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New gunpla boxarts
July 30, 2010, 10:20 pm
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HG 00 Qan[T]



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The Qan[T] Boxart is gorgeous.

Comment by Psybuster

I’d have to agree with ya there.

Comment by Gundam Sol

plain but cool. just like designer box-art

Comment by epsilon_013

i thought they gonna use the box design from the previous G00TV/00F/00P/00V/00Vs and 00I HG 1/144. oh well, i like the design anywayz

Comment by setsuna15

Review of 00 Qan[T] up already:

Comment by Q

drive on Shield connects with Drive on back; is the last gimmick.

Comment by da-virginizer

that guy’s from HK, i know it.
i got Qan[T] myself there today.

Comment by bab

Okay, plz tell us what u think’bout
Is it great? Or should we wait?

Comment by gill at srw

Cool Box Art

Comment by timesyndicate

i’m now itching to now what that last gimmick is supposed to do.

Comment by flamerounin

i personally think the GN Buster Sword has too much length and not enough width..
After you get past the Sword bits the Qan[T] in itself is very plain.
I’d rather wait for an MG Qan[T] with more mechanical gimmicks than get the HG.

Comment by da-virginizer

get the GM for now, and wait for “HG 00 Quan[T] ver. 2” like they do >_>

Comment by greengreen

hey @da-virginizer
is the connection for the shield same as the connection of the drives on 00??

Comment by SwagKing28

or rather 00 qan[t] GNHW or something….. hehehehe

Comment by setsuna15

@ SwagKing28
there are extra joints that allow the shield to be folded to the back.

Comment by da-virginizer

since no1 said this… COOL GM BOXART! XD

Comment by plutoniumhunter

Awesome 00 Qan[T] boxart

Comment by Quantum

new trailer!!

Comment by SwagKing28

re: trailer

That’s a massive attack with the new GN Rifle and Shield bits–effect parts for the 1/100 scale release?

Comment by BlueAleseides

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