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Super Robot Wars L PV
September 1, 2010, 10:24 am
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Super Robot Wars L PV (PMC HQ Ver.)

Super Robot Wars L PV

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niiiiice !!

Comment by srw4ever when is the “NEXT” game….

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

Ok,I saw a little bit of extras on Jeeg and Godannar,and new sprites on Mazinkaiser,hope they add more on these 3 and Gaiking too.would wanted to see more of Izer as I couldn’t really tell if it looks good or not,EVA-1 looks a bit weird but maybe thats just me,Macross looks really good and even if I’m not the greatest fan of Dancouga Nova,the animation looked nice and a good portion of Aoi is in it so I’m happy with that.

Comment by Itamaki

Looks kinda sick for DS graphics. Wish it was console though XP.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

looks good awesome

Comment by Shishca

Amazing !

Must buy for me 🙂

Comment by Nova-MK-X aka Major Firepower

Actually, where is a PSP game? There’s only been MX.

Comment by Bob

So now we just have to worry twice about a PS3 SRWs.

Once that they actually make it, and again that they’ll use sprites and not polygons.

Comment by Bob

Heh Heh!! I think the every sprites look better than W&K, the animation too.

Comment by NhEuOi

I lol’d at Voltes and Combattler’s GBA animation.

But I’m going to buy it anyway.

Comment by -_-

if there is seed destiny, why seeed ??!!!

Comment by akeara

murderer = V

You troll, tou lose.

Comment by don't mind me

I mean You Troll, You Lose

Comment by don't mind me

V, you have been uncovered, go back into your hole.

Stop bothering us, we’re not going to take you seriously anyway.

Comment by Nova-MK-X aka Major Firepower

AC-DC is a fucking awesome band.

Comment by Vent

I wonder it it will have pilot points in this one. I kinda like customizeing them. It better be harder than Z at least. I’m more concerened gameplay wise right now rather than bitching about the series included, although I belive this list is quite small.

Comment by KingLazerman

Will have to say animated cutins are good. But sprites are still lame. It’s a shame you don’t get to hear voices in these cutin animations

Comment by Aldotsk

murdere = master of troll.

Comment by Shinichameleon

Looks nice…..

Comment by Kagi


I want the a PS3 game. But I will play this to sooth my anger. I just hope the originals are good :/

Comment by daizengar


I don’t see what LOVE has to do with Evangelion.

Comment by Rebirth

its just me or what
somehow shiji and kouji is different from anime
(for kouji i think its more like from shin mazinger z)
i lol’d when an angel died,they even add rainbow effect
(again sorry for my bad english)

Comment by shadowdragokill

They use the Mazinkaiser OVA art in this game,that’s why Kouji looks different than in most other games.

Comment by Itamaki

hope murderer’s better be remove by now (if thats codename:v that is)

Comment by MaxHD2490

talk about CV’s blunt comments which one of the reasons everyone is pissed at him.

Comment by MaxHD2490

it all depends on the system, pilot bonus stuff ~

Comment by Banjo

I want gundam seed astrays instead of *beep* seed or seed destiny…

Comment by Lowe

We all do bro,we all do..sadly that’s not going to happen,same with no Shin Getter wich is sad as it would be fund to have Mazinkaiser Shin Getter and Jeeg in one game.Oh and with Shin Getter I mean the New Getter anime.
As for the Gameplay,I don’t think there will be much changes from K to L maybe more additions to what we already have,but no grand new idea.

Comment by Itamaki

Oh no, the King of Fags is back to slobber all over us again. Wah, I’m so scared.

Well, anyways, the PV is actually quite promising. It seems like they’re bringing more of the Godannar cast in (maybe the companing DID have some effect, but really now, the only ones really worth using are probably Godannar TDM and Blade Gainer TDM from a gameplay POV), and really, apart from the exclusion of Getter and its incarnations, we have quite a powerhouse cast here; Gaiking and Godannar takes a while, but Mazinkaiser’s a favourite and there’s no reason for them to screw it up. For the RR side, we have Linebarrels(shit pilot, cool unit), and of course, SEED/SEED Destiny’s “Three Generals”, though I suspect they might soon be one-upped by some Macross units (and hopefully at least a Meltrandi or two)…

I just have to ask though, why Rebuild for Evangelion? Or could they be using Rebuild designs but following the original Evangelion anime? With Banpresto, it’s hard to tell. The again most SRW people I’ve talked to about @3 don’t really seem to live Evangelion Units for some reason or another…

And also, Wing. Statwise the W-boys didn’t leave a good impression in SRW-W; or was it that Gauron was just too hax? LOL. Either way, I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I feel that the slot occupied by Wing could have been filled with Nadesico, GaoGaiGar, FMP, Fafner/Zoids from K, and it wasn’t as though there wasn’t a God Gundam sprite that they couldn’t just give a few tweaks and put it in again. I’m not saying Wing sucks, but there should have been better alternatives out there.

And also, SEED. It’s been proven THRICE that SEED Destiny can run well enough without SEED; there wasn’t really a need to include the Strike in-game (not with gamebreakers like Linebarrel and Macross F), at least not within its own storyline. If they were going to spilt the story and pull a timeskip, then it’s good and all, but then either they need a few more series to fill the roster, or some of the series in here also feature a timeskip (Godannar has one… a very short one).

