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New kit review: HG 1/144 Gundam Zabanya
August 26, 2010, 7:19 pm
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first! lol
yay zabanya is out!!! 2 more to go =)

Comment by SwagKing28

can’t wait to get my hand on it

Comment by Jynx

hmmm little bit disappointed that they only give u 2 rifles

Comment by SwagKing28

If past releases are considered, it would be wise to hold out and wait for the version that do includes all rifles.

Comment by guarayakha

I dunno. Amiami have said that its making my order (which only contains 00Qan[T] and Zabanya) is too big for small package shipping and that its because the Zabanya box is too big. This plus the review linked below leads me to believe we may actually get more rifles in the kit.

Comment by Eonchao

i wouldn’t agree less
thats why i didn’t buy quanta yet, bandai is already making another version of quanta after the release of the normal quanta

Comment by SwagKing28

I don’t mind getting 2 Quantas though, since I’d probably do the mod which allows it to carry the 2 shields on both shoulders 🙂

Comment by guarayakha

There is no other version of Quanta. Unless the designs are getting another mid movie upgrade, which has never happened with any Gundam movie ever made and is thus almost certain that it will not happen, the announced kits will be the only versions of the kits available of their normal forms. Unless you really want that likely ultra sparkly pink Trans-Am version, you’re not going to get other versions.
It’s the same for Zabanya. You’re never going to get all the rifles, mid-movie upgrade or not. Heck, Bandai didn’t even make beam blades for all beam sabers of the The-O and that’s a Master Grade. Youw ant extra rifles, buy more kits. Tough shit.

Comment by Amon

@Amon the problem is that the series has a new manga, with the events after the movie.

Comment by Rx


Remember the HG1/144 Seravee? They could always pull that sh!t again. That, and the possible 00V variants.

Comment by guarayakha

Or get 1/100 like Cherudim? the special Cherudim had like special stand for GN Bits and extra displays.

Besides the only way you’ll see of getting is Master Grade like Strike Freedom Full Burst to get all rifles in pose.

Comment by Aldotsk

Rx : Uh, since when? The only none adaptation 00 Manga running is 00I which does not even cover Celestial Being itself. It’s 00F V2. Nothing else has been announced and I doubt they’d announce a sequel to something that isn’t even out.

guarayakha : Read my post carefully. I said movie. A series is not a movie. No movie MS has ever had a mid-movie update. Not the RX-78-2, not the RX-93, not the F91 and certainly not the EW versions of the Wing, DS, Altron and Sandrock.
It stands to reason that there is no logic to breaking this habit as it would divert sales from the first batch of designs. It’s common sense. As for 00V, the only announced one is the Quanta Full Saber which is an add-on being made for Hobby Japan buyers. Again, how many 00V variations have been made into kits? Exactly two. The Avalanche and the Seven Swords. There aren’t any more planned. Why would they create kits of variations from the movie when nothing else was even made?

Aldotsk : If you want to wait for an unlikely designers colour version with worthless extra stickers and perhaps an extra plastic stand, be my guest. I wouldn’t count on it though.

Comment by Amon

Rx is talking about 00A, which HAS been announced. Look it up.

Comment by ShinigamiX2

how is it worthless extra sticker? Most people prefer having decals on their unit, like me. That’s just your opinion.

Comment by Aldotsk

Amon: In case you don’t know, Nu’s Fin Funnel is its mid movie upgrade. its 1/144 kit firstly released without the Fin Funnel then Bandai released the Fin Funnel edition after it. and guess what? Bandai then made HWS version too

Comment by rekkou


Based on the instruction manual, only two GN Rifle Bits and two GN Pistol Bits are includeded.

Also, only the Rifle Bits can be placed in two of the Holster Bits:

Comment by BlueAleseides

Aldotsk : I didn’t say decals, I said stickers. The pattern tribal ones which most people find ugly and simply don’t use anyway. How many 1/100 kits have decals to begin with?

rekkou : And yet it’s been 21 years since then. Why is this relevant? The HWS isn’t even in the movie either and was made twenty years after it was created on paper.

ShinigamiX2 : The only info I’m finding is on Aoi Kioku which is basically flashabacks. There’s been no info whatsoever on a sequel to movie.

Comment by Amon

Amon: You just say that there is no movie upgrade for gundam and there is no reason to release gundam’s variant kit. The example from Nu Gundam proves you’re wrong and you said it’s not relevant?

Comment by rekkou

Anyways, Zabanya is looking pretty awesome. I wasn’t sure if it would be as cool as Cherudim, my favorite 00 design. But it is.

Comment by InjuredPelican

rekkou : Said kit was released twenty years after the movie and as part of the HGUC line, the only permanent HG line in production.
Either way, feel free to wait. Except that the variation that would sell the most and get the most focus is coming out as a magazine prize and thus utterly debunks the notion that Bandai will eventually make variations for everything. As each 00 MS only gets one variation, as per everything published so far saying as much, there are no variations planned to be made as the flag kit for such an idea isn’t even being made available for public sale.
Will there be variations? Most likely. Will there be kits of them? Everything says no.

