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August 23, 2010, 11:44 am
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Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G

Robot Damashii <Side MS> Gundam RX-78-2 – November, 3,675 yen

MG Gundam Deathscythe EW – September, 3,990 yen

HGUC Sinanju – October, 2,730 yen

HGUC Delta Plus – October, 2,310 yen



PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam

HG 1/144 Raphael Gundam – September, 2,100 yen

HG 1/144 Gundam Harute – September, 1,890 yen

HG 1/144 Brave – November, 1,680 yen

HG 1/144 Brave (Commander Test Type) – November, 1,680 yen

Special parts for HG 1/144 00 Qan[T]. Come with Hobby Japan February 2011 (on sale December 25th 2010).


00 Qan[T] Full Saber

Soul of Chogokin Daltanius

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Seems like the PG Strike Freedom is in it’s Hajime Katoki Version. But still….WTF??

Comment by don't mind me

Another great addition for PG Lineup, i wanted Infinite Justice PG though i don’t think it will happen.

Comment by Yami

This year could not have been any better to me. The choice for my My first PG is now very clear. =)

Comment by EXkurogane

And here I thought that the Quant was perfectly minimalist looking =-=
Need to stop ruining that whole series with too many swords…

Comment by ed

PG Strike Freedom… well, i agreed with Don’t Mind up there, so is will say… WTF ??

i do hope to hear about MG Banshee… damn it’s taking too long…

Comment by Sei

I can’t tell what is so PG about it other than being 1/60. Katoki proportions are horrible now days.

Comment by da_guy

Seriously i hope it ‘s Bee-craft instead of Katoki. He’s way too influenced by his recent work in Unicorn – SF’s legs look longer and fatter, exactly like Unicorn’s proportions.

I am actually surprised majority are expected PG Unicorn. We had 2 MG Unicorns this year and a GFFN FA Unicprn coming up, PG Unicorn for this year is simply IMPOSSIBLE. I guessed the Nu and Strike Freedom before this was announced.

Comment by EXkurogane

Katoki loves him some long legs. 😀

Comment by iflameu

What the!? Is that a Endless Waltz remade with ver Kas? DO WANT.

Comment by guarayakha

remark of endless waltz ? rather than that why they didn’t make story 3 years after this events looks like this is impossible to do

Comment by cosompcam


It’s a manga series based on the movie, but I think they’ll be using Katoki designs instead. (I think that’s the only thing pushing it out there…)

It’s gonna start ‘next volume’ apparently.
(Might not be 100% correct lol)

Here’s waiting for Bandai to release Katoki MG’s for all five of the EW gundams…

Comment by greengreen

But does that mean Wing is just Wing and not Wing Zero?

Comment by K


dang, you beat me to it, getting the 1st pg. i was expecting to get a pg as well thinking since its a 30th anni, so was expecting a UC pg. not unicorn of course but something like pg rx-78 ver 2.0 or zaku or nu…

Comment by oohater


well, its been a few long years since the last UC pg was released. so it would be nice to have one for now. and which UC ms most people would like for a pg treatment other than unicorn?

Comment by oohater

God Gundam Deserves a PG more than fracking Strike freedom Even shining i would love a pg shining

Comment by VenomGundam

“and which UC ms most people would like for a pg treatment other than unicorn?”
PG Sazabi… it would be dammmmmmn expensive tho.

Comment by K'

a PG Nu Gundam AND Sazabi are both long overdue -_-…. They should also introduce some notable grunt units to PG, cuz Zaku looks abit lonely atm…

Comment by greengreen


I’ve never guessed PG Unicorn will be the next PG. My guesses back then were Nu and Strike Freedom. I was surprisedmyseld SF got the treatment, cuz’i was expecting Nu since, like you said, no UC PGs so far in the last few years…

Comment by EXkurogane

PG Strike Freedom finally!

not suprised, in gundam ace Strike Freedom always number 1 (favorite mecha polling)

maybe after this PG Unicorn…

Comment by Subject E-75

why the Strike Freedom sod that
a PG grunt unit would be so much nicer
hmmmm i actually might consider the new GN Buster sword only for that extra addon that allows another shield to be attached 😛 dual GN Shields with bit funnels will give it GW effect 😛
i wish they would consider releasing(Gundam X) Bertigo such a cool mech i reckon i dont care for HG or MG either be nice

Comment by Ereos

@Subject E-75
Didn’t the latest poll that happen is like few years ago even before 00 Gundam?

Comment by K'


it is Strike Freedom “GOD” Gundam

Comment by KING KIRA

Probably the most disappointing news in Gunpla this year is the PG SF. I was definitely wishing for a PG Nu, I would’ve instantly pre-ordered it when it became available. It would also have been a nice way to end the G30th Anniversary with Amuro’s final suit (compliments the RG RX-78 release nicely).

Comment by Angryboy

I’m also dissapointed that the Strike Freedom was chosen as the next PG. Considering the 30th anniversary, the PG should have been an MS from the the First Gundam series, or at least UC related. Gundam Seed Destiny is certainly not one of the best Gundam series out there.

On the other hand, I’m hoping to see more of Gundam Wing’s Ver. Ka model kits now that the new Wing novel is underway. We have had Wing’s Ver. Ka version for a while now and Deathscythe’s will be out soon enough.

Comment by Durandal

So the new Wing Manga will be just retelling of the TV series only with Ver. Ka MS. Great love to see the Tallgeese and Epyon Ver ka style.

Comment by heatnix18

Years ago on GameFAQS, I had an idea and posted on their boards that they should do a Gundam Wing movie trilogy but using the Katoki designs. At least they’re doing the manga version. Hopefully they’ll do an animated production of this. I know this is old, but is it me or does the 00 Qan(T) look like Exia 1.5?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

OH wow……ANOTHER 00 Riser…..

Comment by ed

So wait is there going to be an Endless Waltz remake or what?

Comment by Kur

I heard it going to be a manga.

Comment by K'

So Qan[T] gets ANOTHER giant sword? I guess that’s the logical conclusion if one consider 00 Seven Sword.

Holy crap RX-78-3 got an upgrade. Sweet.

Comment by TRANS-AM Burst

At least PG Strike Freedom opens up possibilities of a MG Nu Gundam 2.0 this year. This will be very hard to come true if the next PG was Nu.

Comment by heatnix18

The Forever Gundam better display some serious superior firepower, because it reminds me of Full Armor 0 Gundam for a reason, and we all know damn well how Full Armor 0 went over with the fandom…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

The Forever Gundam it just a normal RX-78-2 just + Armor Pack with 4 cannon from Freedom it look just like it

Comment by timesyndicate

“The Forever Gundam it just a normal RX-78-2 just + Armor Pack with 4 cannon from F91 Twin VSBR”

Fixed it for ya

Comment by xalrons

since the once shown on the endless waltz teaser are the first gundam done katoki style, i’m guessing that we might also be seeing an epyon gundam ver. ka. soon.

Comment by flamerounin

They shouldn’t have feature the Hi-Nu in the anime, which makes the Forever Gundam look like a piece of CHEAP FAGGOTRY. They must have forgot that Okawara’s designs are totally obsolete in today’s design trend. Even the NT-4 is a better design that this crap!

Raphael Gundam might as well change its name to BUTTHEAD Gundam for it’s sake because it really has a BUTT riding over its head. So that would make Zabaniya BEAVIS huh?

Comment by Yippeekikay

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