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A.C.E.:R Hi-Nu gundam confirmed
August 21, 2010, 12:02 pm
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Full mecha lists:

– Overman King Gainer –
King Gainer

– Gundam SEED Destiny –
Destiny Gundam
Strike Freedom Gundam
Infinite Justice Gundam

– Crossbone Gundam –
Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai
Crossbone Gundam X3
Crossbone Gundam X1
Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth

– Zeta Gundam –
Zeta Gundam
Hyaku shiki
Zeta Unit 3 White Unicorn custom

– Chars Counter Attack –
Nu Gundam
Hi-Nu Gundam

– Code Geass R2 –
Guren Aerial-Type
Akatsuki Command Model C.C. Custom
Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements
Gurren Nishiki
Lancelot Conquista
Lancelot Albion
Lancelot Air Cavalry
Lancelot Frontier

– Genesis of Aquarion –
Solar Aquarion
Aquarion Mars
Aquarion Luna

– Orguss –
Orguss II

– Full Metal Panic! –
ARX-7 Arbalest
M9 (Mao)
M9 (Kurtz)
M9 (Sousuke)

– Macross 0 –
VF-0A Phoenix

– Macross Frontier –
VF-25F (Alto Saotome)
VF-25S (Ozma Lee)
VF-25G (Mikhail Blanc)
RVF-25 (Luca Angelloni)
Queadluun-Rea Klan Custom
VF-25F Super Pack (Alto Saotome)
VF-25S Super Pack (Ozma Lee)
VF-25G Super Pack (Mikhail “Michel” Blanc)
RVF-25 Super Pack (Luca Angelloni)
VF-25F Armored Pack (Alto Saotome)
VF-25S Armored Pack (Ozma Lee)
Armored Klan
Konig Monster

– SRW OG –
Alt Eisen Riese

– A.C.E. Original –

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What the? Hi-Nu Gundam? ^o^

Comment by judo0054

Perhaps every series has it’s own secret unit like the hi-v and the Xan?
….or not orz

Comment by ed

About damn time. I’ve been hoping for that for a while. Now Amuro has both Zeta and Hi Nu.

Comment by 00unicorn

who knows, maybe CC’s Lancelot is there too LOL!

Comment by Ryuu

I new they would put secret units in this one, and I had a feeling about Hi-Neo from the start. Now i just hope we get SRX or Diazengar for the OG units.

Comment by daizengar

Just like my prediction since it would be lame if Amuro stuck with nu Gundam for 4th times, hope there will be more secrets

Comment by Yami

if there’s one mech I want there now it’s the Gawain… O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

but nonetheless… FINALLY… XD The Hi-Nu!!! XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

Whaaaat!? Even Klan-Klan is playable? Cool!

Also, Hi-Nu is awesome but I dislike the way their position its funnel of this redesign Hi-Nu so much it doesn’t looks cool at all.

Comment by K'

9 ball Seraph was in as well, though no idea whether it is playable or not

Comment by Yami

heres the bad news.

Need to repeat the storyline again and again.

I still need to go thru the game 5 more times to ulock Hi-Nu X(

Comment by mlmonster

@Nami Lolwad.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Damn, I mean YAMI. Really need to go slower there…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

God Damit Hi-Nu Gundam
Let’s kick some ass other Mech SH!T Super Robot

Comment by timesyndicate


What’s the requirement to unlock Hi nu?

Comment by amuro0093


Comment by Elozth


From the latest info, Complete story mode 10 times

1 Locked unit gets unlocked after completing story mode once.

1. Nu Gundam
2. M9 (Sousuke)
3. Konig Monster
4. Guren Nishiki

Comment by mlmonster

where did you get this info?

Comment by katsumotto


where did you get this info?

Comment by katsumotto

The Hi-Nu infos from 2channel.

The list is the ones I’ve unlocked atm.

Comment by mlmonster

nice, any news about crossbones slots?, ive heard they are x1 simple version(but there wasnt 2 crossbone secret slots?)

Comment by katsumotto

Yeah Crossbone has 2 secret slots

So far I haven’t unlock either 2 of em although I know one of them is the normal X1, hopefully the another one is Full Cross ;P

Comment by mlmonster

yup, im hoping the last one to be either x1 FC or x2 with zabine ;D

Comment by katsumotto

WTH!? Klan? O_O didn’t notice that earlier… O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

So if Amuro gets Hi-Nu, does Char get Sazabi and Nightengale? Seems like it would only be fair…

Yes! X2 would be incredible. Then there would be the inevitable – “Zaaaaabiiiiiiiiiiiiine!” “Kincaiiiiiiiiiiide!”

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna


CCA’s secret slot has only 2
1 for Nu, the other for Hi-Nu

Unless theres a DLC for this, theres unlikely anymore secrets for CCA

Any more questions about the game?

Comment by mlmonster


yes, can you speed up my shipping?:( i wanna play
haha, joking =p, so, everyone is saying the game is hard, what difficult are you playing?, did you get used to this difficult?

Comment by katsumotto


*Newtype Flash*
It’s coming! 😀

I’m playing Easy, Although the game say people familiar with the series should choose Normal, I’ll advise everyone to play Easy first cos its a killer.
Currently 5th round now and I think i’ll finally move on to Normal for the next round.

