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New MS for Gundam EXTREME VS.
August 27, 2010, 7:27 pm
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you can see the suit quite easily in the big scan…

I haven’t seen it before, but IMO doesn’t look good. Seems like the head is out of proportion to the body but even without that, still looks a bit ugly… Might look better when they release it later…

Comment by greengreen

Generic Gundam, LAUNCHING!

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

From the picture given,I think that the gundam is from the older series but no idea where it is from

Comment by Yami

It seems Original Design for this game.

Comment by amuro0093

seems like Okawara’s design…

Comment by costriker

i hope it is a hg line kit

Comment by refined77

It’s SEED Movie related.
The Movie is being announced at Chara Hobby this weekend.

Comment by Kaiser Soze

SEED Movie related?
Hm…. I pity the new lead character. Kira’s gonna steal the show.

Comment by amuro0093

SEED Gundam, then?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Big Head, big shoulders, big torso, but thin arms and thin legs?

Looks horrible.

Comment by guarayakha


Comment by Aldotsk

Looks like Okawara rehashed X again, but this time screwed it up more >__<

Comment by ShinkenRed

I See the Gundam Face :))
man When It will release PS 3 I Want to use Infinitive Justice and Gundam Unicorn

Comment by timesyndicate

Doesn’t look good. Head is too big, furthermore the face mask looks as if we were dealing with a thug from the back alley. Very generic, very…

Comment by Ash

PS3! PS3! PS3! PS3!

Comment by refined77

Abit adjustment with photoshop… and this is the rough view of this MS. Strike or impulse is way coller than this guy 😛

Comment by Str1ku

Actually the torso reminds me of 00, specially the crotch plating.

It might be the VS. version of how G Generation has used Turn A and 0 (a Jesus Gundam)

Comment by Nosmir

Reminds me of Raigo Gundam.
Well mainly the body.
A very CE MS.

Comment by iron2000

is look like strike noir lukas custom…=D

Comment by Ass1231

Another piece of junk…

Comment by siudi

i agree, it is a very ce/seed ms.
but still it is a very fugly ms.

Comment by XX

to Ass1231,

I’ve checked the images of “Strike Noir Lucas Custom.” It’s not it. This is a new MS. You can find a difference. I’ll give you a pic (if it is right):

It’s up to you to match & decide now.

Comment by judo0054

The face has a Gaia Gudnam look..while the rest of the design looks like a compilation of other gundam designs..including those of grunt units..

And with that kind of pose it is no doubt drawn by kunio okawara… = =

Seriously..MS designs nowadays… When 00 season 1 was announced the designs looks very fresh even though it may have been a reference to the Gundam Evolve design of the RX-78-2.. But season 2’s designs were abit disappointing in some way.. IMO.. *sighs..*

Comment by M

*Gaia Gundam

Comment by M

I’m pretty sure it’ll looks cool when it equip with something, seem like it was made plain for a purpose.

Comment by K'

This mech’s related to the SEED movie?
Better idea: replace this mech with Qan[T] from the 00 movie.
That aside, several of its design elements look okay to me, but it overall looks underwhelming.

Comment by Gundam Sol

oh Seed movie? Does that mean, we call it GATZGMF-X999999 Shitpulse Gundam?

Comment by Aldotsk

what ever that gundam is it may rehase strike gundam and impluse gundam swap out weapon backpack units and possibly Kira as usually.

Hope we get different character this time not like Shin Asuka what shady123 said nothing more but a battle idiot even he’s depressed about his sister in GSD and Fukuda better not out how much most of us remember the grind fest bomb he dropped as we were waiting (not myself include since I was not aware of this)

Comment by MaxHD2490

the head looks X-ish
prob gonna have more arnaments

would be nice if they switch in belphagor or the monoeyes

Comment by XD

If it is from the SEED movie, hopefully it’ll continue the tradition of looking much better in motion than it does on the Okawara model sheets.

I’ve gotten to wondering if the CE suits didn’t have two sets of models: one set of lineart for public use by Okawara and one more dynamic set for animation by someone else.

Comment by RAC

Let’s just wait 2 hours before 11 am of Japan time, shall we? On 11 am, the show will begin in there.

