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Animedia and Newtype Magazine (September)
August 12, 2010, 11:15 am
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Star Driver

Macross F ~The False Diva~ Hybrid Pack

Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 “The Red Comet”

Sunrise Festival 2010 (summer)

Super Robot Wars OG2 The Inspector


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unicorn gundams needs your donation

Comment by rgun

What’s that suppose to mean rgun?

Unless you’re talking about people pirating instead of buying it.

Comment by Bob

no offense but that unicorn gundam is really badly drawn…

Comment by greengreen

@ Bob

Unicorn is clearly reaching out for spare change there.

Comment by Anon

GaoGaiGar could own the shiii out of Ideon…just saying.
If I could get a clean version of that Mechanical Power image, that is some serious wallpaper material.

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

wow, SRWOG could use a better caharacter illustrator… Divine Wars’ characters’ drawings is waaaay better…

@greengreen :
agreed, that RX-0 needs some plastic surgery…

Comment by Sei

Unicorn is really bad…

Comment by amuro0093

It’s pretty funny if you look at unicorn because its eye gap is so huge. Its like two HUGE ovals.

Comment by Fully Frontal brah

it’s hands!!!

Comment by Red

No way anyone could own IDEON-IDEON owns ALL

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

Ex-nee still looks pretty eroi to me.

That’s all that matters.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Mmm, YF-25.

What about the YF-24 then? It’s been mentioned in passing and then never heard of again, or was I hallucinating when I saw “YF-24”?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Really Ideon can’t own shit without his cannon or sword,which he can’t even use anytime,and he’s ugly too..

I didn’t saw YF-24,I think the only playable models are the YF/VF-25’s.But shit expensive import is expensive~

Comment by Itamaki

Dude you destroy Ideon you LOSE by default get it? Universe destroyer.

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

Ideon own itself actually XD but I’m not going to say “it can’t own shit without its cannon or sword” it like saying “that thing can’t own shit without its weapon” >_>

Comment by LM

Yes if Ideon is destroyed you are too,that much I know,but Ideon is still destroyed.
And yes I’m saying Ideon can’t do much without its weapons,which he can’t always use,other mechs can fight with their bare fists or just a simple gun and can own an army.
I never liked Ideon,I’m not saying that it is wrong so no worries,I excuse myself If I attacked someone. 😛

Comment by Itamaki

I’m assuming you’re simply ignoring Ideon’s hundreds of missiles, and that due to its massive size its punches and kicks are outrageously devastating.

Comment by Anon

Itmaki-No need to apologize bro-you were just expressing your opinion and so was I-I usually hear BS about Guren lagann being the strongest just because of its size while everyone ignores ideon.

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

whats ideon???
it looks like a pimped up GM
wait more like a ultra magnus + GM

Sinnaju looks awesome

Comment by Ereos

Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to get everyone so riled up. Clearly Ideon is the most powerful mecha probably ever, what with its ability to restart the universe or whatever the heck it did…but in a one on one fight, barring any universe reset button shenanigans, I’d put my money on the power of COURAGE! lol discuss.

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

Ideon can’t even destroy the universe anyway; “just” the galaxy. The fact it explodes when destroyed shouldn’t really count as an example of its battle prowess.

Comment by Anon


If your looking for a mecha anime to ruin your afternoon this is the one. Its kinda a must watch for mecha fans.

I wana put Gurren Lagann up against. Since Both seem to run on infinite power sources. Banpresto make it happen.

Comment by shonuff

@ Anon
Whoa! I had no idea Ideon “just” resets the galaxy! That’s still pretty crazy, but I guess, in theory, mankind COULD have survived…maybe there’s some stock to what I’ve heard theorized about all Tomino’s anime storylines being part of the same “universe.” Maybe when Ideon reset-buttons (1 continue) the galaxy, it starts the galaxy down the path that would eventually lead to Gundam 00 (after UC, AW, AC, FC, CC [AND all the super robot shows like Daitarn, Daimos, Raideen, etc.) and it’s “happier version” of all humanity coming together in complete understanding (nudity, if the whole “quantization” thing is to be believed).

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

Im more of a “Nirvash” fan anyway I love LFO’s(Eureka 7)

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

@ Sgt. NoOb
YF 24 was at least “mentioned” in Frontier. However, YF 25 could be a retcon.

Comment by setsuna0520

Wow, Star Driver is looking awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

setsuna0520 : The YF-25 is not a retcon of the YF-24. The YF-24 was the base model from which the VF-25 and VF-27 were developed from. The YF-25 is the prototype for the actual VF-25 production model.
The YF-24 does appear during a shot in Frontier as a blueprint and is quite different from either production machine.

Comment by Amon


How are you even at this blog to begin with?

Comment by aaaaaaa


Any clue as to which episode? Just asking.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Thank You. That helps things make sense.

Comment by setsuna0520

Episode 15 apparently.

Comment by Amon

YEAH!!! GaoGaiGar 4ever!!!

Comment by kojin

Where can i download this?

Comment by EwaN

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