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Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G PV
July 16, 2010, 1:03 am
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Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G  is an upcoming OVA to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Gundam plastic model kits. It will be directed by Kou Matsuo and written by Yousuke Kuroda, and features character designs by Kaichiro Terada.


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The link works, but the file won’t play once downloaded.

Comment by Gundam Sol

this still sounds so terrible i dunno wether to watch it or not

Comment by Ereos

Am I the only one who fails to see the point of a show about toy collectors? It just seems like one of the most redundant ideas ever and reminds me of the movie Wizard, which was essentially one big Nintendo advertisement. -_-

Their efforts would have been better off making a OVA series, akin to Stardust Memory and War in the Pocket. This just seems like a waste of time and money.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

sounds fun

here is a mirror

Comment by yoshinori

This is pretty awful looking.

But that pedobear themed Acguy is uh, pretty unique, to say the least.

Comment by Rygel

Y’know, not caring too much about this series, but I’m psyched to see the first anime appearance of the Hi-Nu Gundam

Comment by Blazer

Looks like another attempt to just get kids/girls/ everyonewhodoesn’twatchgundam into Gundam….

Well at least we still have Unicorn to look forward to :/

Comment by ed

I’d rather think of it as a Gundam version of Plawres Sanshiro only with virtual controls that give you the real experience of riding a Gundam…. or so think from what I could see in the trailer

Comment by daizengar

This looks fun.

Comment by amuro0093

Hi Nu Gundam seems pretty cool, than beginning gundam, beginning gundam is kinda lame,,,

Comment by zmil

Oh well, at least I can see Hi-Nu in action.

Comment by LM

Another “video website” has upload the PV. You can search online. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Pedobear Acguy is so wrong that it’s beyond words. They’re actually aiming the entire Gunpla line at little kids. I assume awkward conversations will the least of problems here.

Comment by Amon

You guys thought this was bad, wait till you see them animate the Forever Gundam. Ugh.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

And now they said “Gunpla Meister”. oh boy.

Comment by hiroy_raind

So how are these battles supposed to happen? I see that the main character seems to pilot the Beginning Gundam and battle against his rival who is in the Hi-Nu (so cool to see it animated!), but since this anime is essentially about collecting Gunpla, how come the characters can somehow pilot mobile suits? Is it through the use of simulators, or are they actually real battles? I think it’s more likely simulators, considering mobile suits probably don’t exist as real weapons in their world, but if someone can explain to me, then that’d be nice. Anyway, it’s interesting to see that battles will happen in some form, simulated or not. Visually, it’s the same, so that’s awesome!

Sigh, if only we had proper Gundam simulator machines like that, where the battles would be realistic, but I guess we’re far from creating those.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

yeah, they had what they call “Gunpla Scanner”, then again they doesn’t seem to have rules of limitation so power balance is very questionable.
And I just realized that Beginning Gundam’s horn are beams (the HG had clear yellow parts for the horn)

Comment by hiroy_raind

hey youngsters, check out “Plamo-Kyoshiro”

its a old gundam manga series with the hero as a gunpla collector and fight with simulators…..oh wait, that series does not limits its plamo to gundams only, but the idea is the same.

Comment by oohater

*checks out the guy in the reddish jacket* CHARRRR!!!! …Cosplayer!

Comment by SP

Haha intresting. I’d say this gonna be more enjoyable than the 00. 00 story isn’t that memorable for me

Comment by amuro0093

cool frist time saw Hi-Nu in Movie yay
But saw many time in game 😐
The Pilot is suck it make humiliation Hi-Nu Legenday Amuro 😦
And The Brgin Gundam not look so good after all

Comment by timesyndicate

So they do use simulators after all huh? And they’re called “Gunpla Scanners”? Then I guess that you have to scan in your Gunpla to use it to battle with. That’s the kind of idea I was thinking they would use if they were using simulators. Interesting. That makes me look forward to the anime even more.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

beginning does look weird, hopefully he’ll make one that doesn’t look like crap half-way through the series. i wish we had gunpla scanners even if we don’t have the simulators

Comment by red

Without the simulators what would the Gunpla Scanners do?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

man this is gonna give the crazy gundam gunpla otaku’s a wierd sense of “OREWA GUNDAM” or oh yeah im a gunpla meister
like some Setsuna F Sei noob shit lol

Comment by Ereos

put them in the current arcade games we have now?

Comment by red

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