Comment by judo0054

that head looks huge on that body… if it related to gundam seed movie…. watch freedom just spam and shoot it down

Comment by Ereos

This MS is WAAAAAY out of the CE timeline. You can see it’s not a SEED MS. And there’s no PROOF that the SEED Movie is revealed in Chara Hobby. That thing has become a lame internet rumor now.

Comment by don't mind me


Either that or something better then the freedom might pop around if thats the case

Comment by MaxHD2490


Pretty much alot of the SEED designs were rehashes of X and F91 a bit.

Comment by ShinkenRed

If it is indeed from the SEED movie, then wouldn’t it be the main Gundam? Or at least the initial Gundam for whoever the main character will be? Something tells me that when that character enters SEED mode, the Gundam will change into a more powerful form, revealing more weapons, just like Unicorn.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Now don’t compare the Unicorn Gundam with this one. I don’t see any panel lines that would tell you of its powerful form but still a backpack switcher judging its design.

but your are somewhat correct about the pilot when he/she enter SEED mode and this Gundam is more likely to have Phase Armor but a chance of different shield design however. (physical or beam shield type thats good question or both)

Comment by MaxHD2490

why it is different from original sketch, animation, and plamo, because it done by different people;

original sketch that made by okawara that have many idea but his draw not too well at proportion

Animation, the coolest was draw by satoshi shigeta, he is the only man can translate okawara’s design without change original concept

plamo design, very disapointed, look at that weird HG, even more MG not look like TV animation,
and now PG strike Freedom? what is that? that is not strike freedom?

now i cant waiting my robot spirit stike freedom that shigeta involved in it

Comment by plankton

hmm… this unit looks ugly… and i can see traces of other MS designs from other timelines from this unit…

Overall Structure: Okawara’s basic design

—–> V-Fins are reminiscent to X in arrangement but kinda looks like the ones in AD in how it’s drawn. It also seems to be missing the red head piece.
—–> Color reminds me of Ground Type Gundam. Vents doesn’t look like from the ones in CE, again it looks similar to AD to me, namely to Arios. Also upon closer look, it seems to have a Arms:
—–> Shoulder plates remind of the RX-78-2
—–> CE in design no doubt.

Overall, the design is lame… it’s too early judge to MS itself so I’ll just stick to criticizing the design for now…

Comment by JustPassinngThru

—–> Color reminds me of Ground Type Gundam. Vents doesn’t look like from the ones in CE, again it looks similar to AD to me, namely to Arios. Also upon closer look, it seems to have a spherical thingy similar to the Wing Gundams.

Comment by JustPassinngThru

So far i can tell Okawara’s trying to make a generic type gundam yet still looking original. If i were him, i’ll work on the legs and arms

Comment by Rekkou

That from OVA Mokei senshi Gunpla builder

Comment by mikael


Yes very similar to X, but not all gundams have a Diamond shaped gem. To me, the head design gives me a mix of Wing + Duel’s head design.

Don’t take vents into consideration. Vents really differs from unit to unit. No two units have the two exact vents either. Color wise, it reminds me heavily of Duel. And no, there is no sphere on the chest design, although it looks like a sphere, it isn’t.

Yes it’s very reminiscent of RX-78-2.


Overall for me, another variation of Duel? Let’s wait and see for ourselves.

Comment by Elozth

from what i heard this MS may be a part of a new feature (a Custom Gundam?)

Comment by mlmonster

the head looks a bit like legend gundam’s

Comment by lick da poo poo

“Another piece of junk…”
Comment by siudi

Another garbage comment.

Comment by gvgevs

—> Head: with the exception of the 2nd generation gundams of 00 (Exia and the rest), I find it odd to see a main gundam (assuming this is going to be a main mech of it’s series) without the the red headpiece or anything similar like what Exia had.
—> Body: there are cases that the design of the vents can help anyone (like me XD) identify from which series/timeline the unit came from.

Comment by JustPassinngThru

The head is Destiny-ish. the ratio of the head to its torso is pretty meh.

HOWEVER the body is a reference to 00 gundam and its ilk.

Comment by Josh

is call extreme gundam

Comment by 000

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