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Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer new TVCM
August 1, 2010, 9:04 am
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well raphaels back pack has the real gn drive and the suit has the tau drive, the cannon for zadanya looks awesome and we finally get to see Qan T btw the second drive is under the sheild and its comfirmed

Comment by shindy


Comment by setsuna15


Comment by Jynx

LOLs so what exactly is Raphael good for now that Zanbanya has remote giant beam?

Comment by da_guy

LOLs so what exactly is Zabanya good for since Raphael always had a remote giant beam cannons, and is piloted by a superior innovado pilot?

Dynames was initially needed for its sniping skills where initial part of CB used strategic approach to combat, but both Cherudim and Zabanya is just reduced to normal guns and bits type, I don’t see how it stands out.

They even wasted a whole arc on Lockon v.2.

sorry I’m just some butthurt fan of Lockon v.1. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Comment by greengreen

I don’t think any animated Gundam movies ever failed so this should be good.

Comment by greengreen

ei, i though zabanya only has ten shield bits. if you count them on the screen shot, there’s fourteen. anyways, that formation looks kickass. if only it can do that in the kit.

Comment by flamerounin

Tx for counting those ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m afraid the 1st-release will not be completed, furthermore a gigantic chain-stand is needed to display the.. display. Will the 1st Zabanya come with those? Hmm…

Comment by gill at srw

Each of the new shield bits contains/stores a rifle/pistol inside, amounting to a total of 10 shield bits and 10 rifle bits. so the formation is possible. Bandai will probably be cheap and only give us 2 rifles though T_T not to mention that there will be no clear stand that could support it

SC to prove:

Comment by PROFITandLOSS


Well, there’s only 10Shield+10Rifle bits on that picture of Zabby you provided and there’s 12Shield+10Rifle bits in the trailer, hmmmm….

Comment by guarayakha


“I donโ€™t think any animated Gundam movies ever failed so this should be good.”

One word… G-saviour…

Comment by Kaiser

G-Saviour isn’t animated, you illiterate.

Comment by Amon

I agree, that is not only a failure but the weakest gundam story, it was made before tomino found out about it, and back then the internet is new and most of the anime was cut and paste which is more expensive then the straight dub. so yeah we better not think or talk about G-Saviour other then being the most failure gundam story (worst then GSD)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Alien structure at the end of the clip.

Comment by da-virginizer

look closely @ Trans Am raiser in the latest OO move trailer, it’s holding a different Gn Sword, maybe the GN Sword IV?

Comment by mr.bonus


I don’t know how many times you had to repeat a grade or the age you started swallowing for your uncle, but look up “Animated”. better yet I’ll do it for you since you might have a mental breakdown from actually learning something other then giving feletio.

Taken from Wikipedia,

“Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.”

My advice for you is to learn what you actually say or write down before you write stupid shit.


Comment by Kaiser

@ kaiser
chillax bro, plus I think you knew what me and Amon kinda meant in the first place, as in, animated pointing to the anime movies as opposed to live action (G- Savior).

Comment by greengreen

I see a Throne’s gun like GNIII like thingy..
Maybe you’re right..

Comment by gill at srw

@ greengreen

I understand what your trying to claim but your are still very sadly mistaken in that it is just a live-action movie. If G-Saviour in fact were a pure “live-action” film they would have used, and i’m saying this sarcastically “real gundams” for it to be even considered a pure live-action film.

“the term live-action refers to cinematography not produced using animation”. I’m sorry if you never saw G-savior, but they used CG “Animation” to create the Mecha parts of the movie.

Finally G-Savior is a live-action/animated film in which stating my point is an “Animated film” which also stats that it is a “Live-Action film”, unlike what you claimed to be nothing more then live-action movie.

P.s. If you did manage to understand what was explained then I congratulate you, If not then please refrain from writing ignorant bs for the rest of us. thank you

Comment by Kaiser

according to the interview i read, the director said that they will be doing something that has not been tried before in gundam. maybe that alien looking moon (or spacecraft?) in the last screenshot has something to do with it.

Comment by flamerounin

G-Saviour was definitely better than Gundam SEED Destiny


You have to watch it like it is a B-movie that you usually see on Sci-Fi channel, except this has Gundams.

