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SRW OG2 The Inspector: SRX team
August 24, 2010, 12:35 am
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lol what the..

Comment by Banjo

*Gundam alert sound* Incoming bashing!!Incoming bashing!!!

Comment by Rockmanshii

Ryuske’s eyes make him look completely different, and the female pilots boobs got even bigger? Thought she was one of the more moderate ones…

Comment by White

The female SRX uniform is, to this day, one of the stupidest uniforms I’ve ever seen.

Comment by darkslime


Comment by chi

lol if that’s what Aya looks like I cant wait to see Seolla

Comment by anon

Just when my prayers had been answered for a new SRW OG anime… this happens. originally (the first anime) the character designs and art was ace but the mecha animation was so so… now…. WHAT IS THIS!? My beloved SRX team. I am so dissapointed. But I will watch anyway *sigh*

Comment by Kurz

LOOOL at Ryusei eyes!

Comment by Edo-kun

So not only did they succeed in making Kyosuke and Axel look completely nothing like themselves, they somehow even managed to misdraw Ryuusei of all people. This is getting better and better.

Also, it is nice to see that Banpresto’s proud tradition of dressing female characters into some of the most impractical garments imaginable proudly continues… *slams head into desk*

Comment by Tom Phoenix

This is going to be hilariously bad.
But hey, at least the girls look nice.

Comment by Rayearth

One can only hope the style improves by the time of the anime.

And Aya is indeed one of the moderate girls normally… but here she looks as if he could rival Lamia and Seolla (canon) and possibly Selena (@3)

The more I see things about this, the lower my expectations get.

Hype level as of now: non-existent.

Comment by Duran

What the hell did they do to Ryusi’s face, and what’s up with those tits T___T

Comment by daizengar

i guess they were tryin to imply some sort of space effect on ryuusei eyes
hah imagine lamia bewbs be like if aya is like that
character art looking terrid for this series :S
but the mechs look amazing

Comment by Ereos

Somewhere between Divine Wars and this Aya’s tits grew a few.

Comment by Anonymous

Argh, those faces. Who’s the character designer again?

Comment by Anonymous

WTF!!!! bad, bad, bad.

Comment by Nessi

Somewhere between Divine Wars and Inspector Aya’s tits grew a few.

Comment by Anonymous

ditto on the character designer question

Comment by MaxHD2490

Oh no…


What have they done to their faces!? Especially Ryusei’s!? Wow, I can’t believe this, they ruined the design of the other characters shown before, but the SRX team too!? Well, I guess they were no exception, but Ryusei doesn’t look like himself anymore. The only thing that can make me feel that they are the characters we know are the voice actors. Only they can save them. But I can’t believe we’ll have to stick with this horrid art style in the anime. Divine Wars’ art style was much more true to the game ones.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

aya’s body is all wrong not just the boobs got bigger.. their eyes are different, the nose is too long, rai’s face normally long so he looks ok here but the others are so bad..

Comment by Banjo

Wow. What a bunch of whiners, lol.

“The anime is gonna suck cuz the art style is a little different! D: WHY!”

At least wait for a trailer (or better yet an episode) before you judge the anime.

Comment by Mentok_The_Mindtaker

Could look good animated. Example: Zelda Wind Waker

Either way don’t really care since Ryusei sucks.

Comment by Anonymous

@Mentok:My thoughts exactly.

Comment by Rockmanshii

Good to see that there are at least a few guys who will actually wait for real animation before they judge the whole anime.I myself don’t like the art much,but it doesn’t have to mean that the whole series is going to be shit.

Comment by Itamaki

From how it looks, the person that drew up those models is Masami Obari. Which is actually GOOD NEWS if he has any involvement in the animation for the characters or mecha. This means they -care-. Also I’m fine with how everyone looks different from their rather outdated models. At least Ryuusei looks less like Makunouchi Ippo now.

Comment by Nosmir

[…] August 23, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in animation, namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment Over here you can check a scan showcasing the SRX team designs for the Super Robot Wars OG – […]

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I’m not judging the anime now, i’m just criticizing the character art here

Comment by chi

Look like aya boob get boster… Hmm nice.. πŸ˜€

Comment by Shu

The guy who drew the redesigns for the SRX team is Hamasaki Ken’ichi.

He re-drew Axel and Bullet which were shown a awhile back.

Comment by Kraker2k

They just massacred Ryuusei. Good lord.

Comment by ImpetusVenti

Look on the bright side. Ryusie now looks more mature.

