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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 “The Red Comet” new PV
July 21, 2010, 2:38 pm
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BD & DVD released on November 12th 2010.


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That looks amazing. I enjoyed every moment of episode 1 and now I can’t wait till November.

Comment by Eonchao

i guess the second episode will tell more about Full Frontal, is the title of the episode is “Red Comet”?

Comment by Yami

hahaha awesome! I hope the quality will be on par with episode 1

Comment by amuro0093

Amazing!!! “Ataranakereba Dotoiu Koto Ha Nai!”
before I saw this topic I always Said this sentence almost everytime. Absolutely waiting to see. Thank You!^^

Comment by Uncle~fruitty~

My pants are in need of changing.

Comment by Amon

Holy SH!T I can’t wait anymore I want to watch it ‘Is the Red Comet really alive Char Azanble so where is Amuro

Comment by timesyndicate

Char is dead. This could be a clone of the original Char

Comment by Wes

It’s not Char or a clone. It’s a newtype that had Char’s memories surgically implanted and altered to resemble Char. Char is dead.

Comment by Amon

DON’T! No spoilers allowed!

Comment by SP

I just want to cut Full Frontal’s god damn CURLY HAIR. ITS SO UGLY.

Why did they design Char’s successor so ugly? fffffffffff…

Comment by greengreen

yea i never get the curly hair.

Comment by da_guy

That line of Char’s just struck me when I’ve heard it! God, the episode will be so awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

SP July : I’m not sure what anyone could possibly be expecting here. Char was confirmed KIA several times before and the real Char’s return would have definitely made a more lasting impression in the entire UC. It’s impossible that Char could have survived the Axis incident. First rule of UC, who dies stays dead.
The rest are technicalities. Once you realize that Char could never return, it’s easy to realize the truth. Come on, fans had guessed this when Full Frontal appeared already. It’s a pretty shoddy spoiler.

Comment by Amon

I think everyone knew that Char is dead and Full Frontal could have been clone until you mentioned those implanted part, definitely a spoilers.

Comment by LM

You don’t produce a clone in two years. That’s biologically impossible. Even if you had the tech to age up a fetus in two years you’d end up with horrible defects. Also, if the Jovian Empire by UC140 couldn’t produce a functional clone of Amuro, how would Zeon 40 years earlier? With whose tech? And why? Why would a Char clone be useful when even his own people hated his guts by UC93? If The Sleeved had even intended for Full Frontal to be a simple clone they would have presented him to the world as Char himself, not a masked sexual innuendo.

Comment by Amon

The story actually never made it very clear who Full Frontal is other than the hint that his memories is from Char. What is more is that there is no mentioning of Nanai. It would be interesting to know how she would react to all this.

Comment by da_guy


Full Frontal is nothing more than a random bloke who looks remarkably like Char, who he met a long time ago, (Char actually commented on his Violin playing.) Neo Zeon scientists worked through numerous surgeries to make him look and sound even more like Char, and they implanted Char’s memories into him via the Sazabi’s recovered psychoframe (which would imply that the cockpit pod was recovered, whether or not a body was found or not is never mentioned, but we do know that Char is not with Neo Zeon, dead or alive.)

I think Banagher comments on him being “an empty, fearful person” or something of the like. (Japanese is hard to read.)

Comment by J-Lead

“You don’t produce a clone in two years. That’s biologically impossible.”

See: Elpeo Ple’s clones.

Gundam is scientifically sound in some areas, but of course there are other areas where it’s scientifically ambiguous, such as cloning in UC.

Ple and her clones are a good example, because this is about as perfect as cloning technology has ever been in Gundam excluding maybe Gaia Gear, even though there is no explanation for it. It’s unlikely that they were created as “realistic” clones in that they would have had to have been created near 0078, and yet they all appear to be roughly the same age as the real Elpeo Ple in ZZ.

As for the Jovian Empire’s inability to reproduce this technology, this was a top-secret (possibly personal) Neo Zeon project in the case of Elpeo Ple. Remember that not even Haman was aware of it. Thus, there is no reason why the Jovian Empire would have knowledge of secret technology developed by Neo Zeon. As for The Sleeved, there is a much better chance to discover these Neo Zeon cloning experiments.

Not that I ever once believed that stupid “Full Frontal is a clone” theory, but you must understand that you can’t throw it out the window for reasons of unrealistic science.

Comment by yuu

Whether or not you are right, no one here has seen it, as it’s not out yet. (except for the novel… which isn’t in English) Wether or not it’s obvious, please don’t mention that kind of thing.

Comment by SP

Haman was aware of the Ple project… they appear in CDA.

Comment by radeon

Full Frontal’s hair is so lame.

“I am the evil villain! Ha ha! Fear me! Now i’ll go get a shampoo..”

Comment by Jerry

If Full Frontal is Char, I would be really disappointed. I hope they don’t chuck a Mwu on us. I mean, I’ve kinda had enough of that SEED BS >_>

They’ve ended the Amuro and Char story well, so I hope they keep that the end.

Comment by greengreen


i would damn UC if that were the case. really hate the “revive” mwu even though the helmet was clearly shown floating in space in the last ep of S1 gundam seed.

Char and Amuro’s death was epic. please leave it like that.

Comment by oohater

“Haman was aware of the Ple project… they appear in CDA.”

CDA isn’t canon.
If you watch ZZ, you’ll see that when Ple Two visits Haman and Mineva to assassinate them for Glemy, Haman thinks that Ple Two is Ple’s twin sister.

Comment by yuu

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