And G-Saviour looks cool

Comment by HeatPhoenix


bigger question is however weather or not Sci-Fi still has G-Saviour, NA dvds were planned but canceled and the production of that movie is MOSTY canadian made. I only said G-Saviour the weakest because I read a review about that in MAHQ

Furthermore its pretty much a joke compare to GSD, not even good CGI its basically worst then MS IGLOO if you think about it or SRW Divine Wars. If you think you like it HeatPhoenix forget it, we rather not think about G-Saviour more then GSD disaster.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Kaiser : Point 1, chill out a bit. Take a valium or two, pop the Bach in the stereo and get rid of that erection. Done? Okay, moving on.
Point 2, G-Saviour is a live action movie as all characters were portrayed by human actors. If CG or animation was what classed a movie as animated then all movies would be animations as all special effects in the vast majority of movies are done by computer. Case in point, James Cameron’s Avatar. Did anyone class it as animation? Is it mostly special effects created by computer? Yes. That’s the point. It’s not an animation.
Point 3, nobody has ever referred to G-Saviour as an animation. It’s clearly a live action film and this is what has made fans profusely deny its canonicity. That and it sucks turds.
And point 4, don’t mock fellatio just because you’re not getting any. Some of us do have sex lives, my condolences on the death of yours.

Comment by Amon


lol you dug your own grave with what you wrote there kid, it’s finally nice to see you admitting that your legally retarded. If the movies base their story’s to revolve around the 3D elements(G-Saviour’s Mecha and special effects, Avatar’s Whole world, creatures, Landscape, plant life, and NA’VI)of the film, then the movie is in fact an animation aside from the few characters that are actors(real people) not the “3D/CGI” you seem to hallucinate is real. CGI and 3D Graphics (If they move, Like in “MOVIES”) are classified as animation, that same animation is used for “Special effects.” CGI and 3D graphics are calculations and renderings using 2-D images and animations on a computer, real point being G-Saviour and Avatar cannot exist if there is no animation. I’ll say it easy enough for you to understand, the actors are “REAL” not the “GUNDAMS”.
As for Avatar I’m sure your not very well informed on it or if you even saw it with what you claim is “Avatar”, but then again I’m not a 12 year old living in a fantasy world with my boyfriend where anything I see and want to believe is “Real”. Almost All of Avatar is shot with motion-capture animation, people and props aren’t included aside from the people used for the “Na’vi” or special effects that were created using motion-capture animation. Avatar and G-Saviour are Animation as they are live action, were as your mom telling you they aren’t is as bogus as you outside of a closet.

ANYONE can tell you aside from your mother that avatar is an animation, or maybe all the awards in animation it recieved are a sham and the millions of people that vote for it in Animation awards failed elementary school like you. Finally if you can’t understand after that being explained then there really is no hope for you in this society, at least we won’t have to worry about you reproducing since you don’t seem to be interested in females that much having been mounted by your uncle and boyfriend for so long.

don’t bother defending your bs with more bs because its way too sad to watch you destroy yourself. Troll me if you want but I’m done responding since nothing more can be said to help you on your ignorance in technology and advances in film making.

later kid.

Comment by Kaiser


It’s true that G-Saviour and Avatar are films are considered Live Action/Animation films but the actors play an equal part to the films creation so it can’t be claimed that its either but they are both.

I agree, without Animation none of the many movies out there would even exist like these two.
But please try to keep your comments clean there is no need for insults, other then that I hope you understand that I think we were talking about the Anime Gundam films rather then Igloo or G-Saviour.

let’s all drop this cheer for setsuna in the upcoming film!

Comment by Nameless

from the new trailer, the brave commander type can fire some sort of beam from its two waist binders

Comment by Due

Kaiser : Ad hominem attacks really aren’t valid arguments. That’s why it’s a logical fallacy and not a valid premise.
Now, you really don’t seem to be understanding. I’m sure the linguistic barrier must be quite a burden,waahat with you rather resorting to an inept argument that’s neither here or there and incest accusations. This leads me to believe that you were abused by your uncle. Therapy works wonders for trauma I hear.
Second, live actions films all have GC animation these days. Does this mean they’re animations? No. It means they’re live actions films with CGI generated effects meant to emulate difficult to produce effects as if they were real. G-SAviour is clearly a live action movie because beyond the real actors, all CG is intended to be a reallistic portrayal of sucha mahcine in real life. Your mileage may vary on effectiveness but this is fact. A film is only an animation if entirely produced using techniques built for animation.
Besides, let us be honest here, how can you even determine what is CG or not these days? CG has evolved to apoint where reallistic effects are entirely plausible to the point where you can’t tell they’re CG to begin with. Like Chris Nolan’s latest film, Inception. A city folding over itself is clearly CG but it’s also meant to be reallistic in the context. A movie is only an animation if entirely produced and labelled as such. G-Saviour was marketed as a live action film, which it is. If it were made today with reallistic CGI, would you even say it was an animation of any type? Obviously not. A live action animation hybrid is always explictly labelled as such, like Who Shot Roger Rabbit or Space Jam, movies that have live action actors on scene with animated actors. G-Saviour is clearly not meant as either of these movies and is not classed as an animation by anyone who is sane.

Comment by Amon

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