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September 15, 2010, 8:11 am
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Updated HQ scans.


Super Robot Wars L (DS)

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So is this the character we play as

Comment by Lordhighwin


Comment by Tom Phoenix

i dig the design, lack of real type protagonist…at least so far, is a bit of a drag.

Comment by GaleRenegade

Choice of 2 pilots but only one mecha? What a drag.

Comment by don't mind me


Comment by Balgora

guessing the girl is a co-pilot…

Comment by JustPassingThru

Seems a little Gravion’s GranKaiser- ish, I kinda like it. Hoping there an arsenal vehicles or weapons that combine with it to form ultimate form.

Comment by everywhereyougo

it seem’s new partner system is more like platoon system in console SRW
we can choose the attack pattern now

about OG mech
more like gravion+rahxephon(in some part)

still can’t judge till i played
(sry for my bad english)

Comment by shadowdragokill

the mecha looks super robot-ish for me, hope not only this as the original cast

Comment by Yami

I hope the system works better than k.. the original is fine ^^

Comment by Banjo

The new system looks to be closer to Alpha 3 or Z, which is good because I really hated the one in K.

Comment by Kat

need better scans

Comment by SHEHABXZA

Man that Robot looks a bit weird…
And i sure hope they don’t copy Iczer with it, making the Co-pilot having to sit nude in there XD

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

^I’m sure it won’t be like that.

I’m loving the original characters and mecha! The design also reminds me of Gravion. It seems to be called “Rasshubaado”, so I’ll romanise it as “Rushbird”. Could it be designed by Masami Obari?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Rushbird actually sounds kinda cool 🙂

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

is look like brave robot….

Comment by Ass1231

True it looks like a Braverobot+Masami Obari style,not that I’m complaining I love these kind of mechs,the guy reminds me of Shin Kudo+Renton Thurston,but that too is a good thing for me,the girl,like always in SRW looks nice 😛

Comment by Itamaki

Looks nice also I wonder will this mecha have support mechas?

Comment by Kagi

It would be cool if he could combine with smaller support machines into some big nasty super robot,like Gravion,GaoGaiGar and Co.

Comment by Itamaki

I like it. It looks like a cross between Lancelot and Compatible Kaiser. But I still hope they add a real robot, the variety is always nice.

Comment by daizengar

That would be nice too

Comment by Kagi

Would be nice If srw L have Gekiganger 3.

Comment by Kagi

LOL what are you guys complaining about?! This is an honest-to-god schoolgirl character (or at least something close) we’re talking about! Barring Gakuen, we haven’t had one on the DS yet! XD

The only thing not done right is the lack of a “choose your mech and pilot”. It doesn’t make much sense for them to allow pilot selection but not mech selection, unless it’s selection for who gets to be the main pilot and who becomes the backseat driver. As for the robot, no comments, as long as it has Pressure- I mean, a rocket punch, I’m happy.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I want that robot in YOUR avatar to make an appear in SRW preferable on console.

Comment by K'

Oh look, it’s Kazuma with different colors and no bandage.

And they brought back the shittiest system in SRW hisory, huzzah.

Comment by aaaaaaa

@Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

RushBird does sound cool.


I agree. I have been wanting Dai-Guard to appear in SRW. I imagined them in the series and I think they’d do well. Heck, the Dai-Guard team reminds me of the SRX team. It just seems to me that each character matches their SRX counterparts, for example, Shunsuke is the equivalent to Ryusei. Am I the only one that gets reminded of the SRX team?

Anyway, it’ll be awesome if the Dai-Guard team and the SRX team would be in a SRW together! If not, then Dai-Guard should still be in a SRW one day, that would be awesome to see, and I’ll love that!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


at least this time they repaired the system, this time you can choose how do you want to attack (main – sub vs. main, or main vs main, sub vs. sub) like in the screen…

and if you don’t like the system you don’t to use it…

Comment by Masaru

don’t have to use it*

Comment by Masaru

Wow now that I think about it,we have a young main,don’t know what personality tough,a sweet sidekick,or the female main who cares,and a professor together with some oldschool heroic looking mecha,maybe I will finally have my oldschool og main,whereon I wait to see since forever.True we had Compachikaiser,but he was never a main in SRW.The only thing that needs to be here now is a headquarter or a lab and a crazy villain.

Comment by Itamaki

^Yeah, then that’ll be one old school Super Robot set up. We already have the characters, and I like the guy and girl from this game better than Mist and the others in K.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Oh, and the guy seems to be called Ichitaka and the girl seems to be called AL-3 Alice. She’s hot.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@ Masaru

Doesn’t stop the enemies from using the system, which is the worst part about it.

It was annoying enough when the Evoluder grunts in W did it, but having to put up with it all through K was more than an annoyance. Other than Dannar and (Neo/Go)Okusaur together (since they merge), I stopped pairing my units up pretty early, but still found the system annoying if I didn’t use the right attack.

Granted, I’ve bought all the GBA and DS SRW titles so far… I’m not going to stop just for a lazy game mechanic =P

Comment by GuyverC

Could this be based on ALICE, or maybe a misreading of AI not dissimilar GIO from Dragonaut which should have been G10. Or maybe a nickname like in FMP

I know its not really of the super robot genre but I want too see the Dragonaut manga in SRW, or hopefully some other crossover game.

Comment by anonymous

Main OG chara looks awfully like Tsubaki from Sket Dance. What with the girly eyes and hairstyle.

Comment by GlemtVapen

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