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Gundam Musou 3 screens
September 9, 2010, 3:41 pm
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So it IS cel-shaded after all, looks great.

Comment by NT01


Comment by ninjaclown

Looks so colorful.

Comment by K'

so much zakuuuusssssss O__O

Comment by Kira Yamato

holy gorgeous screens batman!

Comment by chi

at least ms is not shiny like in dwg2 , but still not much shown , hyaku shiki, quebelly, nu gundam, zaku.

Comment by refined77

awesome fin funnels. damn it i want a ps3!!

Comment by oohater

Trailer in TGS 2010 ( 16/17 – 18/19 settembre 2010)

Comment by Debris

lol @ the zakus.

i just watched some gundam evolve shorts again recently, an they’re simply amazing, hopefully someday gundam games will look that good.

Comment by d gundam

@ d gundam yeah, after seeing the screenies, I was thinking “that’s very Gundam Evolve like” which is great, I remember the episode where Amuro in his nu Gundam with Quess in her Alpha Ashiru. The nu Gundam in that version is amazing, I’m glad that they changed to that style.

Comment by Naz

thats no zaku boy NO ZAKU!

but wow, i hope funnels,fin funnels and dragoons would like in the anime

Comment by kira4freedom

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