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Animedia and Newtype Magazine (October)
September 12, 2010, 3:16 pm
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New Knightmare looks awesome. I suppose that’s the new design from Code Geass Gaiden?

Comment by SP

why put char with that full “rubbish” frontal??

come on, almost 100% gundam fans know that frontal not char..

Comment by strong bacoo

If you really know the unicorn story then you would understand why..

Though I’m more interested in this Stardriver thingy,I know it’s not from them but the art looks so similar to Bakuman,or to 100% Strawberry too.

And the new CG mech looks interesting,does it say something interesting there,as I can’t read japanese?

Comment by Itamaki

Star Driver is Fabulous , Way to FABULOUS

Comment by jerid

The first 2 and last 4 images aren’t showing up for me. When I click on them it says they contain errors 😦

Comment by Enact

is that new KMF design are fix? Dunno but looks like inner frame for new KMF

Comment by seabook

Yes, taken bishonen theme on super robot show to the next level, fabulous henshin looking forward to it tho.

Comment by K'

they are making new code geass show oO ?

Comment by Banjo

the charcter design of Star Driver is very intersting mostly the main charcter.

the new Knightmare design I guess its ok but not sure about what Banjo said about new code geass anime however.

Comment by MaxHD2490

SRWhotnews needs to learn how to thumbnail.

Comment by aaaaaaa

that ugly “char wannabe” only cybernewtype, he is not deserve..

yeah full frontal only cheap tactic by fukui to lick UC fans using “char” at full frontal..of course it effective for fake UC fans & absolutely not for real UC fans

Comment by strong bacoo

There is nothing wrong with Full Frontal but he should really cut his curls….


Comment by greengreen

Ah… first off… regardless of how many people know about Full Frontal, you still need to put spoiler tags. And honestly, don’t start this elitist bs. Not only in terms of UC and AU, but between UC fans. Sigh… the only difference among fans are levels of commitment. And some fans may not read the wiki, the novel, or other things in order not to spoil themselves.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

^Well said.

Awesome scans! Looking forward to all these mecha anime! Really can’t wait to see how Star Driver is going to be like! The new Knightmare Frame for Code Geass Gaiden looks awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I totally agree. The curls look kind of weird for a supposedly badass guy. Now, if he had an afro instead, that would be something else.

Comment by anonymous

Star Driver has gotten me curios too… O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

Well there is a PV on YouTube in case you guys didn’t know. It’s awesome, and I’m really looking forward to the anime! Takuto looks awesome, and Mamoru Miyano really brings him to life with his awesome voice acting! The transformation also looks really cool! Looking forward to it for sure! Nice nude and bath scenes too! The main girl is hot!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

meh star driver = wanna be new code geass
well because code geass was a big hit, so naturaly for bones using code geass’s success recipe

ohh i’m suprised, this people at here love bishonen character like that..but, when star driver get famous with lot of fans, this blog will full with negative comment from antipopulars just like happened to code geass

Comment by meru & co

Download link pls!!!!! XD

Comment by ewan

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