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MG The-O boxart
July 22, 2010, 4:45 pm
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Gryps Laser Colony Battle! Epic! Too bad its on the wrong side of the $$$… X.X

Comment by plutoniumhunter

yeah, only those who’ve seen the series would know the epicness of this boxart.

Comment by oohater

Cool Quebeley + Hyakushiki and The O in Colony Laser

Comment by timesyndicate

Can we get MG Gaplant or Messala next time?

Comment by Yami

OMG the boxart made I jizzed my pant

it’s just too epic !!

Comment by Alanter

Where did all the weathering come from. It’s more or less brand new in the show.

Comment by da_guy

Oh shi-

Looks like the box will be of the same size of Hi Nu Gundam’s box.

Comment by xalrons

Makes me hope that Bandai will one day produce the Nightingale as well given the size and price of The O. Without a doubt probably the MG of the year barring some epic release (aka Nightingale lol or V2 Gundam)

Comment by Coolbeans

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