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(Updated) Another Century’s Episode:R PV 2
July 20, 2010, 1:49 am
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Added high definition PV 2. Part 1 (HD ACE R PV 2) Part 2 (HD ACE R PV 2)

The official site has been updated promo video 2nd in movie page. 

Here is download link for HQ ACE R official PV 2. (HQ ACE R PV 2) Part 1 (LQ ACE R PV 2) Part 2 (LQ ACE R PV 2)


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Comment by Nos

Wow! ART-1,Cybuster,and Alt Eisen Riese are in ACE R that was pretty unexpected.

Hmm I wonder if Alt Eisen Riese is in the game,shouldn’t his rival be in the game too like Soulgain!!! 😀

Also about Cybuster I also wondering Granzon or Shurouga will be in the game. 😀

Comment by Soulgain

aweasom game very nice

I want to know about destiny weapon

is he can use the beam flash edge as beam saber?

or not?

if he can the skill is very good my favorite ms

wooooow 🙂

Comment by mohd

isn’t alteisen riese’s rival ryuusei?, if art-1’s pilot is ryuusei then its done(which its like 90% chances it is ryuusei)

it would be amazing to have Granzon on this game with shuu

Comment by katsumotto

So… mediafire file soon 😀

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Sigh. No Excellen.

Comment by Anonymous

After looking at the video again. I hope they magnify the explosions more lol.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

IMO bigger explosions would just get in the way and distract most gamers (like myself) with what’s happening on screen during gameplay, i like it that way 🙂

hopefully a better quality PV would be up soon 🙂

Comment by Ryuu

I notice OG is presented as a series. So Masaki, Ryusei and Kyosuke went on a picnic and got sucked into the latest Banpresto game. LOL j/k

Looks promising. Especially since OG is presented as a series in it. :O

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Very coolll…. Tx a lot….. very enjoy it.. 🙂

Comment by Shu

Holy yaoi fanfic, Batman! Kyosuke is doing a Rampage Ghost with Ryusei!
Now I’ve seen everything.

Comment by Eelnest

Damn, I missed the combination attack. However, I really like the story, and new systems. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

whats this about the Zeta at the end of part 2?

Comment by Ereos

it seems its a pre order bonus: zeta gundam 3 amuro custom

Comment by katsumotto

PV is on the ACE site. Waiting for the rip and mediafire link.

Comment by Fallen

Holy Mother Fucking Sh!T God Damit
I wanna Buy it Holy SHIT All Gundam Together 🙂 I Will beat up those Other 🙂

Comment by timesyndicate

Wonder what the chances are that there’ll be a HK version with English subtitles, are is even that too mcuh to ask?

Comment by Bob

Tbh, 0%, translating it would take a very long time unless the producers actively translated it while writing the story. It’s definitely a bit much to ask. The HK version however, will have an English Control Manuel, so you know what button does what.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

to Bob,
This is what my “prediction” version part of the story (from PV2):

1. First you select title system from each series, which we know about them. As for SRW OGS story, it seems Ryussei and Kyosuke are practice combat after SRW OGS and Masaki is going back to search his Rival, Shu Shirakawa.

2. However, during their events from each series, some “unknown” parallel world (the black space (from Aquarion’s story if you see on PV2)) interrupt their events and get “swallowed” or “transfered” to another dimension. They search arround if they are any contact from anything (of course from the series later). Some of them get contact easily (possibility from each series), but some of them must get contact “the hard way.”

3. After each series finally meat each other step by step, in easy way or a hard way, they meet Alpha Ark, a battleship (from Banpresto Original (possibility depends from which title you select because “select system” is a new system in this game)) and explain what’s going on. Why their precense (each series) are “needed” or “suddenly teleported” into another dimension.

In other words, the story is taken place “possibility similar with SRW Z,” the only thing different is different series. That’s all from me. Once again, this is my speculation story only that we see from PV2’s official website or youtube. I can be 100% wrong about it. Sorry for everything. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

“the story design is taken place, ” not “the story is taken place “. Sorry. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

I demand Wildwurger for next Ace installment! the PV is really awesome indeed

Comment by Yami

if granzon makes appearance in this game,it would be the final boss,i think…

Comment by afdhal

to afdhal,

My “guess” is between yes and no. Reason:

1. Yes, because Masaki Andou is on ACER, Shu Shirakawa is “possibility” on the game.

2. No, because final boss is “possible” for Banpresto Original or from another “series,” like ACE2. It depends on the game creator (as usual) for puuting who is the boss.

Comment by judo0054

So no online multiplayer..?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

theres no multiplayer, a long time ago they have put on the site that theres no multiplayer

Comment by katsumotto

That’s it! I’m definately picking SRW OG as the series to pick when I start the game! I just want to see what happens from Ryusei and the other’s point of view when they get sucked into Planet Eria from the OG timeline! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

^Same! Expect Cybuster is my main reason!

Comment by amuro0093

I wonder what moves cybuster will have. Hopefully some moves from the Lord of the elemental of game, if not more.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

i hope he does have akashic buster, akashic buster ftw ;D

Comment by katsumotto

I’ll get this game for sure, leloch + kallen ftw 😀 suzaku is sh**

Comment by Banjo

i also dont like suzaku too much, but lancelot albion is ultra cool 😀

Comment by katsumotto

The pv shows the start of akashic buster. I mean more than just cyflash and akarshic buster. We need some alpha/alpha Gaiden moves or classic LOTE/classic timeline moves. Of course, this depends on whether this is before OG Gaiden, during or after OG Gaiden as well.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

they forgot sanger zonvolt…

Comment by grungust

They forgot Elza- I mean, Ratsel.

Then again both Zengar and Ratsel pilot Super Robots, and one SR is enough.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

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