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Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer new PV ?
July 27, 2010, 2:40 am
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WOW Transam Quanta is beautiful and Holly shit Raphael with Tau Drive??

Comment by Jynx

Could be a T drive. CB was lacking at least one when the Season was over. But there’s no back module either. Could be that it’s a mid movie upgrade or that they get a real drive again and put it on then. Strange mysteries that fuel the mind.

Comment by Amon

so it gonna act like a gadessa long rifle in a way

Comment by Ereos

but if raphael is working with a tdrive how come is firing pink beam

Comment by LeXf

ngheekiong had the same thing but at the end had this

a battery powered 00raiser????

Comment by Ereos

You beat me to it.

Comment by setsuna0520

It’l probably be like the Exia R1. Shot to hell before the new ride comes along.

Comment by Amon

Holy SH!T 00 Quanta Trans-Am + Full GN Funnel in GN Sword III SH!T Damit so cool I can’t wait to watch it

Comment by timesyndicate

but then didnt 00 raiser use alot of energy i dont see it lasting long on batteries xD

Comment by Ereos

is this for real?well, I thought if Raphael is powered with tau drive because in the official art I think I saw two cones of GN drive on the backpack…CMIIW…and where is Zabanya dan Harute?I want see them in action too…

btw…is that Patrick?the ones with the serious face?

Comment by costriker

I think it’s patrick
+ 00 Repair (and at the end of the movie, 00 R2)

anyway, someone upload this one youtube

Comment by HeatPhoenix

…’s barely can be called a video..(

Comment by refined77 Better quality

Comment by The God

looks like Raphael has… THREE GN[T] DRIVES. lol “Triple Drive System” is gonna be the new fad

Comment by PROFITandLOSS

I prefer the term “Tri-Drive System”.

Comment by Gundam Sol

maybe its has a GN-T drive in the suit and a real GN Drive on the back pack as seen on the other trailers when Raphael has the backpack it has those particles present on the real drives.

Comment by Due

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