Comment by Amon

i think 00 condenser type will be used first then broke down in the middle and comes the quanta,,it was said “Setsuna nozomu gundam” doesn’t it by Ian Vashti..

Comment by taku

i like the design of zabanya but the kit,,,aww i can’t make the scene where it can do the “fence beam”,,,:p

Comment by taku

Great Finnally Zabaya Gundam roll out

Comment by timesyndicate


Yeah, that ‘fence beam’ is pretty awesome. I might scratchbuild a stand out of clear styrene- it helps that there are notches on the holster bits. Even the one-coin figure set, “Ring of Gundam” presents an interesting way of displaying all the bits and remote weapons.


Even if there aren’t any ‘upgrades’, per se, in the movie. There could be additional equipment. When 00 Gundam was first released as a kit, it didn’t have 0-Raiser. The variation was 7 swords. However, in both cases, 00 Raiser and 00 7 swords received new weapons (e.g. GN Sword III and GN Sword II Blaster, respectively.)

Technically the 00V add on kit for Qan(T) is just adding a new weapon- GN Sword V Full Saber. What’s to stop Bandai from release upgrade weapons for the other four MS? Perhaps there will be a armor/weapons platform like GN Arms and GN Sefer that can connect with multiple Gundams. Remember how the HG 1/144 Dynames only came with GN Pistols if you bought the GN Arms-D.

At the very least, there is no harm in waiting since the (1) the price will go down and (2) the 1/100 scale releases will have time to come out–which should promise a larger arrange of options. My only worry with the 1/100 scale kits is the lack of waist-joint, as demonstrated in the other 1/100 00 kits.

Comment by BlueAleseides

Edits: GN Sword IV Blaster, not 5. I haven’t figured out if that’s a conical GN Drive or a just a cap for the existing drive.

Comment by BlueAleseides

i was a bit disappointed to see the holster bits built as a single block. that’s why i was surprised to see hatena’s review. seems to be that bandai already know that a lot of folks would try and mod this one, so they made if much easier. nice thinking. now what about additional rifles?

Comment by flamerounin

BlueAleseides : One coudl argue that the upgrade equivalent to other Gundam’s new equipment was the 0 Raiser. There was no excuse to save the GN sword III for the last sequence of events though. That’s being beyond greedy. The Seven Sword receiving a new weapon was clearly for marketing purposes over the RD version and you can’t claim you were ripped off if it was there to begin with as in the kit.

You can argue semanthics all you want but the only variations with kits are the 7S And the Avalanche both of which received new upgrades for the kit and nothing else since the last came out a few months ago already. Bandai obviously won’t add two different ugrades to the movie and sell different versions of each. As for this weapons platform notion, none of the Gundams lend themselves well to such concepts. The Quanta has no attachment room and the shield blocks whatever arm space it may have, the Zabanya has the binders blocking whatever attaching that could be done, the Harute has its binders being far too large for anything like that and the Raphael has its own portable GN Arms but better.
I wouldn’t rule out an XN Raiser style attachment but that’s 00V material and considering that the FS atatchment is only in December, three months after the movie premiers… Well, it’s not likely.

You can wait all you want, have fun with that. I wouldn’t hold my breath on those 1/100’s as they’d be announced by now if there were any planned and they were extremely shoddy last year already. 1/100’s just can’t keep up with the new innovations in the HG line and seem rather innacurate these days. As for price, well, I’ll never get an even cheaper version since I buy from a local shop anyway.

Comment by Amon


Just wanted to point out how the Seed series is practically about 3 years old(?) yet they’re still developing kits from that line(variations to be precise). Even Gundam wing kits are still being developed despite how its been 15 years since its debut. So just because the series will soon end or the suits are limited to just the movie, you can’t exactly rule out the possibility of future releases. And judging by how well Bandai has keeps up with their releases, increases the probability even more.

Comment by Juno-Uno

Juno-Uno : First of all, Destiny ended in 2006.
Second, no actual variation has been produced that was simply designed as a variation. The vast majority of 00 variations were published in magazines as simple articles, that includes the 7S and Avalanche. All S/D MG kits that are Strike derived appeared in Manga or photonovels before being created as kits and were inserted into story contexts.
Third, no S/D variations have been produced since early 2008. VS Astray doesn’t really count because it’s a photonovel and 1/100’s from S/D were beyond shitty in general, hardly hard to create since they were old molds and nobody reallt likes them anyway.
Fourth, the Master Grade line is a completely separate line that spans all Gundam eras and the rules for it hardly apply even in context. In short, your logic is faulty.

Comment by Amon

amon: Oh oops sorry I didnt know we were basing this off of your standard of what counts as a model kit release

Comment by Juno-Uno

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