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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector official site updated
August 29, 2010, 5:43 pm
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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector PV (HQ) (MP4, 81 mb)

Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector official site has been updated first PV.

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Playing Steel Beowulf while Alteisen was rushing brought manly tears to my eyes.

Animation is definitely tons more better than DW.

Comment by GlemtVapen

MINDBLOWING awesome animation 😛

Comment by Ereos

This time it looks like something worth watching. Will check first episode when it arrives.

Comment by Anonymous

Nice, kinda.
Hate the way they’re going with Excellen though.

By the way, when do we get the SRW-L PV ?

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower


Comment by Amuro

That’s great, super, excellent

Much better than that DW.

Comment by SHEHABXZA

I like the animation very much. Lets hope they stick to this level of quality and fix Ryusei’s face for heaven’s sake.

I hope they deliver a lot more action this time around and they downsize the breast animation big time.

can’t wait to see Soul Gain and Daizengar in action. 😀

Comment by daizengar

Hey, superrobotwar, can you give us the link to the “ogin_pv.flv” file you showed in the images?
It’s the rip from the premium members club video. The youtube link you posted has not the same quality (it’s only 13 mb, while in your image the file size is 33 mb)

Comment by Folka

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Oh my God! EPICNESS! See? Despite them changing what a lot of the characters look like, the anime overall would be awesome! And at least Kyosuke, Excellen and Kusuha pretty much look the same. Maybe Rai too.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Comment by chi

J**** F***.

It seems that SRWOG: DW has taught them a valuable lesson. If they can keep that level of animated mech action throughout, then Kyosuke can be a stick figure for all I care.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

The characters still look weird and Kyosuke STILL looks almost nothing like himself.

But having said that, I have to admit that the mecha animation looks fantastic. Besides claims from others that it was bad, the thing that put me off from watching DW were the horribly amateurish 3D animations and the attempt to mix them with traditional animation. It honestly looked like a really bad late 90’s cartoon… -_-

Anyway, while this certainly isn’t flawless, it already looks a lot better and the flaws seem a lot less detrimental to the experience. So I might actually end up watching this.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Might? You BETTER watch this!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

omgod!! AWESome!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by zmil

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH awesome can’t wait

Comment by K

this is the SRW OG animationa that i have been waiting for years for

Comment by FinVortex

Mecha animation: Wootness
Character design and mecha design to a point: Damn it, Obari!

Comment by Duran

That was sex.Freakin amazing sex.And Kyousuke looked much better than in the character art.Excellen is as nice as always 😛

Comment by Itamaki

Epic. Just epic. If only Marvel learned with their Ironman anime… >_>

Comment by Rebirth


Comment by X

Cool Trolling, bro.

Comment by Aldotsk


Fuck your SEED movie, the fact that they couldn’t find a new storywriter for it instead of waiting for the only one they wanted on the job toslowly recuperate shows how much they care for the movie.

SRW, shitty? GTFO out of here, you raging basement fanboy.

Comment by iflameu

I’m sure the PR of firing the writer for having cancer would be totally worth it.

Comment by Nerem

i still wonder why there is still no SRW L Preview ==,

anywhoo cant wait to see Axel and other characters >:D

Comment by Kira Yamato


I was a raging SEED fan, but what you said makes you the a fool that doesn’t understand the concept of Development Hell (not even anime is immune to it)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Any clue where this X guy heard about the SEED movie that made rage about this?

If only SEED fans should know Development Hell is basically frustrating in waiting (may go on til either its “finish” or damn forever with very little resolve).

Comment by MaxHD2490

I was correct.

Comment by Nosmir

hey SRW L site is updated ==,

Comment by Kira Yamato

yesss can’t wait to see the inspector mech~ expeciallny the one that look’s like Godzilla^^

Comment by jakBoy

To Folka, I will upload HQ PV today.

Comment by superrobotwar

I would have to take back my previous statement, the anime looks promising and it will be great if Obari is able to maintain the course as it is.

Comment by Yami

Thanks, superrobotwar.

Comment by Folka

wow look like interesting then unicorn and 00 movie

unicorn just talking no action…bored
00? alien, screaming, glaring particle hope

Comment by samy_winch


You mean Galgau right?

Comment by grungust

This…actually might turn good.

As long as the the animation (especially the action sequences) are top notch.

Comment by shady123

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