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Super Robot Wars L screenshots
August 26, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Wow oh yes… o_O

Smallest size in series SRW.

Iczer 3 ^-^/. [ L olicon size hahaha…]

Comment by A...

Better than nothing I guess >_>

Comment by K'

God, it’s K unit upgrade menu.

Comment by Aldotsk

If anything, they look like J’s graphics…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

wasn’t they allways the same?

And still want to know if it is a sequel,would be nice to see Kouji,Kenji and the others have a connection from the past game.

Comment by Itamaki

J -> K -> L

Comment by A...

J was a big upgrade for a Nintendo portable console, but since then, they don’t even try…
I mean, just look at Strike Gundam…

Comment by NT01

good thing for Iczer 3 that the elf ears are hidden

Comment by Banjo


What’s wrong with elf ears?

Comment by Bob


I don’t like elf ears 6_6

Comment by Banjo

Let’s wait for some vids to come out so we can see if the animation’s improved before everyone starts bawling. Seesh SRW fans are spoiled these days, are you really that interested in a SRW where an attack takes 30 minutes to do like Final Fantasy? I honestly thought SRW fans might be better than that.

Comment by Duran

i’m hoping for better animations, more music, better story and no more sucky new systems.

looks like SEED might actually get a story this time, unlike K, cause I’m seeing Justice’s icon there now…

Comment by JustPassinngThru

I can’t wait for SRW L.

Macross Frontier ? HELL Yes !

So if they keep adding series like that, i’ll never give up on SRW 🙂

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower


Not likely a sequel. Unless the characters reset time or something, because DESTINY already happened in K.

I do hope that they bring back the Unit Shop option. Would be pretty nifty to get all the VFs, redshirt Mobile Suits and Idaten just for the lulz. K was riper than W for than option (thanks to Virtual On, DESTINY and Stargazer) but they didn’t so much as give it a chance, and there’s been no extras from Wing since the start anyways.

Well, at least for the VFs, by default we’ll get Alto and Ozama’s, probably Mikhail’s if the dev people are feeling generous…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Aww right..I forgot about that,damn.

Well,then the only thing I hope for is the better using of Jeeg,Godannar and Gaiking,if this is the case I’m more than happy.

The returning of a better Unit Shop would be indeed nice too.

Comment by Itamaki

J was a great game except for the original mechas, the DS SRW are the same with touch screen, it was good for GBA but i expected more for a DS

Comment by Daichi

What the heck? J was great thanks to its original as well, it give more replay value, just look at K original boring and ugly.

Comment by K'

Yes, K original was boring but i didn’t like any of the 4 originals in J, but the game was great.

Comment by Daichi

K’s only problem in my opinion was the wonky secret paths (and how it causes the last Gaiking battles to be ignored.)

Comment by Duran

I dont think L even has originals.

Comment by Aldotsk

to Aldostk,

Unless they announce for no originals for SRW L and except SRW SC for PS2 if we looked back, every SRW video games needs Banpresto Original to “fit” the story. That’s how SRW project works. In addition, I am pretty sure SRW L will add new originals “or” new originals + another new original from SRW OGS (if they want to “add” them).

Comment by judo0054

I love how people Mention J and K yet never mention W which easily was the best portable SRW in a long while, at least of the average SRWs and not the OGs ones.

Comment by Za-Dude

No one talked about W,because W was actually a good game.

Comment by Itamaki

OG stuff are special when they are in a normal SRW, otherwise I don’t really like the idea of OG games.. thats why I am hoping for a non OG game next ( not gonna happen, Terada wants $$$ )

Comment by Banjo

I’m hoping for OG3 on PS3 next, or at least on 3DS.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I don’t think the originals have been unveiled yet… stuff like that is considered a bit surprise that and it’s too much for good originals to hold up an otherwise lacking series list.

W? There is nothing bad to say about it, it has perhaps the strongest series list I’ve ever seen. Unlike some other SRWs where I was “Oh look this level…” I was at a constant state of enthusiasm during the game. And we have three Gais/Guys, all of which are pretty awesome.

Comment by Duran

Super Robot Wars “Light”
that’s wat has been said on G3

Comment by Kira Yamato

to Kira Yamato,

You’re talking about C3XHobby right, not G3?

Comment by judo0054

woops sorry typo :))

Comment by Kira Yamato

so where’s the SRW for ps3?

Comment by khestoi

i thought code geass, gundam 00 and gurren laggan are here…!
but at least gaiking is here.

Comment by GaiRyuKi

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