They should have brought back Stargazer, and as a matter of fact I was expecting a mention of UC Gundam in the PV, but who am I kidding? This is a DS game, not a console game.

Other than the seemingly-misplaced SEED and Wing, the rest of the cast looks interesting enough (alas for the lack of “true” real robots in this title!), and I can’t speak for anyone, but the OCs in this had better be good. W and K had nice Originals, but surely, designing a new male and female lead, a new super robot and a new real robot and their respective upgrades, and then letting us make out pick, wouldn’t be too hard… right?

Or they could just give Banpresto’s Yushaa-bot again, this time with a DS version of Howl! CompatiKaiser. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind that! 😀

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@Sgt. NoOb

I agree with you.

Comment by Shinichameleon

I agree with what Sgt. NoOb said too,couldn’t said it better.
And now you mentioned it,personally I would find it cool and interesting to have Compatikaiser as the main in this game,with a new backgroundstory and all.

Comment by Itamaki

Underwhelming. But seeing Vardant’s attack saved it.
Here’s to hoping that the initial OG mech at least be better than K this time.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Wouldn’t mind seeing the Buster, Blitz, Aegis and Duel again. Seems like it might be possible…

Comment by Kat

to Kat,

I don’t know for that one. It may be possible like you mentioned for setting the SEED and SEED Destiny story. However, due to 6 series that make debut and will release 2 months from now, I think that will not possible. They will probably focus on those. If they want to put 2 SEED series, SRW L Producer, Ayumi Uta along with video games developer, need to think and make the storyline again which SEED series that needs to “fill in” it. Let’s not forget EW either. It’s kinda hard to “mix” the storyline.

Comment by judo0054

We will have to wait before saying anything….

Comment by Kagi

Awesome PV! Looking forward to the game! Should keep us busy until the next SRW! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

But,I want Gundam 00 not”~~” Seed. They keep using it for too long.

Comment by Shigujo

I really don’t mind SEED/Destiny, as long as they actually have a use for them. J, @3, and Z primarily used SEED/Destiny as part of the story, but yet everyone complains that they’re being used way too often. Comparing SEED/Destiny with UC, I’d say SEED/Destiny hardly compares. If SRW L manages to actually incorporate SEED/Destiny stories into the game (we did see in one of the screenshots that you get to control Minerva), I’d have to say that I’m all for it.

With Iczer-1/3 and Macross Frontier, I’m starting to think that this game is going to have more space/colony stages (in contrast to K’s future deserts). SEED/Destiny and Wing fit in quite well this time around, but I guess it will be sad if they decide to just “throw in” the units. With EW, there’s just not enough grunt units to be used as anything. My guess is that in SRW L, they’re just going to toss in the Preventers and the Barton foundation in order to put characters in specific groups, rather than actually give story to everyone.

I’m all for Gundam 00, but I’d rather see it in a a game with better series represented. Gundam 00 with Godannar? No thank you.

Comment by theOtherGuy


Gundam 00 movie english trailers and premiere

Comment by Debris

I wanna see the Solar Bird base from Votles-V flying, desperately

Comment by K

That´s why I like consoles SRW , they put many gundam series , so we would U.C. With cosmic era , and Macross F with Macross first and 7 … so they would made a good use of scenarios in space …

Comment by Romário

I wonder If Mazinkaizer SKL will replace Mazinkaiser in the future or will team up.

Comment by Kagi

As far as I see the Sprites have improved a lot especially the movement fells more liquid~

Comment by jakBoy

i think mazinkaizer SKL will fit if they paired with shin(new) getter robo version

Comment by shadowdragokill
:bs: I was hoping this year’s TGS will show the PS3 SRW but I guess I was wrong. Ah well, there’s always 2 more years.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Well the TGS haven’t started yet if I’m not mistaking,so that doesn’t have to be the full list of what Bamco will show us.

Comment by Itamaki

its unlikely that they will announce something that comes after few monthes ( guessing ) from srw L at TGS anyways

Comment by Banjo

I was wishing for a better look at the originals, but my expectations were met. I think SEED was only listed for the strike (seeing Shinn in the Impluse suggests that it’s not post GSD)

Comment by Duran

This time PV´s , cast , screens is all showed too fast, banpresto is really fast to throw this at us !

Comment by Akito Tenkawa

copy ….
paste…. from srw J
insert series…..

done !

we have srw L


Comment by zeza

all of you very fool when avoid this,
SEED and DESTINY reguraly apear in the game, plamo, etc..this is the prove the success

and all of ou that make a fuss/objection with SEED and DESTINY JUST BIG LOSER,
when you think “why SEED and DESTINY again” just one answer, “SEED and DESTINY is popular and social phenomenon”
As SEED SERIES ANTI you are just minority in front success of SEED and DESTINY

Who make different with SEED and DESTINY very very STUPID, they are one unity, EVEN BANDAI AND SUNRISE CALL IT SEED SERIES!!

FOR SEED SERIES ANTI, crying together…because this SERIES is the STAR for this year and next year.. eat that


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