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Super Robot Wars OG2 The Inspector
August 9, 2010, 11:03 am
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is Excellen looking better or it just me? Anyway hope the anime can follow the OG2 (OGs2) story closely as possible such as shadow mirrors, Wodan Ymir, the inspectors, and the Enist.

Comment by MaxHD2490

as long as i get my riese im good x)

Comment by Aker

oh my god !!awesome!!!cant wait to see ART-1

Comment by zmil

ugh me hates the drawing of Axel in here D:
i really hope they used the original drawing of him ~

Comment by Kira Yamato

Where, exactly, do you see Axel here?

Comment by TakaTahuNuva

is it from newtype magazine?well,they look different from the game’s…it’s just fine as long they follow the story of OG2 closely as possible(still hoping for all Huckies in action tough…also the battle between shadow mirror’s gespenst mkIII vs Soulgain is shown…)

anyway is it counted as the sequel of the previous SRWOG:Divine Wars?

Comment by costriker

She looked a lot better in the previous batch of pictures…although at least her breasts are normal in this one. -_-

Kyosuke still doesn’t look even remotely like himself. The Alteisen looks nice, though.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Kyosuke! Why in blazes do you look like a emo bishonen!?


Comment by Sgt. NoOb

kyosuke IS an emo bishonen 🙂
but here he looks like a… dunno… more cheerful type…???

Comment by zzz

Miss Excellen always looks excellent.

Comment by LM

“kyosuke IS an emo bishonen”

Only in OGG where the guy writing the script had paper tin knowledge of the characters and the talent of a rock.

Comment by Anonymous

thats more like stripper excellen

Comment by Banjo

More like fugly Excellen.

Thank god the mechs at least look sweet.

Comment by shady123

lets just hope we see Excellen in her Rein Weissritter (hopefully we can see the upgrade part)

Comment by MaxHD2490


Yeah. I just hope this time the anime does the game justice and turns out awesome. After all, 0G2 was hella lot more intense than OG1 and had great scenarios.

Comment by shady123


I think it’s possible that this is a sequel to Divine Wars, even though a different animation studio is making this. So if there will be any references to Divine Wars with flashbacks, it may show footage from it. So this is probably set in the same continuity, and I sure hope it is. The logo is even in the same style.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


….ART-1 is from OG Gaiden.


No, he is not. You are a complete and utter moron.

Comment by aaaaaaa


the only two things that got me thinking is one part with earth cardle path and moon cardle path (hard to choice isn’t it?) and other one… well I rather not rather talk about that one if anyone my guess with Excellen (nothing bad or anything)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Amazing how you guys extrapolated so much about the anime from just one picture, and dismissed it.

Comment by Anonymous

Hey does anyone thinks and wish to see compatible Kaiser in this new SRW anime series

Comment by TransformersFreak


… Fighter Roar is only in OGG.

Comment by Man

Maybe what confused them is the fact that OG 2.5 (the beginning of Gaiden) was in Original Generations.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

what about the R originals? I’m not sure if one of them would appear in OG2 or only in OG gaiden as far I know.

Comment by MaxHD2490

can’t wait to hear Vigagi said when Dygenguard first appearence, “…and what the heck is the title-like I saw earlier!?”

Comment by kagesentai

I hope they will not make it ‘short’ like what they did to OG Divine Wars…(only 18 episodes)

All female characters will have boobs i see,then Ibis..she will?

Comment by afdhal

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