I’m quite shocked with how sophisticated the controls are. Totally different from ACE2 and 3.
Got the Game Over at the 2nd stage quite a number of time.
Its advisable to disable the Auto Lock system cos it’ll be annoying when you want to take down enemy ship.

Oh yeah C.C.’s Lancelot isn’t a secret mech, but can be obtained during the story mode.

Comment by mlmonster

Is it true there also Nineball Seraph in ACE R?

Comment by epsilon_013

whata, cc lancelot is one of the slots?
there were 3 mecha slots from earlier picture right, so one of them is CC’s lancelot, the other one is lancelot s1?

Comment by katsumotto

to epsilon_013,

Yes. Check “media website.” It’s already there.

Comment by judo0054


Nineball Seraph(Red) and its mass produced version(Black) appears as an Enemy Boss Unit in the Final Stage, just before fighting the final boss. It appears after going through the story mode twice and during my third round.


Yep one of them is C.C.’s Lancelot Frontier, unlocked around the same time with Albion and Guren Seiten, the other 2 is Season 1’s Lancelot Normal version and Air Calvary version

Comment by mlmonster

are you kidding right…., so many nice suits to unlock….(for downgrades, theres gawain!!!) and they just give us lancelot crap version 1 and 2?,no way!, i have high expectations to DLC then…

Comment by katsumotto

Okay I am officially getting this game now, now that Hi-Nu is in it. This game is region free right? I hope so because I will preorder this baby right away

Comment by Happyboy

Any news on SRX????

Comment by daizengar


Comment by x

Nineball’s appearance:

Comment by hiroy_raind

THANK GOD theres no srx….., enough super robots, aquarion is buggy enough already, and srx isnt the kind of agile robot, he would be instantly pwned every beginning of any stage

Comment by katsumotto

Where’s the code geass story? it’s the final battle as a stage? where lelouch and suzaku perform the zero requiem? pls somebody who has beaten the game answer me! and this game has vs mode like the others?

Comment by x

Macross Quarter is also playable the game.
99k HP XD

Comment by hiroy_raind

I want to play that stage where the albion beats the crap of the knights of rounds! aggg! or at least seen a video!! OMG WHERE’S THE ALBION!

Comment by x


youre trolling right…, 99khp lol,

Comment by katsumotto

Code Geass story
The story is right after the 1 million 11s escape into Chinese Federation, kidnapping Tenshi. Right after fighting Shinku, Black hole appears and sucks Zero, C.C., Karen, Shinku, Suzaku, Gino, Anya, Luciano(that Knight of Ten guy ho was somehow posted there earlier) along with Alvaron with that 2 mechanics of Lancelot.

Although Knight of Ten dies in the game, There isn’t any Zero Requim or anything that happens in the show. Ending is basically them returning back to the spot where they disappeared.

Comment by mlmonster

see for yourself.

Comment by hiroy_raind

damn…. so you have to unlock the lancelot albion? you can play with him in the entire game? then lelouch never changes to his emperor outfit and suzaku never became knight of zero? how can you play the albion then?

Comment by x

is there a vs mode at least? oh man… what a dissapoiting for a story… I thought it would be like previous games where the story was exactly the same as the she show. Hope that the sequel will have code geass characters and will follow the r2 story. Damn… I really wanted to play the albion stages..

Comment by x


Albion and Seiten 8 gets unlocked during the middle to ending of the story. It just appears in the selection screen, no event or anything.

And there isn’t any VS mode. Just story mode, and a few extra missions that isn’t related to the story.

Only appearing title that finishes their own story within the game is Macross Frontier.

Comment by mlmonster

damn… what a crappy game… no vs? no faithfull story? no coop? hmmm better I’ll wait for the sequel, this one wasn’t so good as I tought. The best of the ace series was the vs setting and the posibillity to recreate the series fights in story mode but this one is just like meehhh.. sure I love the lancelot albion but paying so much just to play for my favorite character just in random missions and without human opponents is to much. I hope the sequel gets better like ACE 3 did, wow… what an amazing game.

Comment by x

Faithful story? From Banpresto? The whole point is that the story only continues if it doesn’t mess with awesome characters doing awesome things. And who actually has any ACE playing friends with play vs with? Plus, it was totally unbalanced.

Comment by SP

You do realize that you do all the story fights one way or another, just like in the ACE games.

And it looks like the only reason it doesn’t have MP is so the units can be outrageously awesome and true to the show without being 100% busted in MP.

Comment by Nerem

I love this game !!!!

Comment by Visho Gund

You don’t have any friends? uggg what a pathethic Life..
btw didn’t you know? the last unlock was ANOTHER LANCELOT! now there are 4 lancelots in the game that shows you how lazy the people who made this game are.
Doesn’t matter if ace 3 was unbalanced, it was way more balanced than the gundam vs gundam and gundam vs gundam next in 1v1 and that made the game incredible fun if you play without broken units.

Comment by x

Multiplayer would actually be a hinderance.Anyone who wants it is dumb.

