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SD Gundam G Generation Touch
September 14, 2010, 11:53 pm
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Namco Bandai announced SD Gundam G Generation Touch (SRPG) and Gundam Fighting Spirit (Fighting) for iPhone. Both titles will be released this winter.


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I care less about iPhone app….

Comment by realgundam

Positive:Gundam Unicorn
Negative:It’s a G gen game which are horribly unbalanced.

Comment by Greg

great crap….., wtf is going on, what is the problem with srw staff, why dont announce a GREAT game…., not these mini-games were seeing in last months(maybe more than months)

Comment by katsumotto

Er…the teams that do G Gen and SRW aren’t the same :/

Comment by AirMaster

yeah i know that, but even so…., no news on high grade console yet…., not even PSP…., from both of them!

Comment by katsumotto



Comment by HeatPhoenix

Oh shit Iphone,why should I even care…

Comment by Itamaki

WTH!!!! this games should be DLC , and nothing more, and real games still under question?

Comment by refined77

Is there are emulator for iphone ?

Comment by gomigomi

WE WANT TRUE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!! =_=

Comment by katsumotto

@katsumotto: I guess everything is an excuse to bitch and whine, isn’t it?

Look, TGS2010 isn’t even here yet, so stop your stupid bitching until it gets here, okay?

Comment by Nerem

i see it all makes sense, theres ALOT of games announced recently from those companies, the chances theyre going to announce something are getting lower everytime they announce a crap like that, so stop bitching about bitching ok

Comment by katsumotto


Comment by chi

@katsumotto The reason why I’m saying ‘stop bitching’ is because THIS ISN’T EVEN BANPRESTO ANNOUNCING THIS. THIS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENT TEAM. They haven’t announced anything since SRWL!

Comment by Nerem

japanese uses I{diot}-phones????

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

anyway, wheres our major game announcemente =(
im sad

Comment by katsumotto

I’m shocked.. I-Phone games ?
Really ?

Please, somebody drive a stake through my heart….

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Pity that when they finally do announce titles like this for PSP/PS3, they wont be sprite based. have cheap animation.

Comment by Bob

Hope anyone put good emulator i-phone for windows can’t find it any where.

Comment by shappok

Thank God this isn’t G Generation World. Although G Generation Touch and Gundam Fighting Spirit do look awesome. Hopefully animation for both games will be good. So I hope that G Generation Touch’s animation will at least be like G Generation Wars’. I’m expecting G Generation World to be a major improvement and on the PS3. It’s awesome that Unicorn’s in!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Banpresto doesn’t make G Gen, Bandai Namco does.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Gundam Fighting Spirit look awesome let’s hope it will come for ds or ps3 as flash game

Comment by Canafani

Oh lol. Epic now I won’t get off my phone ever. The main question is will it be on iTunes or will it be region locked in some Japanese version of iTunes. Though in all seriousness, the phone market? Now that’s new. Probably going to be voiceless and suck a lot of energy… Bah they should do this for psp or atleast the ds

Comment by Sora no Kaze

If I understand the mac applications properly, what’s made for Iphone should also be available for Ipad. There’s an emulator for Ipad available for application developers but I’m not sure how good it is or if it’s possible to run stuff from Itunes in it.

Also, afaik, its only available for Macs.

Comment by anonymous

damn… G Gen fpr iPhone ??? WTF ??? why don’t they just release a G Gen for PS3/XBox ???

Comment by Sei

I think this is beta for ggen world.

Comment by Aldotsk

Do want, I always like the GGen Portable series even if it’s not really balanced (actually they’re simply too easy, they should improve the AI).
I’d really like to know if there’s a regional lock for their store.
But why you guys are so surprised by a phone game? There are even SRWs for phones in Japan, games for IPhone aren’t that surprising at all.

Comment by Hyper Shinchan

I’d want iPhone SRW lol. I am getting this

Comment by Aldotsk

Negative:It’s a G gen game which are horribly unbalanced.

Deal with it, G Gen games are fun, who cares if its unbalanced if it doesn’t have online.

Comment by nigger

Hope it will be available for Western market even if it is not translated cause i am going to get one.

Comment by Yami

Can i play these on ipod touch?

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

^Wondering the same thing.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Finally iPhone Now we can go anywhere play Gundam game hurayyyy

Comment by timesyndicate

none of those games will ever be avaiable on western market.(dot)

Comment by katsumotto

wow Bandai now releasing in IPHONE is a big mistake… how can i play that. I dont like I phone. Will I spen a little to buy Im phone No way. i will buy a PS3 Slim and play other games

Comment by Kantutan

I guess this makes the iphone/touch a legitimate gaming device

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

“wow Bandai now releasing in IPHONE is a big mistake… how can i play that. I dont like I phone. Will I spen a little to buy Im phone No way. i will buy a PS3 Slim and play other games”

Yeah totally, making a game for one of the MOST USED DEVICE is definately a mistake. Definately getting this, along with my friends, hands down.

Comment by Chadbroski

once again BANDAI game move in to history of Gundam game into touch phone is iPhone

Comment by timesyndicate

Well well well done~ What console will G Generation World released in? I’m quite positive it will contain Unicorn Gundam~ And SINCE they go all the way in INVESTING on iPhone it means that they still Have something bigger coming~

Comment by jakBoy

why invest on iphone where ipod touch 4g is much cheaper and has camera & wifi too besides i don’t want to have a phone that will be wasting battery on games/mp3s.

Comment by XX

You do realize that ipod touch’s apps are compatible with ipad and iphone, right?

Comment by Aldotsk


Comment by XX

why they released those two games in iphone, psp needs new gundam g gen too

Comment by uink

Agree!psp does need a new gundam g gen!

Comment by black ace

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