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August 15, 2010, 10:11 am
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Super Robot Wars OG2 The Inspector debut trailer will be on displays at C3 x Hobby 2010. 28th – 29th August, 2010.


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Angeleg… you have my pity. I’m sorry.

Comment by iflameu

About time. I am dying for the trailer.

Comment by Rebirth

Where can I find a history on the SRW universe? And are the people making this anime keeping any kind continuity between the games, the OVA and the first series?

Comment by Bob

You looks fabulous Angelg, the guy who make you must be another kind of pervert like the one who make Fairlion so no complain for me.

Comment by LM

My favorite site for the originals stuff.You can also play OG1&2 on gba.
Then you’re better off watching the animes for non originals,almost all of them are epic and classics anyway.And about the continuity we won’t know for sure until it starts airing I guess.

Comment by Rockmanshii

Lmfao… At least, Alt Eisen and Weisritter looks awesome. Same with Daizengar. Lets just hope for the best.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Anyone care to explain why Angelg is so erected.

What the fuck.

Comment by shady123

She one horny robot xD
its like some next step to hentai xD
Yeah been wondering why she got ROCKET boobs like she going to do like a rocket missles they have from them side mechs in mazinger

Comment by Ereos

Cool boobs, bro.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

thats what OG stuff all about, fan service~

Comment by Banjo


Comment by irvin

i bet ryuusei would be drooling over angelg hehehe

Comment by Mark

i can’t imagine how Valsione will look like if they are going to make Angelg like that…

Comment by afdhal

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