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New kit reviews: HG Gundam Astraea
July 23, 2010, 5:10 pm
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wait it does come with exia sword/shield and 2x gn daggers? according to geocities one?

i like astraea in avanlache equipment

Comment by Ereos

@Ereos: Yes both Astrea HGs come with Exia sword/shield and gn long blade and short blade, however there are not enough polycaps to make the shield and gn sword (although if you have several 00 kits, you should have enough polycaps to complete them). 😀

Comment by PROFITandLOSS

You actually have enough in the F Type box to build the GN Sword thus you can equip the astrea with both the gn sword and gn proto blade at the same time fun.

Comment by Eonchao

i already got the 1/100 model i doubt i get it

Comment by Ereos

GN Sword isn’t need pc, but GN shield is.
And both Astraea isn’t include rubber part at exia’s arms

Comment by epsilon_013

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