche designs and sell them much higher than a Bandai kit of the same would for a reason.
Regardless, having separate parts for them would be retarded as they’re on top of the armour plates already and this would make them ridiculously frail. There are already too many thin parts prone to breaking in Bandai kits already.

Comment by Amon

I’m not liking the colour of the plastic and it’ll be very hard for me to track down pink spray cans.
I think i’ll make it a royal guard version instead, normal colours. I cant budget for an AB at the moment.

Comment by ZR0

I am just happy that the Heavy Weapon backpack fits on to Geara Doga. I might consider getting one because of that. I hate Geara Zulu’s design as it is.

Comment by da_guy

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