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Super Robot Wars L official site pre-open
August 26, 2010, 10:20 pm
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According to SRW official blog, SRW L first PV will be shown at C3 x HOBBY 2010.

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oh its real ;p

Comment by Banjo

to Banjo,

I’ve tried to make you believe that the info is real on previous posts (even though with “unrelated” information). Time to Pre-order. ^–^.

Comment by judo0054

Oh no , it´s real …

Comment by Romário

Isn’t there suppose to be a PS2 version as well?

Comment by Bob


I know, just joking 😀 actually I couldn’t sleep the day before until srwL confirmed.

Comment by Banjo

oh, well, better luck next year to have a PS3 srw then.
I can wait.
since these handheld game keep coming out. then i can keep on saving money. if you what i mean.

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

to Banjo,

Do not worry about it. It is also my mistakes to give an “unrelated” informations. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

“information,” not “informations.” Sorry. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

yo i get what you meant i think~
the 00 quanta full saber parts are special parts that you get with the hobby magazine in december like the xn raiser right?

Comment by SwagKing28

told you its not fake ==,

Comment by Kira Yamato

Graphics isn’t a problem.
Hope the plot isn’t as bad as K

Comment by mlmonster

IF this has no choice between a male or female character and choice between a Real or Super Robot, then it’s not worth it.

Comment by don't mind me

Hope this game good units and the ability to choose between super & real
if not it’s really not worth it

Comment by DevilCrusher

This is the worst anime series in whole srw game by Certificate of the Japanese themselves from their forum

Comment by kidoga

how is the system? like K or just normal..

Comment by Banjo

lol, the series itself is not worst or even bad, what make this worst is a crap load of sprites recycle.

Comment by K'


So Alpha Gaiden was the worst SRW ever, wasn’t it?

Comment by Nerem

L for LOSER, no wonder SRW can never sells on its own merits

Comment by siudi

Using GBA graphics into DS is a bad idea. Bad indeed. Like I said up there, it’s like bringing SNES style graphics into SRW F, F Final, 2,3,EX and 4 for PS1.

Alpha Gaiden used it from Alpha, which was a new style graphic for PS1. So your argument is pretty bad, Nerem.

If you said something like I said up there, or even saying Impact using Alpha graphics, I wouldn’t say much – but that really was a bad support for your argument.

Comment by Aldotsk

Oh, right. L using K upgrade system kind of shows a proof that it’ll turn like like K system. Even if it’s not K sequel for story wise, it’s probably going to use exactly the same system for gameplay wise.

Comment by Aldotsk

K system was bad

Comment by Banjo

really bad

Comment by go get me some soda punk

i wish bandai could re-make srw J for DS

Comment by SwagKing28

I want a remake for 64 / R / D / J / for the DS and a remake for the old games ( 1/2/3/ex/4/f/ffinal ) for PS3 in one game ^^

Comment by Banjo

The old games from GBA must go to PSP now … PSP is dead in SRW …

Comment by Romário

A really good quality remake of 64 and F/F Final with new cast would make me happy too.

Comment by Itamaki

Any one can translate the text written around the title

Comment by SHEHABXZA

Website has been updated ==,

Comment by Kira Yamato

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