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Scan Gundam Ace Magazine (October) 2010
September 11, 2010, 3:13 am
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Gundam Ace October 2010

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thank you very much srw hot news being waiting this issue for Warmer than burning charcoal,at least I hope wing manga is good one

Comment by mr.Homs

Damn where is gundam wing manga O_0

Comment by mr.Homs

Wasn’t it supposed to be a Gundam Wing novel, not a manga?

Comment by SP

Yes, it is a novel.

Comment by greengreen

No, there is an Endless Waltz manga as well. It should be out in the next issue.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Davvero Grazie!

Comment by Debris

Why is domon such a panzy in this manga >.>

Comment by black jack 21

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