Rai, at least, is still an Ice Cool Bishonen no matter how he’s drawn.

Comment by iflameu

Wow. When did Aya get a boobjob?

In other news, the style reminds me of Angel Blade and the anime Viper GTS. Google it πŸ˜‰

Comment by GlemtVapen

@GlemtVapen: Same character designer.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

oh ! man Ryusei!! cant wait!!! variable formation!!!SUPER ROBOT X!!!

Comment by zmil

maybe Aya had a second growth spurt? or maybe this is YET ANOTHER different dimension. like how OG1 and Divine Wars didn’t quite mix right.

Comment by anonymous

Ryusei… eyes creep me out. It’s like cute big eyes on someone whos suppose to be hotblooded… Was this on purpose to focus more on Kyosuke lol.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

HELL YES. AYA – your BOOBS ARE LARGER πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
does that mean we get Latooni and Shine and Mai large boob time too?

Comment by Aldotsk

I think Ryuusei’s eyes look weird because of the distance (as in the camera is not close enough to his face). But anyway, I want a freaking trailer now!

Comment by Ruu

Agreed with the sane people; too many whiners posting in the blog. xD

What is this? A manga? No, it’s Anime. Watch the damn preview in 5 days before you judge.

Ryusei looks like a very young Andrew Bartfeld. But, then again, who cares about Ryusei? Kyosuke for the win. ^_^

Comment by Rebirth

Well that explains it. Obari is directing the whole thing so its no wonder he brought the Angel Blade character designer from his studio.

Now I’m afraid I’ll get horny just by watching it. >_>;

Comment by GlemtVapen

i wonder how good the anime will be if the character is pretty terrible already.

Comment by Yami

If they would like to re-make Ryusei, they might as well reduce his age. It would complement Ryu being an mecha-otaku & they should change his character as a hot-blooded, optimistic-types. The anime made him depressed adult who gets scared surrounded by enemy mechs (see ep.1 SRWOG anime)

Comment by Zynk Oxhyde

nobody’s commented that the male uniform’s suit ended on their belly button?

Comment by hiroy_raind

Ryuusei’s sweater and Rai’s shirt seems to dissapear into nothing after their uniform coat ends…

(or they just tucked it in tight ….)

Comment by greengreen

Look, I’m not complaining. All I’m just saying is how different the characters look. Fine, if the art style was viewed on it’s own, then it’s actually good, but I’m just disappointed that they don’t look like themselves. However, I won’t let something like that ruin my excitement for the anime and my enjoyment of it when I watch it. And of course, the characters still look good, and it will be better when they’re animated. I can’t forget the awesomely animated mecha battles that we’ll probably get too! Bring on SRW OG2 The Inspector! πŸ˜€

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Exactly, Kamen. This is about awesome animated mech battles. The pilots can be stick figures for all we care. >=)

Comment by Rebirth

Hopefully Banpresto wises up and fires everyone responsible for this and redoes the entire thing before it’s too late. But that’s not likely.

Comment by KingLazerman

If Obari is involved, I can forgive the Ryusei visage assassination. I’ll take Gravion’s creator any day over what we had for Divine Wars…hopefully there’s a larger budget than what he had for Gravion though. He also designed the most recent version of Compatible Kaiser (I think), so hopefully we will get to see it. He made Mai Shiranui’s fanservice legendary back in the early 90’s

Comment by Anon

I am ok with this art if they keep kusuha out of it, she is well drawn back there ^^

Comment by Banjo


I didn’t mean it like that. I still care about the pilots too.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Well, I meant it as “mech first, pilot second.” Chances are, since I already know the plot, I’m going to end up skipping everything until I see things blowing up via Alteisen or Soulgain.

Comment by Rebirth

mmmm, this will be good like Dragon ball revolution and chun-li movies was ¬¬
this is a great disrespect to us, fans+players from the serie….

Comment by Lixyang


I see. Well I see it as “pilot first, mecha second”. Basically, I put characters before mecha.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I don’t find anything so special about this SRX team character design, they are utterly USELESS and nothing new to show at all. Big boobs are nothing more but SHALLOW DISTRACTIONS and only underaged FAG BOYS fantasize of having sexs with CARTOON WAIFOOLS.

Just wait till Zengar Zombutto and Ratsel FinchSMACKER linearts come out, it will be GAR IS GAY all over again…

Comment by YoshiyukiTomino

I donΒ΄t wanna see Zengar in this crap style! He deserves better …

Comment by RomΓ‘rio

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