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A.C.E.:R released?
August 17, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Here are some new images from 2ch.

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Very cool 🙂

Comment by daizengar

This is not the first time this has happened. You should know by now that some shops get their stock before the release date and sometimes like to release the pre-orders of some customers early.

And it’s only two days to the official release date in Japan. I hope you do account for time zone differences as well.

Comment by Anonymous

wha?? is it out already?
anyone know is this game has an Asian ver?
Japanese ver is too expensive for me.. >.<

Comment by MaftyNavue

Copy Pasta translation from /m/:
PS3’s initial motion controller can be used during Chase sequences.

You can use your custom music as long as it’s 128 AAC or Mp3.
You can also assign BGMs based on the situation (Normal, Boss, Chase, etc.)

P.S. PlayAsia just charged my bank account so my confirmed copy will be on it’s way soon, if I’m lucky, I hope I’ll be getting it on the 19th (US time zones)

Comment by Tripfag Truong

Better get my copy asap…

Comment by ed

Still debating if I should get this… :/

Comment by GlemtVapen

Now that that’s FINALLY out of the way… OG3 or Z2 announcement pls.

Comment by aaaaaaa

Yessssss! But you probably have to wait until TGS.

Comment by LM

I would prefer Z2!


Comment by Axello

Yeah custom bgm!!! OMG!!

Comment by amuro0093

oh! man I want it!!!!

Comment by zmil

No way man, OG3 is a way better move than a Z2. Remember how crappy the originals were in Z. Although I would prefer an all new SRW title over OG3.

Comment by daizengar

@Daizengar, You’re right!
Originals are always crappy, so give my my Z2!

Comment by amuro0093

When is this TGS thing gonna happen anyway ?

Comment by BerserkerMecha

Wow,It’s like the third PS3 game I see that uses motion control,interesting,and amazing move that we can add bgms.

Comment by Itamaki

Around mid Sep.

Agreed, now give me Z2 or whatever that’s non-OG.

Comment by LM

its not worth that price, yet I did order one because I want some code geass action, tie for normal ps srw, no bouncing OG crap!

Comment by Banjo

can you assign music on a unit by unit basis? If so ultramegawin

Comment by GengarZombolt

What’s up with those Bonta-kun screenshots? Some sort of skit about it?

Comment by SP

Live feed:

Comment by Anonymous

whats this red suit that appears on the hangar on some pictures?, i dont remember seeing him before

Comment by katsumotto

That’s a Queadluun-Rea. It’s a Macross mecha piloted by a full-size Zentradi/Meltrandi – in this case, Klan Klan.

Comment by SP

wtf, so many macross playable mechas…., i hope theres more playables from other series aside the announced ones…

Comment by katsumotto

I use to get mine early back in the day, until my guy left the store. Meh, I’m still waiting.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Another live feed :

Comment by Setsuna Yuki

can someone put iso links couldn’t find it

Comment by Maichel

The Queadluun Rea is the only Macross mech that’s not a Messiah… oh, well, probably the Nightmare Plus as well.

…Iso? Uh, no… How are you supposed to burn a PS3 game? Also, that’s bad, m’kay?

Comment by SP


LOL, you sure doesnt know whats it is about right?, iso…….

Comment by katsumotto


yeah just saw the roster in wiki, thats when i saw there were so much macross playable units X_X, i hope there are lots of non announced mecha in it

Comment by katsumotto

Argh, I wonder what Yes Asia is doing with my order?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

ah crap. Some intermissions aren’t voiced. I’m gonna miss out on some of the story. At least we can use custom songs.

Comment by 00unicorn

So no multiplayer

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I’m more hoping for a SRW OG fighting game more than anything. XD

Comment by Rebirth


and im hoping you are wrong.
srw is srw, not a fighting game=p

Comment by katsumottojp

lol good luck finding and downloading 50gb file for nothing

Comment by amuro0093

lolwut Kuriboh token card.

Comment by ed


(Correction, by fighting, I meant something like Gundam Vs. Gundam)
And I am hoping I am right. I’d like an action SRW once in a while. If anything, ACE: R just paved the way for one. xb

Comment by Rebirth

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