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Super Robot Wars OG Episode2 The Inspector official site pre-open
July 24, 2010, 7:23 am
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omg Daizengar!!

Comment by Rockmanshii

man it will take like another half a year for it to start airing at least :S

Comment by Ereos

holy shit Obari Daizengar looks amazing

Comment by GengarZombolt

oooohoo.hope o can see SRX again

Comment by zmil

Hopefully this means that they’re going to animte it in 2D; I don’t mind 3D, but it needs to be better than SRWOG: DW level.

And I see they fixed the Angeleg. 😛

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

are the shura gods going to be in this? 😀

Comment by zato

Daizengar looks awesome+,looking forward to see his zankantou in action!

And no the Shura won’t be in this,at least I think so,as this is the animation of OG2, not OG2.5/OGGaiden

Comment by Itamaki

i see, thanks 😦

Comment by zato

Oh thank god no CG this time…

Comment by ed

oh,where’s Aussenseiter?

Comment by afdhal

because you have to ee the nipples

Comment by realgundam

The SRX is gonna look tight as @#$*!!! Can’t wait to see Altaisen ries (sp?)

Comment by Dairaioh_SRX

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