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More Super Robot Wars L screens
August 30, 2010, 11:21 pm
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I wonder if it’s true that Mist is the protagonist again. There is a rumour going around.

Comment by RaveX

where is the pv they showed??

Comment by daizengar

huh, new Great Mazinger sprite AND new Kaiser. sprite

Comment by GaleRenegade

@RaveX : I doubt it. Mist is some kind of weird meme on Japanese message boards. No doubt it’s just a joke.

Here’s a few examples of Mist related humour:

Comment by Dork

^^ Ha.. Ha.. Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by RaveX


Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Yeah, Seem Mazinkaiser got a new sprite though it’s looks almost identical to the previous sprite, hope the way its animate is different. Don’t know about WZC tho but its TBR seem to have a nicer effect.

Comment by K

here’s the PV

Enjoy. =D

Comment by Masaru

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