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Gundam Ace October 2010
August 31, 2010, 12:01 am
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I’m very exicited to see new manga of gundam wing hope you add downloaing link as usual

Comment by james

Man I so can’t wait another few weeks for the Delta Plus to come out. It may well be the nicest looking HG to come out this year.

Comment by Eon Chao

Whoever’s psinting these covers needs to get fired. i’ve never seen Amuro look so much like a Ken doll.
That Delta Plus is a beautiful design.

Comment by InjuredPelican

delta plus looks like updated Hyaku Shiki aye?

Comment by jerry

Now Delta Plus color is more convincing to me now, kinda remind me of Zeta plus C1

Comment by Yami

What is that G Gundam article about??

Comment by black jack 21

Delta Plus is exactly that – what Hyuku Shiki was SUPPOSED to be before it got hamstrung in R&D. I’m with you though, man. I really like it too ^^ Unicorn has some of the best grunt MS yet!

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

@black jack
it’s new manga under name (g gundam the comic) with same events of anime, I wonder why they didn’t fulfill their promises to make another season…

Comment by Tomas

Apparently, someone at Sunrise is a big fan of the Valsione. 😛

Comment by Tom Phoenix


Comment by Debris

Nota: from Cosmic Era Blog

the 100th issue of the Gundam Ace magazine, wich will be released on October 26th, an avent will be held in Hiroshima on October 10th.

Gundam-san‘s mangaka, Hideki Oowada, will take part to a talk show and to book signing. The singer TAJA will perform a mini concert. And there will be a lottery with Gunplas to win.

Comment by Debris

@Tom Phoenix
You do know that this is not the first Gundam Girl right?

Comment by K'

I wish I knew a girl like Barbie back as I was a youngster.

I mean how awesome would it seem to have been regarding your gamer like myself
playing his Xbox wind up simply as a typical child.

Sorry that has been a tangent, this page Gundam Ace October 2010 SRW Hotnews actually was super helpful and also changed how I will for good play games.

Comment by Juego deBarbie

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