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Gundam SUPER EXPO TOKYO 2010 photo reports
August 9, 2010, 10:53 pm
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MG Gundam Deathscythe EW  – September, 3,990 yen

MG ReZEL – October, 5,040 yen

HGUC Delta Plus – September, 2,310 yen

HGUC Gouf Custom – November, 1,680 yen

RG MS-06S Zaku II Char Custom

HG Brave (Commander Test Type)


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Hurrah, the Delta Plus is coming! BUT WHY THE HELL NOT MG 1/100!?

Comment by ImpetusVenti

MG Gundam Mk V plz

Comment by Greg

Fuck yeah Gouf Custom! My favorite Gouf variant ever

Comment by Psybuster

Making an MG Delta Plus would require an entirely new frame that could transform and still maintain a good degree of mobility. Considering the Hyaku Shiki, the obvious basis for the Delta Plus, has neither, I’m sure you can imagine the work needed to actually make the frame alone.
The Gouf Custom is pretty damn nice.

Comment by Amon

Gouf Custom? AWESOME. I’ve got the ori 08th MS team HG and it still rocks… cant wait 4d new one though… Delta is abit dull for my liking, but I like the suit itself… Probably the color will grow on me like the Zeta C1… ^^

Comment by plutoniumhunter

I see what i want
RG Char Zaku, Gouf Custom HGUC , HG Sinnaju 😛

Comment by Ereos

sieg zeon!

Comment by oohater

mg rezel frame is not small and the chest is not big like many have claimed.

Comment by oohater

the gouf custom HG is quite a surprise I notice along with the HG Brave

Comment by MaxHD2490

I hope this means Bandai will consider releasing MG Jegan, with modification parts for all variations, even the F91 ones.

Comment by da_guy

Brave – Good
Delta Plus – Great
Gouf – Awesome
ReZel -OH YES! Combine with Z Gundam Parts and ZII is made 😀
Char’s Zaku II – Good. But you can’t resist the Red Comet.

Comment by don't mind me

well i would be glad , no even more if they relesed mk 5 in hg line

Comment by refined77


Comment by Shu

gimme Unicorn Banshee…

Comment by Sei

@ Sei

probably won’t come out until at least one shot of Banshee is shown in trailers I assume…

Comment by greengreen

we want Mark V!

Comment by genkidama


well.. i do hope so… i’ve been saving my money for banshee. 🙂

Comment by Sei

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