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Scans Newtype Magazine (August) 2010
July 20, 2010, 3:10 am
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thanks a lot

Comment by Rockmanshii

whoah, any news on that thing?

Comment by katsumotto

It would help if you actually said what you’re talking about.

Comment by Amon

I think he means the Gothimade anime

Comment by Itamaki

sorry, was just a little euphoric, i was wondering for news about srw ps3 or ACE R, strange, these scans are incomplete right?, the games session is missing i think, or maybe im mistaken

Comment by katsumotto

Thanks for the scan!

Comment by Ferenc Wostry

So, anyway, why does Gothicmade look like a shitty copy of the Five Star Stories? I mean, you might as well do an actual adaptation of it if you’re going to bother copying even the art style. It’s obviously Nagano doing the Mechanical designs but why bother watering it down to make a knockoff when adapting the Manga itself would be much better?

Comment by Amon

Lolwut? Gothicmade is an entirely new project helm by Nagano himself. Heck the reason it’s been in development for so darn long is due to Nagano’s perfectionist attitude which he’d rather do everything himself rather than giving it to somebody else. Considering that it took years for them to even show us a promo video of GM, how long do you think it’ll to adapt a full series of FSS?

Comment by guarayakha

gothicmade is Nagano’s work, the story, character, mecha, world is all designed by him. he even go so far to make the damn movie himself.

this has been around for at least 5-6 years now, and he still can’t get it done

Comment by hteng

Here some mirrors:

Thanks to SRW Hot News for the scans!

Comment by kain the supreme

I know Gothicmade is by Nagano. That’s why I said that instead of doing what looks like a shitty cheap ripoff they might as well do FFS in the first place.
And considering what happened with the FFS movie, which was just generic, he might as well do it himself.

Comment by Amon

I assume he’s doing Gothicmade instead of FSS because he wants to do a self-contained story, whereas FSS is the least contained story known to man.

Comment by Gryps2

Watched the 5 minute trailer but it gives no clue whatsoever, though i see a woman who resemble with Empress of Flame in the end of trailer.

Comment by Yami

Tanks for scan! Gothicmade Video PV 2

Scan newtype 2007

Comment by Debris

Is there a set of scans with the Newtype Press section included? I’m following one of the columns there.

Comment by deltafour

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