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Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. official site grand open
July 17, 2010, 11:25 am
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cool I love Gundam the MS made better much more GVSGNextPlus How long it will release PS 3 😦

Comment by timesyndicate

*look at Astray 2nd screen shot* fuuuuuuu……kk

Comment by LM

Yeah we need this type of game on PS3 and yesterday!!

Comment by refined77

How long did it take to announce the PS2 versions of the older entries in the Gundam vs series?

With any luck there’ll be a TGS announcement.

Comment by Bob

@LM Yeah It Powered Red Frame Holy SHIT KATANA, no MS can take much that damge
I will never release PS 2 I pretty sure that, look at the graphic very high maybe for PS 3

Comment by timesyndicate

to timesyndicate,

Regarding for a very high graphic to PS3 console, that maybe true. However, do not forget few games also release on ps2 console, like Gundam Musou Series (GM Special and GM 2). The gameplay is “kinda” ok and the sales is “somewhat” ok (can’t tell you more since we need more research for everything), but Bandai Namco Games released on most console, including PS2 console. In other words, like Bob said, I also hope that the game also will release on PS2 console (I very doubt that this game will release on PSP console since the graphics is higher). So do not lose hope, but do not too grim that the game do not release on any other console. It’s up to the publisher’s decision for which platform will release it or the opposite. Sorry for my manner and confusion words. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

I seriously doubt it will release on the PS2. If it gets ported, then it should either be the PS3 or the PSP. Obviously, it will be better if it gets released on the PS3.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I think Bob means, the amount of time it used to take for them to be announced for PS2 will be the same here, only with PS3

Comment by HeatPhoenix

kinda wierd how crossbone managed to make it into the picture but not Zeta
if it going on PS3 gonna have to import it no matter what

Comment by Ereos

Crossbone is pretty much a highlight here,I think S Freedom should be replaced with Red Frame instead.

Comment by LM

It’s already running on PS3, they just have to give the arcade a period of grace

Comment by GengarZombolt

damn it looks sooo nice..ya its on ps3 hope they are release a version for portable tht’d be cool lool

Comment by IJustice

GengarZombolt > No… The game works on System357, a arcade system. The system is almost identical, but this is not exactly the PS3.
Another thing, The games always come out one year before on arcade and after on PS-P/2, this will not change…

Comment by Raiko


I agree, the Strike Freedom should be replaced by Red Frame, a much cooler Gundam. I wonder why it’s not being shown much other than through in-game screenshots. Another thing, do you guys think that the Powered Red will be the Red Frame’s EX Burst or just a temporary transformation for the huge katana attack?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@judo0054 and others:

No, not looking for a release on the PS2. Just used it as reference. Why would I want that when PS3 games are region free?

Though what I really want from a game like this mod and custom options along with online multiplayer tournament modes.

Comment by Bob

to Bob,

It’s only a possibility or a guess like I posted a comment in this forum before. Besides, GengarZombolt had posted 1 video that showed a “small footage” for PS3 console, the only thing left is the decision for which another console NBG will release this game or only PS3 console. For the reference (like you said, Bob), I’m also still hoping for PS2 consonle. If only a PS3 console release only, that’s fine. Once again, it’s only a reference. I hope we do not want a war forum here because we really hate it. ^–^. Anyway, a little off topic, I the preparation of ACE:R PV2 is already complete. The only thing left is the shown video footage on Akihabara tomorrow (Monday: 07/19/2010). I can’t wait for it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

to Bob,

“I bet that the preparation of ACE:R PV2 is already complete.” not “I the preparation of ACE:R PV2 is already complete.” Sorry for my mistake words. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

GVSG Next Plus on Arace realease first halft nearly end of the year they realse on PSP so how about PS 3 PS 2 (PSP maybe no) how long it will take nearly end of the year or hole year or halft a year

Comment by timesyndicate

I hope this time the game is balanced specially in 1v1 because every other shitt (except for the AvsZ series) was so damn unbalanced, specially the gvg series.
If you can’t fight 1v2 against two decent players and win then this game will sucks just as next plus sucked.
Come on capcom! make a balanced game!

Comment by x

If you fight 1:1 it will be suck the game like Tekken or Street Fighter It will be suck. GVSG 1 VS 2 is easy for me I can handle that very easy even LV 9 Mod or New Type I beat them just like eat the cake. It just because U not familiar with the game type like that
Have you play Gundam Battle Universe or Gundam Assult Survive it will much difficult then the GVG Next Plus. The Boss is M.A and u only a tiny MS can U beat the boss sure every one can beat it and there will be map Expert Boss or Hyper Boss if 1 people can beat 3 boss. Then You can play it the no such thing in Balanced is a challang in every game

Comment by timesyndicate

Kantot I wish they still port it to the PSP… Kantot

Comment by Deputa

I never out PSP It already Test on PS 3 how could possible out for PSP

Comment by timesyndicate

Kantot I wish they still port it to the PSP… Kantot

What is Kantot? I know ngentot and ngewe lol, is it the same thing?

Comment by ngentot

Like it !

Comment by Driver

i’ve read that there will be a psp version of this game. is that true?

Comment by Marvz

to Marvz

Where did you read that? I hope it is true. I really want this to be ported to the PSP.

Comment by Kira

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