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August 28, 2010, 3:51 pm
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[Mega House] Cosmo Fleet Collection SRW OG

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So it has begun… hopefully we get the SRW L preview shortly !

Can’t wait ^^

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

do want SRW The Inspector Trailer D:

Comment by Kira Yamato

I can see the long sad faces of those japanese looking at srw L screens

Comment by Banjo

Why would they be sad? It’s finnaly a new SRW.

Comment by KingLazerman

Sad because this SRW have nothing new , more SEED , more EVA , Terada must be sad too…

Comment by Romário

So Linebarrel, Iczer aren’t new?

Comment by amuro0093

Macross F too , but the show is really poor , Linebarrel at least have a good design , dancouga nova is depressing to see … really misses Shinobu and Crossbone gundam could fit better than SEED , Kira has nothing more to do in SRW world …

Comment by Romário

lol @ Corin’s Kapool in the middle of Lancelot Gurren and F91. Silly Kapool you can’t hang with those guys.

Comment by jg

@ Romário August

I sense you are not really SRW fan afterall & Terada won’t sad if the fan were demand their favourite mecha.

Comment by MiracleGun

any series appears in a DS game should not appear again in a DS game!

Comment by Banjo

And for you what is a SRW fan ? =)

Comment by Romário

Loveing kickass giant robots of any shape or form. It’s amazing enough that Banpresto can even make SRW.

Comment by KingLazerman

Romario not everyone shares your opinions. A lot of people think Macross Frontier is a great show and this isn’t even the same Eva series as before.

Comment by Vent

nothin yet 😦

Comment by srw4ever

That’s no reason to say that he/she is not a SRW fan at all.As you said everyone has his own opinion if the person still loves big mecha action and the SRW games than he/she actually is a fan.
And yes Macross F is cool 😛

Comment by Itamaki

Cosmo Fleet Collection SRW OG? I’m sure its related to the SRW OG’s original ships buts all I know

Comment by MaxHD2490

I know that not anybody follows my opnion , and I say that I must be a better than he is … I think he likes any crap game that banpresto trows at us , and you guys , are not really missing the first macross ?

Comment by Romário

* must be a fan , i wrote wrong D=

Comment by Romário

Opinion? I think some SRW fans have gotten as stupid as Final Fantasy ones, being so spoiled on graphics. I wonder how many of the whiners even tried the earlier games including any Pre-J GBA game? I doubt very many.

Personally I’m looking foward to L, since I doubt things would be as bad as D’s series list. And for the SEED bashers, there’s no denying the popularity of the series, and I’m sure some might have complained about too much UC pre-J. Eva isn’t that common in the series, and it’s the first time on a portable.

I think they’re either saving 00 for something big or until the require time period has passed for 00 S2 to be usable.

Comment by Duran

00?? no one want put 00 in their game!
because 00 = “DON’T SALE”

Gundam 00 (DS) total 83,807
Gundam 00-Gundam Meister (PS2) total 70,510

2005 lowest-selling original PS2 Gundam title Mobile Suit Gundam: True Odyssey – 180,386

no body want rubbish!

Comment by Media_G


Except the SD gundam g generation wars (thats different story)

You mean MS: Saga (Mobile Suit Gundam: True Odyssey)? well that game could of at least had Turn A , Gundam Seed, and Gundam Destiny for its sequel but your right its poor sales lets it down.

Comment by MaxHD2490


That’s not necesarily true. Gundam 00 games don’t sell, yeah, they’re not really good games. But a SRW featuring 00 would be a totally different case. It’s pretty obvious it’s gonna make its debut in some console SRW game, it’s just a matter of time.

Comment by Virgo

what a shame
Gundam 00-Gundam Meister (PS2) total 70,510

congratulations for 00 that break the record, the LOWEST gundam title in PS2

70.000??? 00 is useless..LOL

Comment by sixsi

You’re judging things on various cash in games, never a good measure as they’re the low end of the branch usually (More so for 00). In contrast G Generation and SRW games are on the high end if not THE highest end.

I wonder when did the SRW fandom get filled with such simpletons. It’s like I’m in a final fantasy 7 community!

And about MS Saga, that was decently made for once and actually got a US release, the same couldn’t be said of other games.

I’m more on the belief that 00 is being saved for a console SRW… and some of the side stuff too to boot perhaps.

Comment by Duran

It’s not that the games failed because 00 is rubbish, it’s because those games were rubbish. I played the DS one, it went all the way up to the first confrontation with Graham’s Flag (NOT EVEN OVERFLAG) that amounts to about 40 minutes-2 hours of repetitive gameplay.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I really spoiled , because see Alpha games and MX , or de Gba games , they´re great games , nice graphics and NICE SERIES ! Gundam SEED fans are really annoying !

Comment by Romário

@ Romario

I’m sorry because i think you hate new mecha generation but SRW is mecha lover right?

Comment by MiracleGun

Don´t need to be sorry , I really hate new mecha ,Old ones are better , just compare Dancouga Nova with the old Dangouca, you´ll see the diference …

Comment by Romário

same thing here New mecha are terrible they created it just for money like Dancouga nova unlike old series

Comment by gerald

So are you suggest Code Geass, Diebuster, Macross Frontier, Gundam 00 is new generation was suck!?

Comment by MiracleGun

Romario, have you even played any games pre-J? Since frankly the graphics weren’t much to speak of, but they were still fun to play, even SRW A, which was downright ancient.

Comment by Duran

Really,no fanbase I know of is worse than the FF one,so that’s a freakin harsh comparison.
But I agree,that most haven’t played the really old ones and that most are spoiled,me included.I played every SRW,except the first and second one and I enjoyed most of them,graphic is not everything that’s right no one says that it is and the DS couldn’t do much better in my opinion,but if they don’t improve anything,they are going to be forced to stop moving forward in this buisness.Well that said the only thing that is dissapointing here,is the noninclusion of Voices.

And cool Cosmo fleet collection,I would love to have the Hagane,Kurogane and the Hiryu Kai.

Comment by Itamaki

Same! I would love to have those ships too!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

More crying.

I love it.

Comment by Garman Rider

Hey Duran , I love old SRW GBA games , but DS keep insisting in use the graphics from old SRW from gba !

Comment by Romário

And Yeah Miraclegun , this generation of new mechas sucks , and sucks a lot !

Comment by Romário

Not true Romario, the J engine may have been the base, but they’ve been steadily refining it and improving it. K very little if any in recycled sprites. This is something of a rarity, seeing how with the Pre-J GBA games, they basically reused as much common stuff as possible with very little refinement for the most part.

And even the much lauded @3 was just a engine reuse from @2, a decently older game.

I suspect the 3DS might have come upon them sooner than they expected before they could even think about making a new engine.

Comment by Duran

At least we still have good old series lets hope they forget to renew it like :
Great mazinger
Nagahama series
ninja robot
Baldios,Braiger ,Daikengo

Comment by Tomas

You´re right Duran , and 3ds could be a good change… if have voice it will be more playable , but i know the limits of the old DS

Comment by Romário

Well that mean you really “not” SRW fan afterall, i mean really, doesn’t anyone sick Daitarn 3 ‘s theme & Zambot 3 ‘s stupid storyline, SRW is Mecha crossover, dammit.

Comment by MiracleGun

I agree with you MiracleGun, SRW is mecha crossover, there no way someone stop new mecha put in SRW “Holy Trinity” fan request. If Terada won’t bring Code Geass, Gundam 00 or Gaogaiagar, that mean this is not SRW we know.

Comment by Shinichameleon

there is no 00 in SRW, before, now and after!

Comment by bera-bera

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