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OG revealed in ACE R
July 19, 2010, 5:48 pm
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Just spotted on 2ch. Another Century’s Episode : R promo video is finally out!


Alt Eisen Riese (Kyosuke), ART-1 (Ryusei) and Cybaster (Masaki) has joint ACE R.


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“Alt Eisen Riese, ART-1 and Cybaster has joint ACE R.”

Damn. Go to preorder at Play-asia.

Comment by rom_stoll

Yes!!! Finally they go for the main OGs characters in ACE! Can’t wait for my game to arrvie!

Comment by RJ

I wonder if SRX is in the game :/

Comment by RJ

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe they won’t have story, but who cares!

Comment by amuro0093

They’ve done it finally…

Comment by LM

so when do we get to see the actual video! its not on the official website yet! or on youtube!!

Comment by ian

Alteisen is awesome but instead of Weissritter ART-1?
Dunno what to think of that.
Kyosuke isnt really Kyosuke without getting harassed by Excellen.

Comment by Raz

It’s already been announced that the Akihabara viewing is a day before the proper release, so it should appear on the ACE:R website tomorrow, and Youtube shortly after, depending if Banpresto puts it up, or some rips it off the ACE:R website.

Comment by SP

Alternate universe heroes, or a side prequel to OG3? You decide. 😛

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Finally OG universe characters on ACE!!

now will their theme song have voice?

Comment by hiroy_raind

I’d prefer side prequel to OG 3. Ryusei (if he’s hopefully the pilot of ART-1), Kyosuke and Masaki travel to the Planet Eria world right before OG3 happens. Why they travel there? We’ll probably find out in the game or in OG3 or some other OG game. Otherwise they’re alternate universe, like how there are alternate universe ones in Alpha and other SRW games.

And please, tell me that Ryusei is the pilot of ART-1, please! He’s my favourite character! I hope that they will be part of the story, but if they are just bonus units, then that’s better than nothing. They can at least not make us have to complete the game before unlocking them, because I’d like to unlock them while I’m on my first playthrough. But if they’re hopefully involved in the story, then they probably would be unlocked during the first playthrough. 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


2chan said that Ryusei pilot R1, ART-1 is for Mai

Comment by rom_stoll

Does that mean there is another more mecha we need to see?

Comment by Shinichameleon

i also believe the pilot is Mai, maybe ryuusei is also on the game with R-1, and hope there are other non-debut robots as well(looks at 00 and eureka 7)

also hope for a possible bgm choice feature 😀

PS: just pre ordered at playasia

Comment by katsumotto

Or it don’t have anything to do with OG3 at all.

Comment by LM


Yeah, it just occured to me that Banpresto likes reusing characters and/or mechs. They don’t have to be inclusive of both in any series they appear in.

Still, Alt Eisen. WOOHOO!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

wohooo,,,T-LINk SWORD!!!!awesome!!

Comment by zmil


Comment by JustPassingThru

so this’s rumor srw:og on ps3 ?

Comment by A

@A July,
Obviously not, and forget about those rumors. Why don’t we just focus on something that already confirmed?

Comment by amuro0093

i hope it is, but not for now, i hope next srw is a Z2 rumours that are coming, a user has posted another picture from another magazine on Z2 topic, very interesting

even so i would love to see OG3 later(next year?)

Comment by katsumotto

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