Comment by Greg

X-1 Full Cloth confirmed.

Comment by annon


Comment by Greg

Not any that are interested in playing with my robot games. Especially when they can’t read them. I get funny looks for that.

Comment by SP

I was kind of hoping the White Glint would’ve made it in but seeing the 9-Ball Seraph is okay. CBX1 Full Cloth made it in, awesome. But still no Laevatein.

It pisses me off the VF-0S made it in but no Roy Focker?

Comment by GlemtVapen

now we even got X-1 Full Cloth… O_O X__X damn and no Gawain… T___T

Comment by JustPassingThru

5 lancelots! HELL YEAH!

Comment by x

So does the original get an upgrade??

Comment by daizengar

I’m most interested in watching Klan Klan’s gigantic ass flying around the battlefield than Hi-Nu.

Comment by aaaaaaa

No Sazabi or Crossbone X2 is fucking fail. Way to drop the ball here.

Comment by Amon

i quite laughed in this Bonta-Kun’s Debut in ACER

if only i could understand what they are talking about i think Zero of Code Geass just wonder what is that thing >:)

Comment by Kira Yamato

Any news on boss units?

Comment by Greg

Buy now or hope for a HK edition with English subtitles?

Comment by Bob

judo0054 ,mlmonster,hiroy_raind:
Thanks for you all. Man, i love the OB sound from armored core

Comment by epsilon_013

Yeah, there’s never going to be an English-subtitled version, much like there has never been one for any of the previous games.

Comment by SP

to epsilon_013,

No problem. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

I heard that Nine Ball Seraph is confirmed to be playable in the extra missions

Comment by Yami

Is there any gameplay vid of Hi-Nu out there yet?

Comment by K


Hey, man, just because we want Vs. mode to make the game last longer doesn’t mean we’re dumb, if it had Vs., I would’ve gotten it. But now I won’t.
(I just dont see enough replay value in there)

Comment by HeatPhoenix

@ HeatPhoenix

Agreed. I want to play the game as it is but I wouldn’t have a problem if there was a co-op or vs mode added in even if it wasn’t very good.

I’m kinda hoping that Sazabi and Super Gundam are still to be unlocked but from the sounds of things I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Comment by Eonchao

Isn’t the replay value in just replaying the game?Is tacked on multiplayer mode really that important?

Comment by Greg

“if only i could understand what they are talking about i think Zero of Code Geass just wonder what is that thing >:)

to Kira Yamato,

Maybe you have already know their conversation, but I will try to translate:

The sneaking mission will contain 2 phases, Phase 1 is “a unit” is sneaking the base (only happen on an event), and Phase 2 is infiltrate it with a given time limit.

Phase 1 begins with Bontakun (pilot = Sagara Sousuke) that makes enemies confused. He “strikes” them down. and the “sneaking mission is success.” Superior officer Melissa Mao’s unit and Sergeant Kruz Weber’ unit arrived with unbelivable from Kruz that the defense line is “off” by “the mouse.” Mao tells Kruz that Bontakun is “the mouse.”

Later, Zero arrive with a question “what is that?” Your characters see him “cute” and Tsugumi and Sheria wants to “hold him.” Autumn Four seems “speechless” since she is an android and want to know “herself.” She “feels heartbeat” and Rina try to “explained” her about it. Zero told Captain Testarossa that he is surprised that she has a “unique unit,” but she also surprised. Later, they moved on into Phase 2.

That’s all from me. Sorry if there are many mistakes words or meaning. I hope this helps you. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

“The sneaking mission will contain 2 phases, Phase 1 is “a unit” is sneaking the base (only happen on an event I guess),” not “The sneaking mission will contain 2 phases, Phase 1 is “a unit” is sneaking the base (only happen on an event).” Sorry.

Comment by judo0054

Damn,still haven’t ordered it,Germany importing is friggin crazy..and I’m not sure anymore,so what I want to ask is,if there is some kind of review out for the game?

Comment by Itamaki

Hahahah love bonta-kun debut
couldnt help laugh when i herd lelouch going Wtf is that?

it be more awesome if it came in english it is too epic
they can manage to have GUNDAM MOUSOU in us and uk fuck why not for a change with this especially when this is so epic ima give it half a year if it dont come in US at least ima order one

Comment by Ereos

If I recall correctly, Famitsu gave it 9/8/9/7.

Sorry, but robot cross over games and the west just don’t mix. It’s not going to happen.

Comment by Datie

Gundam Musou is helped by the Gundam franchise being controlled by a single owner. ACE:R has problems in that mecha is a smaller genre in the US. Most people with a casual interest in mecha probably won’t recognise half the cast – especially when Macross is barred from getting releases in the states, thanks to Harmony Gold and Robotech. Surprisingly, the only other series in the game without an American release is Crossbone Gundam. But, yeah, you can wait your half a year – you aren’t going to see it’s release.

Comment by SP

i wonder when will the OST will be release ==,

Comment by Kira Yamato

Thank goodness Amuro’s White Unicorn Zeta and Hi-Nu are available here. It seems to offset the disappointing news of a PG SF

Comment by YUP

wow great!

Comment by melisa

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