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HG Gundam Harute boxart
August 25, 2010, 9:08 pm
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The Combine Arios with GN Archer = HARUTE Gundam Fly mode just like GN Archer + the Pack back with all missile
The Leg remint me some Gundam that have that leg very similar to me but I don’t remember it from Gundam 00 or other Seriers
and I like the body and Shoulder + 2 GN Beam Sword
The Face look Okay to me
It Just my own Opinion 😀

Comment by timesyndicate

Sorry OT…Sensei Satoshi Kohn is Death

Satoshi Kon passed away due to pancreatic cancer on August 24 at 6:20 a.m. He was 46.

His funeral service will be held for family members only.

We are respectfully and deeply grateful for your kindness during his lifetime.

Representative Director Kyōko Kon

Comment by Debris

Awesome boxart!

And RIP Satoshi Kon.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

When it comes to quality, Satoshi Kon sure has a few tricks up his sleeves. Which is why Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika are such masterpieces in anime.

As for this Harute, I don’t think blowing up the size of the ass can make a big difference. What more, reusing and recycling old broken parts from the GN Archer and Kyrios show that 00 movie don’t have any significant improvement from its 2 previous tv series, which also produce disastrous results. The only thing that sells about 00 are the EYECANDIES, which are favourites among YAOI GIRL groups and Gundams are just PROPS.

No doubt about it, 00 is the most GAY Gundam anime in Bandai’s 30 years of Gundam anime production

Comment by killer

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